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File 160437873988.png - (182.83KB , 800x650 , nano.png )
36543 No. 36543 [Edit]
Let's say that for whatever reason you can never use the internet ever again. Everything you have is still there, but you can't download or stream anything new. What do you do to pass the time and keep busy from now on?
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>> No. 36544 [Edit]
Can we sill procure media the old fashioned way (buying blurays)? Or more generally, is the prohibition on electronics in general or just the internet? If it's the former then I'd probably have to change careers, but I'd like to think I'd aim in the general direction of moving to some remote place and living isolated log-cabin style. If it's the latter then I guess we're basically back to the 90s with hardcover books and physical media to pass the time. Still, it'd be a shame to not make use of the latent computing power so I guess I'd probably try to hack on some programming projects (I wonder how well I'd fare without online documentation though).
>> No. 36545 [Edit]
I have a bunch of stuff hoarded, 500 gb of unread manga and fullsets for every console up to the PSX. Im ready, but I could do with archiving more videos and PC games, thanks for reminding me.
>> No. 36546 [Edit]
Sure. It's just no more internet. Everything else is fine.
>> No. 36547 [Edit]
I think losing online ordering would make that very annoying. Do places still do mail-order?
>> No. 36548 [Edit]
I'd probably have more things to worry about than my entertainment if my Internet use were to ever be stopped permanently. The only thing I really have a confident archive of is of old videogames, since I've found those fairly easy to archive, so I'd probably play a lot of those.
>> No. 36549 [Edit]
It would be really interesting, I wonder if magazine mail chains and amateur radio would have a revival, I know the internet stops a lot of NEET types from going insane because it gives them just enough social interaction.
>I'd probably have more things to worry about than my entertainment if my Internet use were to ever be stopped permanently.
Like what? School? Banking?
>> No. 36550 [Edit]
I am currently a NEET, but I don't want to be that way forever, in part due to the lack of security there is in relying on another person for financial needs. I would hope to get remote work involving translation, which would be impossible with no Internet. Furthermore, I wouldn't be able to get Japanese-related content the way I do now with the Internet, and most of the dictionaries I've relied on would be bust without it, since they're all online. Work in general would probably be screwed since I'd be completely limited to jobs nearby. Ignoring the fact that there's pretty much no demand for translators where I live, most of the jobs are dumbshit poverty service jobs where you peddle tourist crap to people out of state.
There's many things that are considerably taken for granted, like being able to look things up instantly and with the precision you have on the Internet. Trying to find out one miscellaneous fact would take considerably longer using the library than it would using Google, assuming your local library even has the information you're looking for. Much valuable information is completely lost. In particular for right now, I was considering trying to start doing art again as a hobby, but of course all the tutorials I'd use are on the Internet.
You're also out of luck for online shopping, as others have mentioned. The importance of online shopping depends on the person, however.
If it's really just solely "what do you do to pass the time now?" then it's not very hard to find things to pass the time with. Would probably start an exercise routine.

I suppose you could have someone act as your "intermediary" when you need to use the internet, but that's more debating the semantics of the question than the spirit of it.
>> No. 36551 [Edit]
Whether everybody lost internet or just myself would make a difference. If it was everybody, things would hopefully be more convenient.
>> No. 36553 [Edit]
I have a 4TB HD full of anime if such an inconvenience would happen, also other HD's full of other stuff. You could say I've spent years preparing for that kind of situation.
>> No. 36554 [Edit]
File 16044248311.jpg - (390.33KB , 1584x840 , prepared.jpg )
Actually it's 6TB, the 4TB one is for the other stuff. Pic related.
I would have a problem with the HD dying though,
it has happened to me in the past. That's why I bought an expensive one, but still could happen.
>> No. 36555 [Edit]
Work on my anime, manga, VN, and game backlog. Most of it is backed up and dispersed across eight HDDs. I'd probably be very productive without internet access. Then I'd work on NEETnet, assuming this hypothetical situation permits it.

Please, back it up, friend! I have two externals dedicated to anime, but one mirrors the other. Anything could happen, as I've and others experienced. Also, if you have a safe place other than where you're living, place the second hard drive there. Ideally, you'd set up your own "cloud."
>> No. 36556 [Edit]
What worries me is what happens years down the line when you've seen everything there five times over.
>> No. 36557 [Edit]
I would like to but HD's are expensive (last one was 200€) and I have tons of stuff to backup so it's complicated. I hope they turn cheaper some day since I have spent too much money in HD's in last decade.

It worries me more not being able to watch it all in my lifetime. While it's "only" a folder close to 400 series there's really long ones too, I can count 13775 episodes and I doubt I have watched a lot more than that in my entire life. I started collecting anime in VHS (later DVD) and I still have some I haven't watched after 20 years.
>> No. 36559 [Edit]
I built a large home-server just to store backlogs. Manga, anime, LNs, pulp, survival guides, occult library, books on history and philosophy, etc. etc. Terrabytes of the stuff, likely more than I can watch/read in one lifetime.
Aside from that, work more in the garden/forest and meditate more since 24/7 of passive entertainment gets old. I should probably back up more vidya too.
>> No. 36564 [Edit]
File 160453607876.png - (39.93KB , 1363x438 , windirstat_hScahVrkWI.png )
I'd be fine for a long time. A few years ago I got into archiving as something of a hobby and that led to acquiring a ton of stuff because I found it fun. Getting all of it, organizing it, figuring out how to acquire it at scale. I still tinker with it from time to time but not nearly as much. Good for my wallet because I haven't had to buy any easyshuck's for a while.

The more annoying thing would be losing access to youtube and anidb. For all the shit I have downloaded I spend (waste) a lot more time on youtube. I have most of the channels I'm remotely interested in backed up but a lot of it doesn't have much rewatch potential and dates itself fast. Losing AniDB would be another pain in the ass because I have all of my media in plex and to get it to work you have to use their naming convention which isn't consistent. Sometimes I have to go to anidb just to figure out what name they used for some series because it isn't always consistent.

I have plenty of games, a fair amount of books. Music would get stale fast. What I have is all in flac and a lot of my audio is podcasts so it's actually not all that much. I'm kind of a pleb and stream most of my music off youtube because I just haven't been bothered to figure out a real way of automating it.

I'd like to say I'd go outside and be more productive but I'd probably just live the same existence. I went 6 months without the internet to see if it'd help me be more motivated but I mostly still just sat inside playing Minecraft.

I like the custom icons. That's always seemed like a fun project to me but a lot of effort.
>> No. 36567 [Edit]
>I like the custom icons.

Most of them are from a huge pack of icons you can easily find. But lots of obscure OVA's and weird stuff are made by me, when I had most folders with icons but some without them I felt the need to have them all the same, and with folder growth it became some sort of autistic fixation, there's shows without even logos of any kind and I still made icons for them. I learned to properly use GIMP only because of this weird obsession.
>> No. 38448 [Edit]
I would drop the internet and go read books, learn a new skill, and start doing more things with my waifu. Maybe I would become a productive member of society
>> No. 38639 [Edit]
File 162928624135.jpg - (64.46KB , 680x602 , 05.jpg )
Do gardening or raise some hens
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