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File 161298215353.jpg - (309.77KB , 850x478 , sample_f9fef8ffc087d95afd204ab051434cca.jpg )
37622 No. 37622 [Edit]
I feel like getting into card games since they're new to me and can have pretty pictures on them. I've said negative things about yugioh before(mostly the business side of it) without ever playing it, but for the last three days I've got into it using an unofficial online client(money not required).

I did the bare minimum research and made a deck by randomly selecting cards based on the picture mostly and in the recommended numbers of each kind. For obvious reasons I immediately gravitated towards traptrix monsters, bug and plant lolis. After playing with a computer, reading a bit and refining my deck into something usable, I became competent enough beat an actual person and have an opinion on the gameplay.

At its core, yugioh is a game of luck. You start the game with 5 random cards from your deck and each turn draw one random card from it. The main strategy of the game boils down to making it less luck based. Having multiple copies of the same card(up to 3), having a smaller deck, using card effects to select specific cards from anywhere in your deck. In the end though, you and your opponent either start with and draw something better or worse. Who goes first is also based on luck and being first is mostly an advantage. The game only has a very limited form of resource management where you can only "normal" summon one monster per turn(from your hand to the field) and normal summoning something with higher stats requires sacrificing one or two monsters that are already on the field. Most of the time though, people use card effects to circumvent these requirements.

Most cards you'd want to use aren't general purpose. They only apply to specific types of card. There's thousands of yugioh cards, but most fit into archetypes/series or have some effect which only applies to an archetype or even a specific monster. You can't pick random cards and have something usable, disappointingly as somebody who only wants to use monster cards with cute girls in them. Traptrix fortunately also has a gameplay style I like and meshes well with a few outside cards that also look okay. One consequence is that cards have become increasingly verbose over the years, since there's only so many simple cards that could exist and konami needs to release new cards to get people to keep buying.

Another consequence of this is that the cards basically think for you. Any given move will have only one good course of action. Player to player interaction is kind of indirect and they don't need to know exactly what the other person is doing to do their own thing. Once you have your machinery set up and the other person doesn't, you've pretty much won the game unless they manage to pull off something which just so happens to be effective against your machine. In real life it's obviously harder since you have to manually keep track of every effect, but that's not really the same as strategic thinking.

Reading what your opponent's cards do is kind of a pain in the ass. There's thousands of cards, so I don't know how much people are expected to have popular cards memorized in a real life setting. Activating quick effects(which can happen the middle of your opponent's turn while they're doing a thing and can even negate that thing) also seems like it would be a pain in the ass and cause some arguments.

The deck I made involves monsters(traptrix) which can invoke each other and trap cards of a specific type that negate whatever my opponent is trying to do, but have midling stats. I also use lonefire blossom, which has very low stats, but in the same turn as being summoned can sacrifice itself to summon a high stat monster directly from my deck, and Ash blossom, another cute girl monster, which has no defense and works like a trap that you don't have to put on the field to use. If an opponent manages to summon a higher attack monster than anything I have in my deck and keep it on the field, I'd lose. Unless they attack when I happen to have the trap card which negates an attack and destroys the opponent's monsters on the field, which is entirely luck based.

Maybe if you're really good and both you and your opponent know everything about each other's cards, active decision making becomes more of a factor, but that's not something built into the game and probably requires restricting what cards you both use by a lot. By the way, tons of cards are banned or limited in some way like the number of copies you can have. Not immediately, konami will make a card and then only after it starts dominating the game realize there's a problem with it. This isn't just in tournaments; players will generally agree to play by these rules because the game loses its entire integrity otherwise. To put it simply, yugioh is very far from being a balanced game.

I'd like to play a card game with more thinking required, preferably one which has a lot of cute girls. Yugioh has a good amount, but most cards and especially stronger ones are generic dragons and robots. I don't like magic the gathering's art style though, plus you can't use anything except a rotating pool of new cards. Anybody have suggestions? What do you play?
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>> No. 37627 [Edit]
I don't play card games. I like the idea of them but playing online feels kind of fake(partly because you can easily get any card you want). Playing with people runs into numerous issues and being that people are people I would probably not like hanging around them and the novelty would wear of rather fast.
>> No. 37634 [Edit]
>partly because you can easily get any card you want
I think that adds to it. Players are on an equal footing and spending more money doesn't give players an advantage. Pretending a game is strategic, but expecting people to basically gamble so they can get rare, strong cards feels fake to me.
>> No. 37635 [Edit]
I can understand that but if cards are rare and hard to get then fewer people will have them and people will have to work with what they actually do have which means fitting the strategy to what cards you actually have and so your strategy and deck should be somewhat more unique and so should everybody elses. Whereas if they all get access to all cards they will follow the meta to create the deck that is currently the best and they will all have the best cards.

Of course I never played card games so I don't know how accurate that is, after all we are dealing with adults not kids. They can afford to spend a lot more money.
>> No. 37636 [Edit]
Plus I think collecting the cards is part of the fun of the hobby in itself.
>> No. 37637 [Edit]
It's single player and not deeply strategic, but I'll still mention monster monpiece, lest it be forgotten.
>> No. 37639 [Edit]
File 161305182592.jpg - (131.88KB , 850x1149 , sample_064b502744c3309d2d864f4dbfd3b46b.jpg )
Most (adult)yugioh players would give the advice that you should buy single cards from 3rd parties when making a deck. This can still be expensive, but removes the luck of buying booster packs. You have a point about the meta, but I think people online are less invested in each game and therefore more willing to try other stuff out because otherwise it gets boring.

One good thing about yugioh is that there's so many options, no singular deck could ever be made that's definitively "the best" and certain worse decks can counter better ones.
>> No. 37640 [Edit]
File 161305549138.jpg - (0.97MB , 850x1200 , sample_612c76abd641024dc0bd43d2072bbefa.jpg )
Looks like fun. Thanks for the suggestion.

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