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No. 37590 [Edit]
I heard there is a torrent for this up on AvistaZ but that's a private tracker does anyone know any other high quality Zatoichi TV series torrent?
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>> No. 37594 [Edit]
It's DVD quality and 40 GB for three seasons, if you really need it I could do you the favour since my ratio is decent enough.
>> No. 37618 [Edit]
Someone was kind enough to get it for me here is the link for anyone interested.
>> No. 37625 [Edit]
File 161300507144.jpg - (435.43KB , 1123x1003 , 20589247_p0.jpg )
Thanks for sharing, was actually looking for this since I plan to go through the movies soon.
>> No. 37641 [Edit]
All of them?
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