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File 158228608367.png - (220.20KB , 532x674 , abf6e1eb92d5f72798ae74fcc2a47e5d.png )
34137 No. 34137 [Edit]
A certain image of Takami Chika from Love Live: sunshine has caused a fair bit of drama recently after it was removed due to complaints of it being too sexy.

Not too long ago something like this happened with another seemingly Innocent image due to the artist and character's background.
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>> No. 34138 [Edit]
The second wasn't due to the background or character(although it would not have helped) but due to the huge breasts, most of the people complaining didn't know who it was. Many of the people who were complaining were people that don't even watch anime or read manga let alone know who drew it.
>> No. 34139 [Edit]
Aaaaaaaaagh this is terriyfing and infuriating.
>Lawyer and feminist advocate
Nnnnn things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. This is just the beginning.
>> No. 34140 [Edit]
Oh no, people are taking down advertisements in public spaces in places I am likely never to even go to! The horror!
>> No. 34141 [Edit]
I still don't understand their complaints. She's just standing there.
>> No. 34142 [Edit]
When are things going to get better?
>> No. 34143 [Edit]
Decided to actually read the posts. Most of the replies to the original Love Live post are just generic replies of congratulations, not much in the way of complaining about the skirt. The replies to the post with the edit are mixed but leaning towards "the edit looks more natural", with dissenters ranging from "don't like don't look", "why does it matter", and one of the more amusing replies posted a picture of the actress who did the edit asking for her to be "fixed".
So probably just more shit being blown out of proportion.
>> No. 34144 [Edit]
They say her skirt is way too short, and for some reason it outlines her crotch.
>> No. 34145 [Edit]
File 158232187529.jpg - (144.31KB , 1280x720 , [Doki] Lucky Star - 03 (1280x720 Hi10P BD FLAC) [5.jpg )
Let's play "spot the nigger 4channer"
>> No. 34146 [Edit]
I fail to see how a dismissive and sarcastic post is an indicator that the anon in question is black or from 4chan, or why that would matter.
>> No. 34147 [Edit]
Skirts are like that though. It's ridiculous.
>> No. 34148 [Edit]
File 158233224918.jpg - (125.31KB , 1005x1023 , d66244ffc3e2ecf1635080cd90983c3a2a59604e143c3817b4.jpg )
This is pretty unnerving since this is actually in Japan, and not some localization team or western Twitter tranny censorship. They tried to do this before with the blood drive in Japan and that other poster, saying that the character is too "busty".

Japan usually does not complain about stuff like this, so that's why it's pretty nerve-wracking. Hopefully, just like the article states, it's just a small portion of Twitterfags ruining it for the rest of them, but this is seriously uncalled for and example of a small minority being too loud. Perhaps people are scared due to the Olympics. Perhaps its Worst Koreans being annoying again.

Because who blantant shitposts and disregards other boards etiquette other than a 4channer? It's inherit to their nature.

Ah, I don't read nip fluently but I hope your right. Hopefully we're just becoming a bit paranoid.
>> No. 34149 [Edit]
File 158233269424.jpg - (972.46KB , 1920x1080 , [Doki] Yuru Yuri - 08 (1920x1080 Hi10P BD FLAC) [0.jpg )
Spotted him, he's right >>34145 >>34148 and >>34139
>> No. 34151 [Edit]
This anon gets it. What's disturbing is the additude, its effects and the fact that's it's happening in Japan. If you're a moron, you don't see a problem until you're directly impacted because you can't see how the dominoes might fall. Kid's manga is already less risque than it was in the 80s because of western influences. Now there's Japanese "feminists" getting adverts censored.
After everything really turns to shit and society gets replaced. I think a future where people are more free is inevitable. Eventually.

Post edited on 21st Feb 2020, 6:35pm
>> No. 34152 [Edit]
...Who do you think is the demographic for the purchase of mandarins or the donation of blood? Otaku? No, it's Japan as a whole. If large numbers of 40 year old secretaries, fisherman and the like don't like something then it's reasonable for a business to cater to them rather than to Otaku if that business is going to be dealing primarily with a good or service that is aimed at the population as a whole, not just Otaku. This isn't going to have an impact on anime because anime is aimed at different demographics to begin with. It would be ridiculous to assume that because a sign was taken down in a shopping centre an anime about Iseakai prostitutes will be banned, the anime about isekai Prostitutes is not aimed at the people that are complaining about the signs in shopping centres.
>> No. 34153 [Edit]
Well, when did such adverts start getting use in these contexts and for how long have people been been complaining about them? If the answer to the first question is a while ago, and the answer to the second is recently, there's something to be worried about.
>> No. 34154 [Edit]
This is was linked to in the second article and is from 2015
>> No. 34155 [Edit]
You think it's okay to change a picture of a 2D girl to cater to ford drivers? Don't be ridiculous. "it makes normal people feel uncomfortable!" Good.
>> No. 34156 [Edit]
Whether I think it's okay or not is irrelevant, it's just what is to be expected.

