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File 158777580276.jpg - (143.95KB , 970x632 , picunrelated.jpg )
34725 No. 34725 [Edit]
I like to get creative with language, but what I don't get is when people complain that what I wrote was incomprehensible. Worse is when they point out some of the simplest parts as especially difficult or nonsensical. For example, I like to think of words not as atoms, but as compositions of roots, affixes, vel cetera---one person, without even trying to look at the obvious root and suffixes complained that that wasn't a word. The point isn't that some people are stupid or lazy, the point is: why are they being so loud about their stupidity or laziness?
>> No. 34726 [Edit]
We have a thread for complaining about random things already.
>> No. 34727 [Edit]
Provide a sample. Ye shall be judged.
>> No. 34728 [Edit]
I moan for my bighorn bison and lick their scrawny bone. No, sweety, you do NOT get to lick their feet.
>> No. 34730 [Edit]
Depends on the context you're using it. If this is some creative writing competition, go all out. Otherwise in a forum with casual-formal dialogue, throwing in vel/aut cetera – which though technically correct is rather obscure at this point ("etc" would work fine and has mostly superseded its stricter original meaning to instead signify any sequence that may be inferred) – feels rather odd.
>> No. 34829 [Edit]
At my initial it, only odd as knowns' strange spelling.
Most understand ``et ..'' Therewith suffice dictionary lookup; cybrally ascure.
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