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File 160929398639.jpg - (39.55KB , 461x400 , Shin.jpg )
37198 No. 37198 [Edit]
Whatcha doin' for the new year assuming y'all ain't locked-down?
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>> No. 37204 [Edit]
File 160929867441.jpg - (1.07MB , 1000x1412 , 5e431d38b52255628fc900a290b3dacd.jpg )
Hopefully I'll work up the courage to kill myself again.
>> No. 37208 [Edit]
Nothing, I might get some Ginger Beers but that is it. We don't have any shrines in this country so I don't know that there would be much to do anyway.
>> No. 37209 [Edit]
File 16093224217.jpg - (42.05KB , 712x712 , 1510898242883.jpg )
>to kill myself again

You mean you have killed yourself before? That's... impressive.
>> No. 37210 [Edit]
I plan to get high, eat, masturbate a lot and listen music while emptiness consumes me until I get sleep. Basically like every friday.
>> No. 37211 [Edit]
File 160932689151.jpg - (223.00KB , 750x750 , 1d48370b0d7467481352817343fb6e2b.jpg )
If you mean impressive in a bad way then yes, it certainly is. If nothing else, at least I can joke about being immortal.
>> No. 37212 [Edit]
If it's not too much to ask, you had a near-death experience or something like that?
>> No. 37214 [Edit]
I'd say killing one's self comes in multiple forms. You could kill yourself emotionally, kill the part of you that has any hopes or dreams, kill the old you that inhabited your body as the new you takes it's place.
>> No. 37215 [Edit]
File 160936976456.jpg - (460.10KB , 778x1100 , 42063b9383d24462582ece69c0906c24.jpg )
I tried to kill myself via overdose but I woke up in the hospital instead. According to one of the nurses I was really close to dying too. I figured it was obvious enough from my first post that I failed a suicide attempt but I guess I was wrong.
>> No. 37216 [Edit]
File 160937237912.jpg - (228.13KB , 476x890 , 姫.jpg )
There's something that for many years I've been wanting to sort out which is my BMI, for a long time nearing "Overweight". More importantly I promised to my waifu 2 years ago to get in a more presentable shape, among other things, and I'm a man who honors his word. Some steps were taken to achieve this goal like more physical activity, but it's not enough.
From personal experience with previous "resolutions", there are some things I can diligently execute, but for others there's no helping it but to adapt, find a work-around. It's important to be smart and flexible rather than head-banging into some unattainable goal.
So I looked up kaizen 改善 (continuous improvement), the PDCA model in particular, and I'm ready to put it into action on the 2nd week of 2021. Aiming -10 kg, or 22 lbs.
>> No. 37217 [Edit]
Have you tried eating more bitter foods? I read that curbs appetite. This info is publically available, but giving it to you is the only way I can help.
>> No. 37218 [Edit]
Yeah it was clear, >>37209 was just making a cheeky joke about how "to kill" is a telic durative(?) verb and in English "killing yourself" entails the realization of the fact that you died. That is, you can't say "I killed Bob but Bob did not die" – you need to add "tried to" in there.
(Interestingly it appears that's not the case in other languages. See for some info on that. In Chinese for instance it only seems to result in a cancelable implicature).

(?) Even though the above source claims it as a durative verb, it's not clear to me that it is in fact durative. I think there's a nuance here in whether you interpret "kill" as a synonym of something like "strangle" in which case there's a physical action taking place over a period of time, or whether you scope "kill" to mean the instant that he dies, in which case there's no duration. I found which backs me up on that. Similar to the examples he cites, the following sounds fine to me
>He killed the birds in an hour
which is definitely durative, but in this case you have to interpret it as something analogous to
>He slaughtered the birds in an hour
Conversely, if you say
>Bruce killed James for 5 minutes
that sounds wrong because it seems to force the interpretation of kill as that instantaneous change of state (similar to "to die") which can only be interpreted as punctual.

Post edited on 30th Dec 2020, 11:35pm
>> No. 37219 [Edit]
>> No. 37220 [Edit]
File 160945663216.png - (2.29MB , 1191x1684 , e85b4cedca2ec92f09a83fb8b7e4f07d.png )
I think this will probably be the year America becomes China and normalniggers will probably enact the holocaust they always wanted against people they don't find attractive (ie: nerds, geeks, "incels", etc.) but if nothing else at least this year will bring in lots of art of cute cow girls or girls dressed as cows. I really want a cute and loving cow wife.
>> No. 37221 [Edit]
Every year I try to finish a game as close to midnight as I can. Game doesn't really matter much but I do try to pick things out with timing in mind. It's something I've been doing since I was a kid and coincidentally finished one of my favorite games just as new years rolled around.

