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File 161256962859.jpg - (107.10KB , 1280x720 , [SubsPlease] Soukou Musume Senki - 02 (720p) [79EC.jpg )
37557 No. 37557 [Edit]
What do you think the world would use as currency if and when everything collapses? Bottle caps, gasoline, sand?
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>> No. 37579 [Edit]
File 161267964744.gif - (2.91MB , 200x155 , ICZF8137.gif )
stuff that has inherent value. unless a godfather situation happened where people are influenced by a fictional version of their real life scenario, it's likely that things would revert back to the barter system.
>> No. 37580 [Edit]
Depends how far back we collapse. If it's life and death survival then we go back to bartering things with immediate usable value like goats and fuel. After a little while and everything stabilizes (namely we're able to worry about long-term stuff again) we'll slowly return back to using some precious metal like gold.
>> No. 37581 [Edit]
File 161268768028.jpg - (110.82KB , 1748x1000 , Remilia 079.jpg )
Bottle caps make no sense as they have no value nor ever an agreed value, at least standard currency has(or had depending on the scenario) the second so it would make more sense to continue using that than bottle caps. Either we would go back to the barter system and/or we would keep using the standard currency as everybody would see it still as having an agreed value and keep using it regardless of the fact that the state backing it has collapsed. I don't think we would go back to gold for a while as there is not actually enough of it in circulation and it has been so long since it was really valid, so again, it would have no practical value or utility itself, like cash but only heavier.

But the situation would not last long anyway as some faction would emerge and form a new government and they would eventually issue their own currency. They could they either back the currency of the area before collapse which would depend on whether it was still valued in any way, otherwise a small city state could back the currency and have cash from the entire nation arrive to them(as it's worthless to everybody else to the nation so they just cash it in in said city state) running them out of what they were backing it with, they would have no way to account for this either as they don;t actually control all currency or have any idea how much is or could be in circulation, they could therefore not value or devalue it accordingly.

The other option would be to create their own currency from the start, they could do this by simply writing out paper notes guaranteed by their state or even creating steel coins(because as mentioned before there is not enough gold in circulation).

The other issue with things like bottle caps is that again, there is no way to know how much of it is in circulation, so again it's impossible to realistically back.
>> No. 37583 [Edit]
Bartering. And the most useful barter tool is something that lasts a long time and everyone wants. Hard tack, ammo, and plastic-sealed (against moisture) packs of cigarettes are good bets.
In the long run, gold and silver coins are a good bet. They're shiny, last long, and have been in use for most of history. Fiat money can only exist when there's a powerful state backing it, so anything people don't desire out of their own nature (like bottlecaps) is out for quite a long time.
>> No. 37585 [Edit]
>> No. 37587 [Edit]
What good is a fancy distributed ledger when the computers to access that information no longer exist.
>> No. 37588 [Edit]
File 161273522090.png - (682.06KB , 720x779 , 1612402587123 (1).png )
Here's an interesting account of life in a shit-hit-the-fan scenario:

My grandparents mostly bartered with whatever stuff they had on the black market in the aftermath of WW2.

As for crisis-resistant currency, even if you're a poorfag like me, I recommend always keeping some silver at home, maybe also gold. Buy some when it's cheap, maybe sell some when the silver price is high. You can just put it somewhere and forget about it for years without it ever losing value, because unlike cash, it's unaffected by inflation, pic related.
Whether there's a society-wide crisis like a currency collapse, a personal crisis where you need some money, or just an extremely high silver price because the mining companies couldn't keep up with the demands of the electronics industry, you'll be glad you had some shiny metal lying around.

Also: canned and other non-perishable food for at least a month, candles, lighters, hygiene products.
>> No. 37593 [Edit]
My thoughts exactly.
>> No. 37624 [Edit]
Zimbabwe has regressed back to cooking oil as the unofficial currency while the elites use foreign money.
>> No. 37632 [Edit]
Ironically Zimbabwean currency has value amongst collectors due to the absurdity of the values.
>> No. 37868 [Edit]
If you think about the covid pandemic is like a demo-version/trial-run of a societial collapse. Money didn't go away but now is tied to bank (or some other financial institution) permission in the form of cards.

In the end, make sure you can survive a month if you couldn't leave. I have pickles in bottles, dried food and water. Electrical power is from a portable solar panel for outdoors (works for apartment living). Car has a full tank with bicycles as back-up.

So if a Californian fire, Floridan hurricane or Texan chill happens, I'm confident I can tide it over.
>> No. 37877 [Edit]
File 16152290763.png - (2.48MB , 1000x1505 , e950803eacdbda207cab1673d5b0452e.png )
I disagree. COVID was very mild statistically, preparedness is good but worse shit happens in the desi world on the decade, westerners are just generally so pampered mild pestilence, economic depression, some disturbing but ultimately inconsequential current events makes people think the sky is falling.
>> No. 37885 [Edit]
I think if my town ran out of food for a month I would have bigger problems, like the mobs rampaging houses for food. It's why I think the best survival strategy in a situation like that is to leave built up areas all together, being prepared in one only makes you a target.
>> No. 37891 [Edit]
So have a stocked cabin in the middle of nowhere is the way to go?
>> No. 37897 [Edit]
i think americans overestimate the likelihood of a societal collapse
>> No. 37899 [Edit]
File 161532668734.jpg - (2.14MB , 5054x2843 , 1612026789225.jpg )
The media and social media captures the imagination and fantasy.
>> No. 37901 [Edit]
They want it to happen is why.
>> No. 37918 [Edit]
So like USAians to priotise guns for protection over having a steady food supply.
>> No. 37921 [Edit]
Yes, or better yet own farmland.

I am not American and I never did. Even guns would not protect you in an urban environment, they most likely would have them too, the environment is much more compact and you can't fire a gun while asleep. You can't have a steady food supply in an urban environment anyway, even ignoring the fact that it makes you a target, your supplies are non-renewable. If people were truly preparing for this they would get a piece of land in the middle of nowhere with it's own water supply where they can grow what they need, set up off the grid power and probably have some basic workshop facilities too, maybe even metal lathes and 3d printing equipment.

People like to fantasize over things like this, I don't actually think it is ever going to happen. The only way I think it could would be if society became so reliant on technology that absolutely nothing functioned without it and nobody knew how to do anything without it or how to create or maintain the equipment itself and then the earth was hit by some even that ruined all of this technology.
>> No. 37922 [Edit]
This is getting /tat/ish...
>> No. 37923 [Edit]
I find it absurd that some people think you can just live without weapons. Can a population really get so complacent so quickly? You shouldn't be worrying about whether food or weapons are more important, having a weapon should already be a default assumption.
>> No. 37924 [Edit]
There's nothing natural about guns, a weapon which training to be good with takes a lot of time and doesn't necessarily carry over in a real fight, and which can't be consistently defended against.
>> No. 37926 [Edit]
File 161552965451.png - (758.98KB , 1105x1600 , shirley2.png )
It does seem like this thread fits better there. I wonder if someone's against moving this thread to /tat/
>> No. 37930 [Edit]
I guarantee you if I went around with a spear you'd be horrified at how nasty it gets. Good luck defending consistently against a retard with a spear if you didn't train extensively with shields. All it takes is a few janky jabbings and the enemy gets all confused and then his stomach is outside his body.
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