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File 158727011066.png - (802.81KB , 828x1169 , cafe me.png )
34633 No. 34633 [Edit]
I've been enjoying the Yokohama Shopping Tripness of the past month, but it seems like its all coming to an end unfortunately. Traffic has been picking up noticeably the past few days, the rats are starting up the ratraces again, they can't be calmly unessential and superfluous for too long, they're not mature or adult enough to be that honestly in touch with reality like those of us who can be happily unemployed for a lifetime without ever worrying about it.
When the NTs all decide to stay inside, watch movies and play video games for a month then the outside world becomes much more inviting for the rest of us, too bad it couldn't have lasted longer. Same could be said of Yokohama Shopping Trip, it should've lasted longer too.
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>> No. 34635 [Edit]
File 158728568533.png - (2.82MB , 1109x1500 , 1577794493895.png )
It's not going to last forever but things will not be like they were before either, little by little people will be more reclused, it will be an slow change but it has to happen. Or maybe I'm just too optimistic.
>> No. 34637 [Edit]
File 158736936085.jpg - (175.59KB , 730x1100 , Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou v09 c080 050.jpg )
I love YKK, that's a future I'd like to live in and I agree it ended prematurely just as it was about to get interesting too. The mangaka's other stuffs are good as well. I remember browsing the web for fan-related content and finding a website where someone mapped out all the locations in YKK in its real life geographical coordinates (including Alpha's cafe). It has been my wish since then to make a pilgrimage trip.
>> No. 34646 [Edit]
I wish it could stay like this.
>> No. 34647 [Edit]
File 158746250430.jpg - (273.97KB , 1920x1084 , ykk.jpg )
I wish it was a paceful decadence with basic income for everyone, people taking things easy and comfortable decay. Why people loves so much the previous normality and it's so desperate to return to it? We have created and we live in an awful world, why such attachment?
>> No. 34732 [Edit]
Normalfags can only attain a sense of self worth when they are fulfilling their instinct to be slaves, and they get mad when they come across anyone who points out that this lifestyle is actually retarded. This attitude will end up destroying them in the end, they are their own worst enemies.
>> No. 34734 [Edit]
Sometimes I feel like I must have brain damage or come from another planet because concepts like "self-worth" seem quite alien to me. Why to need some menial work to feel well? This need for constant tension, struggle, conflict.
I guess I can understand it from an species point of view, the individuals that crave for that are the ones that have more odds to survive. But from the individual point of view, it's fucked up.
>> No. 34735 [Edit]
You're both forgetting the role reproductive instincts play in this.
>> No. 34747 [Edit]
I dislike the idea that we are all slaves to our instincts. Humanity has proven that we can rise above our primitive impulses, we are superior to animals. Anyone who says that we are constrained by our instincts seems to me to be too lazy to actually attempt to surpass them.
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