My mother has this tradition about eating 12 or so grapes in the minute after midnight while making a new years wish. Idea is if you can finish them in time the wish will come true. I think I've been doing something wrong though because I'm still alive.
>> No. 37222 [Edit]
People act like 2021 is going to be a magically fantastic year that will make everything better and perfect.
What people seem to fail to realize is that we've got many months of masks and lock downs left to go. The pandemic wont stop just because a number changed. Even when it's "over", we'll see a slow gradual recovery and return to normal, which itself could take months. Even then, a lot of damage will have been done. You have a massive amount of people who are unemployed right now, and many of them will find that they wont have a job to go back to as a lot of places have gone out of business for good. The governments of the world will likely not be as generous with free money after the pandemic has passed. Things will be a lot worse for a lot of people compared to before this started. I'm guessing a ton of people will be evited from their homes if they rent, and lose those homes if they do mortgages. There are laws in place keeping building owners from kicking out renters who don't pay, but that's only during the pandemic. I get the strong impression a lot of people with a mortgage never read the fine print with not having to pay their bills. I've over heard people bragging about as much, how they've been staying in their home rent free for months while laughing it off. But those mortgage companies are simply pushing back the payments, I actually read the documents they sent me, I looked past the "You don't have to pay us" bs, and found that any missed payments would simply add up. A -lot- of people will be hit with 9+ months of bills all at once when this pandemic is over. It's gonna be 2008's housing crash all over again, if not worse. I'm sure banks will 'try' to make deals with people, that isn't going to help people who were just barely getting by before this started. Used to be a single income could support a home, then it became two and people just accepted both parents having to work, might turn into three after this is over, which people would again just accept because there's almost certainly going to be a kid or two living at home who can pitch in. The world wont end, it's just going to get even harder for the average person.
>> No. 37223 [Edit]
>People act like 2021 is going to be a magically fantastic year that will make everything better and perfect.
Who exactly? I've only seen people say things will get worse or it's impossible to know.
>> No. 37224 [Edit]
Normies and idiots. I've been seeing it a lot for the last six months. Seemed like the whole internet wanted 2020 to just be over with already. There have been many meme commenting on how horrible 2020 is, and how at the end of the year we might just enter "2020 level or phase two".
>> No. 37225 [Edit]
File 160946449852.jpg - (242.45KB , 850x850 , sample_efee62a5cc46d8b4a8c59c7f73b76e95.jpg )
That already happened in 2016. I didn't think anyone would subscribe to the same magical thinking only four years later.
>> No. 37226 [Edit]
I'm honestly amazed you haven't seen it. Everyone seems to think 2020 is some garbage cursed year or something.
>> No. 37227 [Edit]

I play this over and over on new nyaas
>> No. 37228 [Edit]
File 16094784714.jpg - (169.93KB , 850x850 , sample_e35f8efd12293f39d8b31cb59cc144ba.jpg )
It's the new year where I am now. Hope things go okay for me.
>> No. 37231 [Edit]
We had the year of the rat and what happens? a plague!
Now we've got the year of the cow, when people will be coming out of their homes after months of not exercising and binging off grubhub.
>> No. 37232 [Edit]
File 160947890883.jpg - (152.36KB , 692x1024 , 54ba828f9d2d00bd7498365b7bfa324d.jpg )
Is embed not working?
>> No. 37234 [Edit]
This is a beautiful train wreck in the making. The long-term impact of these closures and lockdowns is going to reverberate for several years; not only are small businesses wiped out (especially those in the customer service sector), but when the lockdown does end large businesses are the ones best poised to take that marketshare (by virtue of having enough capital and cashflow to wither the storm). People graduating in 2021 and trying to enter the workforce will now be competing with the 2020 grads for a reduced number of entry level jobs resulting in stagnation there.
>> No. 37236 [Edit]
It works, it just makes pages a pain to load when the videos add up.
>> No. 37237 [Edit]
Depends. The local business around me are doing well as the older population here tries to avoid the crowds of the mall.
>> No. 37238 [Edit]
Normalfags are idiots, what else is new? These are the same people who seem to believe that some set of international laws actually exist and get freaked out when a country differs from a liberal democracy. I'm amazed anyone actually thought they weren't going to be charged for their months of lapsed mortgage, it will always only be deferred at best. I'm truly terrified to see what a world run by my millenial and generation Z peers will look like. My god, they actually believe the shit they read on the internet. Didn't anyone tell them? As much as I might dislike the mid wit small minded also-rans that taught at public school, they at least tried to warn the coming generations about internet privacy and the danger of uncynical absorption of mass produced information that could be created without any responsibility to any truth. The shit that comes out of peoples mouths (which they seem to believe) now must be on the same level of informed discourse as an illiterate peasant from the feudal age.
>> No. 37239 [Edit]
Indeed. This is what happens when you coddle a population. They lead themselves down a path of self destruction when they have no one to tell them they're going the wrong way.
No one likes to be told they're wrong, but even that is wrong. It's from that which we learn and improve ourselves. If no one points out our mistakes, how would we know if we're doing something wrong?
>> No. 37241 [Edit]
I'm lucky that my job can't be easily out-sourced & I'm pretty thrifty (home-made sandwiches for lunch at work everyday). Gonna make it but the grind & slog is real.
>> No. 37242 [Edit]
>now we've got year of the cow
I wonder if this will be the next pixiv trend. Are cowtits back in vogue?
>> No. 37289 [Edit]
File 161000723541.jpg - (191.61KB , 850x1267 , 20210106.jpg )
Maybe... do you want more cow-girls?
>> No. 37290 [Edit]
File 161000824281.jpg - (555.60KB , 1000x1414 , 5301ba552558d614550fdfce7c53f0d5.jpg )
Call me a milk drinker because my thirst for cow girls can't be quenched!
>> No. 37295 [Edit]
It is the new Pixiv trend. I have 10+ pages of cowgirls from my followed artists.
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