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File 160090828814.jpg - (335.04KB , 800x1120 , 1122b0c56c060aa33f06792ae9204dc2.jpg )
36012 No. 36012 [Edit]
Describe 2020 to someone living in 2010
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>> No. 36013 [Edit]
File 16009101484.png - (722.01KB , 1184x666 , smoking sad.png )
an exponentially worsening hell built by normalfags from which suicide is the only escape
>> No. 36014 [Edit]
File 160091334169.jpg - (1.04MB , 850x1200 , 42aaef8780f3cc8bd6109de1968225f538d5ea5a4b6231aa12.jpg )
A time of turmoil and long simmering problems possibly beginning to boil over. You don't have to go outside though, so that's nice.
>> No. 36015 [Edit]
You can't ship in anime figs any more but the government gives you lots of money and they don't bother you as much about looking for work as they used too. It's a nice year.
>> No. 36022 [Edit]
File 160093065490.jpg - (68.98KB , 850x602 , 2020.jpg )
Here's one from the perspective of a person in the US.

Anyone who can has isolated themselves at home indefinitely. Half of all businesses were forced by the government to close. Restaurants are still open but they force people to eat outside. Pretty much any and all events including sporting events were canceled, but a few are back now with cardboard cut outs and tvs in place of people in the audience. Most people wear masks when leaving the home and people who don't are treated like crazy weirdos who can be kicked out of stores for not having one. Lot of people decided to make masks into a social and political issue while refusing to wear one. Film and TV production has been largely put on hold or pushed back indefinitely. The original Jurassic park film was one of the highest grossing movies of the year. The Olympics got canceled. California caught on fire, then Australia caught on fire and got mad at its leader for running away, then California caught on fire again but harder. People freaked out about the invasion of murder bees for a while but forgot about them because of the plague. Kids are all home schooled now. The US released a video of a UFO to the public, but everyone forgot about that because of the plague. The US ran out of toilet paper for a while, then guns, then weight training equipment. We had a race war flair up with lots of riots and looting, but people forgot about that because of the plague. The US also ran out of coins for a while I guess. Japan stopped sending us mail. Everyone thought the leader of North Korea died, but he reappeared a couple months latter. Our president recommended we all drink cleaning supplies, and used the oval office to advertise beans. Las Vegas decided it wanted to sacrifice itself as a test subject. The stock market crashed. Airlines all shut down and most people aren't allowed to travel anywhere anymore. Valve finally released a new Half Life game, but it's exclusive to VR. Everyone became weirdly obsessed with a guy who fucks tigers. We found life on life on Venus but no one cares because of the plague. Now the average person gets by with watching Japanese girls on youtube role play as anime characters while they play videogames and make funny noises.
>> No. 36029 [Edit]
2020 is overhated. A little pestilence here and some civil unrest there and people act like the world is ending when western civilization has been through far worse.
>> No. 36040 [Edit]
I guess it depends in what country you live in, but in some it hasn't been "a little pestilence" but the most devastating year since the last war they were directly involved. We're talking about GDP getting fucked between 10-15% in one year, that's absolutely nuts. Of course some countries will recover fast but others will lag for decades, if they ever recover. It could also be the year of the beginning of an enormous change in geopolitics and how the world power is distributed.
>> No. 36041 [Edit]
I'm not the person to be talking about the geopolitical ramifications of it with, to be honest. I was more talking about the severity of the actual pandemic, the death rate of the virus is very low compared to things of the past.
I was also just talking about how people on social media bitch about every year like it's the worst ever.
>> No. 36043 [Edit]
Your life will pretty much carry on as is while all the normal people freak out about not being able to go out and get drunk for a few months. The economy will go to shit but since you're not retarded with money (and lucky) you won't really notice that either outside of some "free" money showing up in your bank account.

Its been a good year for me but a lot of it's down to luck. I saw the freakout over corona coming with how Italy went and planned ahead. When everyone else went grocery shopping I already had everything I'd need for over a month. A lot of normal people lost their shit in isolation. It took them down a peg mentally and helped my self image.

Yeah, the economy has been the real thing. I've been learning more about finance lately and it really seems like the govt is pulling all sorts of tricks to keep the economy afloat until the election.
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