Post edited on 22nd Feb 2020, 12:57am
>> No. 34158 [Edit]
I'm surprised you can say that when the image in question is shown next to the real life uniform it's based on.
>> No. 34159 [Edit]
But it wasn't always to be expected. Maybe in the U.S. or to a lesser extent Europe. In Japan they just had blatantly sexual images of little girls with their skirts lifted and the normal people just had to deal with it. It is absolutely NOT par for the course in Japan and this shows a clear change in their public perception of taboo things. A few years ago, while teaching some college students from various asian countries english, I found out that several of them came here to learn because they heard the United States had a strong feminist and progressive movement, and they wanted to bring that back to their country. Were they representative of Japans average youth? Maybe, maybe not.
>> No. 34160 [Edit]
See, this answers my question. This is incredibly worrying.
>> No. 34161 [Edit]
>In Japan they just had blatantly sexual images of little girls with their skirts lifted and the normal people just had to deal with it.

Context matters. Having a picture of a girl lifting her skirt in Akihabara is completely different than having one in the waiting room of a blood donation place or selling Oranges.
>> No. 34162 [Edit]
File 158242933167.jpg - (472.14KB , 992x674 , gacha_pantsu.jpg )
As >>34161 pointed out. Context and TPO. If you take the Electric Town Exit at Akihabara Station you're immediately greeted by ads for maid cafes. If you exit through the south side (南側 for some reason it doesn't say anything in english in the signage), turn right and there's an 8 floor Gamers store in the building right next to station. Peek in and there are a lot of ecchi/bikini posters all over. Back in 2016 in Akihabara Station there were a lot of adverts for Masamune-kun no Revenge (Winter 2017), Aki's (the heroine) legs being quite revealing. In the atré Akihabara there was bakery which at the time promoted its business through Go'chuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?, known for featuring cute lolis. You won't see this around most other train stations. Certainly not on other atré shopping centres. Same thing for Otome Road focusing more on josei, yaoi and male H content.

I think there's no reason to worry. Anime becomes much more popular and therefore, much more sanitized for the wider, heterogeneous audience. It doesn't mean the niches will die out, possibly the opposite. They'll likely just become a more obscure interest/subculture within the anime subculture itself. I think that's just how it is. We were used to the anime community being fairly homogeneous on tastes and opinions. Think about how back in the day everyone was watching more or less the same thing since there were so few anime we had access to. At the end of the day, there will still be a Comiket selling H-douji and Sofmap selling eroges, and more importantly, a market for this kind of thing. Even if it has to exist a bit isolated from the rest of the world.

Post edited on 24th Feb 2020, 2:03am
>> No. 34166 [Edit]
Think about it though, a moral wave coming from the west and changing japanese culture it's nothing new in history. Japan can be self-centered and isolated but they somehow want to fit in too.
>> No. 34167 [Edit]
I'm not talking about akihabara.
>> No. 34168 [Edit]
If it makes you feel better, they're keeping the poster.
>> No. 34172 [Edit]
Animegate will happen eventually, thankfully enough I dont form my identity around it. It will eventually get the big bang theory treatment and be no different from capeshit movies. It is what it is, good riddance.
>> No. 34180 [Edit]
Censorship aside, do you guys think crotchlines are great or not?
>> No. 34181 [Edit]
Yeah they are. The way it frames the body line is really nice regardless.
>> No. 34183 [Edit]
its stupid, cloth doesnt stick to skin like that.
>> No. 34184 [Edit]
I think it really adds a nice touch if the clothing is worn really tight, or something else that cause the fabric to stick to the skin, but when overused or used for no reason it does send a very unrealistic impression, and it looks like those helping lines that they do when drawing a body, but left unerased instead.
>> No. 34185 [Edit]
By crotchlines, do you mean cameltoe?
>> No. 34186 [Edit]
No, not at all. I consider cameltoe to be the impression of the womans vagina, but by crotchlines I meant the outlining of the crotch by the clothing. It's kinda hard to find examples of this, but in addition to the image OP was discussing there's this.
>> No. 34187 [Edit]
File 158301962712.jpg - (330.48KB , 673x1563 , example.jpg )
>> No. 34191 [Edit]
Oh. I never even noticed that was a thing before. I can't find any sex appeal in something that subtle.
>> No. 34193 [Edit]
Well, it's not a "thing" in the sense of being an actual recurring source of interest by many people. I mean, you can go to any hentai site and there won't be any tags about this, like you said it's too implicit. I guess it's more about aesthetics than sexual desire or anything.
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