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File 16030125945.png - (1.05MB , 1108x591 , 043ec30ad80c7c622b62bf2c94f65dc0.png )
36360 No. 36360 [Edit]
Have you ever had anything you like be ruined in some way for you? What was it? How or why was it ruined?
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>> No. 36361 [Edit]
The Internet. Ruined by normalfags.
>> No. 36362 [Edit]
File 160303047570.jpg - (236.29KB , 850x606 , sample_24c4291eb8f35338d0b3bbddf9764d7d.jpg )
A lot things were ruined for me because I got older and stopped getting enjoyment out of it.

Once though I made the mistake of talking about an indie game on /v/. It was a game I had been waiting half a year to play. I never used /v/ before this; I only wanted to hear other people's opinion on it. The thread consisted of a few barebones posts and one asshole dedicated to saying how shit the game was over and over again and claiming I was shilling for it. I tried arguing their points, but they were completely unreceptitive. It was like that for a few days. The mods' reaction was to bumplock the thread. After that, I lost all motivation to play the game or ever go on /v/ again.

Looking back on it, the game wasn't really the kind that would "fit" on /v/ considering that everything there was triple a stuff. The game itself was fun and had a few impressive features, but also had some glaring issues.
>> No. 36363 [Edit]
I don't know when your saddening event occurred, but /v/ did, at some point, used to have fairly-regular threads about smaller games that were usually decent. This was some time ago, though.
>> No. 36439 [Edit]
What game?
>> No. 36442 [Edit]
>> No. 36466 [Edit]
The Norse. I was quite interested in them when I was younger but over the last probably 5 years or more they have gone through such a butchering in every portrayal of them in every media(well actually maybe not anime so much) that they have become a joke. Nowadays every Viking in every game or movie is covered in tattoos, has a weird half shaved hair cut and wears something that I don't even know that I can describe what it is meant to be. It's just dumb, people pic these small details and then blow them out of proportion to being something that it never was, the Norse didn't even have a word for Tattoo and no contemporary European source ever mentions them having them, the only source to mention the is an Arab travelor talking about one group of Rus during a funeral ceremony, and the word he uses may not even actually refer to Tattos, it could be paint. Yet now every Viking looks like they come from some heavy metal band.
>> No. 36670 [Edit]
Coffee. Ruined by gate-keeping hipsters.
>> No. 36671 [Edit]
I've been playing the god of war reboot recently and yeah I noticed that. They really do look like a bunch of skin heads.
>> No. 36672 [Edit]
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