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File 160383804490.jpg - (709.74KB , 1500x1342 , d9a74d0f230089300aeec633fe9a6e49.jpg )
36456 No. 36456 [Edit]
What is your favorite dere?
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>> No. 36457 [Edit]
File 160383859857.jpg - (95.97KB , 850x425 , sample_52fb51aad9ce5e106fafe7a4380f39d4.jpg )
Kuundere without a doubt.
>> No. 36458 [Edit]
Tsundere crushes are what got me into anime. It used to make my heart go dokidoki seeing girl bullies get all flustered.
>> No. 36459 [Edit]
The question is why are kuundere so great?
>> No. 36460 [Edit]
I think they're calming and relaxing. There's less pressure with them to be witty and clever and talkative. With them you can enjoy each other's company in a way that transcends the need for words. They also have a tendency to be more logical and rational, they wouldn't be as likely to let emotions cloud their judgment, or becoming emotionally unstable for that matter. Emotions cause people to jump to conclusions, to be stubborn and argumentative, to be easily hurt or offended. They might not be as "fun" as other types, but they're the types I would most like to be around.
>> No. 36461 [Edit]
File 160387290250.jpg - (123.65KB , 1920x1080 , cap_[Nii-sama] Slow Start - 02 [1080p][BD][HEVC][1.jpg )
Is there dumb-dere? I like dumb girls.
>> No. 36462 [Edit]
>> No. 36463 [Edit]
Pretty much this >>36460
They seem reliable and honest.
>> No. 36464 [Edit]
File 160389173514.jpg - (270.29KB , 850x1092 , sample_d05ce08231b1b5412971709f0d7ce4ec.jpg )
>> No. 36468 [Edit]
File 160391641292.png - (756.80KB , 750x1000 , charaillust_full_21002001_org.png )
Hana-chan's not dumb, she's just shy. I have a soft spot for that type, the opposite of the overactive hyper genki. Another example would be kaos from comic girls.
>> No. 36470 [Edit]
Beautiful. A corollary is that kuundere are one of the most 2D characters in that they contradict extra-dimensional "characters."
>> No. 36471 [Edit]
File 325b08b01da0a9f984065da53676ef99050573d4.mp4 - (2.68MB )

>> No. 36472 [Edit]
File 16039210879.png - (118.24KB , 206x256 , 4ca8e1b2f231f5026db3d87b4046b6ff09590e01.png )
Slow Start... had an incredibly slow start!
>> No. 36473 [Edit]
File 160392178918.jpg - (66.46KB , 708x1024 , 67dcc7fa98c80c3db3a739d6b0eacbb0.jpg )
>> No. 36483 [Edit]
Raindeer. It's surely raindeer.
>> No. 36484 [Edit]
File 160398985348.jpg - (425.65KB , 928x1199 , cb874ccb100457708123d15697f5f0bb.jpg )
I also like raindere.
>> No. 36610 [Edit]
File 160482951937.jpg - (28.49KB , 474x249 , sg5.jpg )
>> No. 36611 [Edit]
Yandere. What could be more romantic than someone willing to lovingly eviscerate you?
>> No. 36617 [Edit]
File 160489025583.png - (279.89KB , 500x600 , bd3eec748f60c7d83593a63e265444e8.png )
Yanderes. A girl so devoted to the extent of violent obsession is not only romantic, but it helps me believe that the yandere herself isn't some whore who switches between guys at the same speed as her heartrate. The violent obsession is an exciting kind of romantic. I don't know of any character like this, but a yandere school shooter girl would be my favorite. A guilty pleasure of mine is the works of Aosore's JC-chan. That's how I feel yanderes should be at minimum, punishing infractions with violence. The appeal of a cute girl spilling someone else's blood is very strong, especially if it's deserved. One of my favorite things about yanderes is when their eyes glow in the dark. Few things, for me, communicate so effectively the danger and insanity they hold. Blood and dead bodies spilled everywhere like a pressurized ketchup bottle someone accidentally stepped on obviously communicates it well and probably more clearly than anything else a yandere could do but glowing eyes communicates it so cleanly, so effectively. If you see a girl's eyes glow in the dark, you know something is off about her. At that point she doesn't need the knife, the blood, the victims, or anything else, all you need is the eyes. Not to mention, the intimidation is very enticing.
I would like dere-deres but I don't think I would trust them very much and I can't think of many examples I've seen in anime.
>> No. 36619 [Edit]
File 160489164419.jpg - (108.82KB , 850x602 , sample_45d9c07cf70bb3dff74b106fdab007c7.jpg )
My problem with yanderes is that they generally aren't interested in genuine reciprocation. It's common for them to project things onto their subject of obsession and never listen to what they have to say. Being understood by and having a real conversation with someone cognitevely imparied like that doesn't seem like it would be easy. They're also likely to pointlessly put themselves in danger, which would logically lead to them getting hurt or killed. I guess manic behavior also doesn't appeal to me because it reminds me a lot of unreasonable, hysterical women.

Post edited on 8th Nov 2020, 7:14pm
>> No. 36625 [Edit]
I think partners ignoring each other and projecting what they want to hear is a common problem with all relationships, yandere or not. I think depending on the type of yandere, some might obsess over every word you say and go above and beyond to grant your every wish. Unfortunately, that type of yandere seems to be uncommon and generally over shadowed by the more delusional violent and psychotic types.
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