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File 158800606858.png - (86.12KB , 484x522 , 1582036994771.png )
34798 No. 34798 [Edit]
Which theme do you use on tohno-chan? I like vndb as I tend to browse at night and bright themes hurt my eyes in the dark, but sometimes I switch to Pseud0ch for the comfy textboard vibe. How bout you?

Imageboards themselves are otaku culture so this counts.
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>> No. 34799 [Edit]
I was just using the plain black theme.
>> No. 34805 [Edit]
I use yotsuba v2. It has a nice soft color palette without being too garish.
>> No. 34806 [Edit]
Default, mostly because I delete cookies so it always reverts back anyways, also because I'm used to it now.
>> No. 34821 [Edit]
vndb for me
>> No. 34822 [Edit]
vndb for me
>> No. 34887 [Edit]
Default dark theme.
>> No. 34943 [Edit]
File 158903639819.jpg - (204.32KB , 1600x1200 , 1588972124556.jpg )
>> No. 34945 [Edit]
I do the same. Firefox clears all the stuff when I close it. I'm thinking about using an userstyle to change the theme to pseud0ch or vndb.
>> No. 34947 [Edit]
> using an userstyle to change the theme to pseud0ch or vndb.
You don't need a userstyle you can do it purely via a userscript that sets the cookie if it doesn't exist.
>> No. 35326 [Edit]
pseud0ch because I like bricks.
>> No. 35329 [Edit]
Much like the others, I use the default because of auto-deleting cookies, but I'm quite fond of the Lain one.
>> No. 35399 [Edit]
Same here, I like this one so I don't mind at all.
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