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File 158666050231.jpg - (2.11MB , 1654x2046 , 1586535627160.jpg )
34573 No. 34573 [Edit]
Does anybody else like finding mentally ill people online? By mentally ill I mean the type with delusions, a loose grasp on reality and other mental deficiencies. Their barely coherent ramblings and bizarre lifestyles are one of the most interesting things online. It's so different from the samey stuff everywhere else and every single one is unique and memorable. Is there any way of finding them reliably? Like a similar pattern of behavior?
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>> No. 34574 [Edit]
Yah, look in a frickin mirror!
>> No. 34575 [Edit]
Haha, I get bored of myself.
>> No. 34577 [Edit]
>> No. 34579 [Edit]
Yes, I think that was the point of old imageboards, to have a place for the weirdos and fucked up people. I liked to save the threads were you could spot them because they explained such abnormal ideas or things they did that were so bizarre you knew for sure they could only be completely serious about it.
Like the guy who kept an excel of all the times he masturbated to any particular anime girl during the year, the one that draw porn of his mom or the other that used skeletons to make their own human sized furry dolls.

Still, there's the kind of mentally ill that's really annoying, like the ones that can spend days, and weeks, and months, doing nothing but insulting each other and destroying threads in its path. Thinking about it maybe that's just normal behavior because it can be really common.
>> No. 34592 [Edit]
Yes. The weirdness of said people creates an artificial duty to explain themselves. I like to see originality and consequence in personalities. Destructive-obsessive, shameless personalities shine out so much energy I couldn't even hold, it's amazing to be sentient near such auras. The only condition is that those obsessions aren't based on most simple material needs but something which takes up a lot of imagination, which can be found then in the ramblings of those personalities.
>> No. 34597 [Edit]
There's an abundance of mental illness online, so I doubt you have to look far
>> No. 34598 [Edit]
File 158693650230.png - (691.31KB , 707x1000 , 022720225302.png )
O only have to look at myself. That's enough for me.
>> No. 34599 [Edit]
File 158696200228.jpg - (731.35KB , 821x1255 , 1548008879207.jpg )
Yeah, there's a lot of mental illness, but finding people who are both completely deluded and freely share their delusions isn't that easy. Totally outlandish and unreasonable beliefs. I've seen a man who thought they were immortal and had superhuman abilities given to them by aliens. I've seen a Japanese woman making and deleting blogs one after another constantly rambling in broken english about how she can't do simple math, hates Japanese culture, hates 4chan and weeaboos and wants to find a perfect, non-shitty person from the west. I found these gems by accident.

Basically every regular user here has at least some grasp on reality, at least average intelligence and a modicum of self-awareness. I understand the sentiment of feeling bad for those people and asserting there's no difference between you and them(self-deprecation), but looking at reality, stuff you can measure by if somebody can write a clearly understood, full scentence or not, there is some difference.

Post edited on 15th Apr 2020, 7:55am
>> No. 34600 [Edit]
Long time ago I visited some social anxiety/autism forums and I draw the conclusion those people were actually normal. They were normal people with a particular problem, but besides that, they were normal. The true weird people just have different thoughts and way of thinking, they resist categorization.
>> No. 34601 [Edit]
>who are both completely deluded and freely share their delusions isn't that easy
It's not as extreme, but scientific cranks seem to be eager to spread their ramblings. Although it should be noted that not all cranks' theories are entirely unfounded (e.g. they may just be using an unorthodox or unconventional axiom system), the ones who claim to have invented a theory of everything (which you can conveniently take lessons in, for the low price of $X with a patreon subscription) are really something to keep an eye out for.
>> No. 34605 [Edit]
sauce on that blog?
i remember reading the ramblings of a (probably) schizophrenic korean on an int board of a now closed small imageboard.
>> No. 34606 [Edit]
>sauce on that blog?
It doesn't exist anymore and it has not been archived either. Like I said, she made and deleted blogs constantly. I only found her in the first place through luck on a penpal website. I think she still frequents there, not sure.
Country: Japan

I just found this.
Maybe blogspot is a good place to find these people.
>> No. 34607 [Edit]
that was a feel trip i didnt want to take
there are literally screams of despair in there
>> No. 34636 [Edit]
yes, i find it a needed break from the usual soul-sucking normality of standard-internet, let alone real life.
>> No. 34693 [Edit]
That example blogspot you just found ( appears to be a Nigerian speaking pidgin english, not a mentally ill person.
>> No. 34702 [Edit]
This is absolutely unreadable for a non-african. Is it made this way to make it easier for sub-saharians to speak? I see no reason for someone with asian or even european heritage to find this more easier the normal english language.
>> No. 34704 [Edit]
An asian person with equally broken english might. Learning broken, simplified english is easier than learning it proper, so anybody with limited understanding of english might get it.
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