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File 157769386053.png - (1.14MB , 1160x1500 , 5860f32bb49c8607caf5b3ecd2c36e47.png )
33925 No. 33925 [Edit]
Do you have any new years traditions or resolutions?
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>> No. 33926 [Edit]
File 157770199267.png - (1.98MB , 1414x2000 , ZZY 0064 E.png )
Not really, I don't believe in resolutions. If I have a goal I will do it when I think of it and because it's my goal, not at a set time of the year and because it's a new year. I'll probably have a few alcoholic beverages and if I had the time I would organise all the anime I have downloaded this year and reflect on this year's anime but I probably won't.
>> No. 33927 [Edit]
I think about how much I want to kill myself so I spend most of my time in bed on that day. That's the closest to a tradition I have.
>> No. 33928 [Edit]
Quit drinking, smoking and cocaine
>> No. 33929 [Edit]
File 157771287637.jpg - (7.87KB , 184x184 , 57024091_597525604096675_3912246952141520896_n.jpg )
Find a love life again. Its been like 3 or 4 years and I'm finally getting around to the idea again.
>> No. 33930 [Edit]
Start and finish tobira.
>> No. 33931 [Edit]
I would like to start liking anime again.
>> No. 33932 [Edit]
How did you stop liking it in the first place?
>> No. 33933 [Edit]
File 157774290223.jpg - (74.92KB , 637x358 , 1.jpg )
I have a little tradition where I try to beat a video game just after midnight, but I don't really have any strict rules about it. When I was a kid I remember kicking ripto's butt in spyro 2 for the first time just after midnight while the adults were off celebrating in another room. I've been doing it off and on ever since.
>> No. 33934 [Edit]
Try my best to not kill myself
>> No. 33937 [Edit]
I think I have played video games the last ten New Years, so that is essentially a tradition at this point. I don't usually make resolutions; if it is a goal worth pursuing, I try my best to start immediately. Waiting around and being indecisive, at least for me, means it will never happen.
That said, in case anyone is interested, some goals I have been working on have been weight loss and using my leisure time more effectively. I am about half way to my goal weight, so hopefully I reach another good milestone in early 2020.
>> No. 33938 [Edit]
>I am about half way to my goal weight, so hopefully I reach another good milestone in early 2020.
That's quite admirable!
>> No. 33942 [Edit]
File 157783230950.jpg - (132.43KB , 760x1044 , __akaza_akari_yuru_yuri_drawn_by_tonbi__3f8aa1bc3c.jpg )
A couple actually:

1.Lose Weight/Eat Healthier/Become /fit/

2.Finish building my PC

3.Study Japanese everyday (Want to read/translate games/VNs)

4.Study Programming Everyday

5.Read more literature (Been planning on reading through the whole entire Bible. Also been planning on reading a couple of Russian classics such as those by Dostoevsky and Tolstoy)

6.Get IT certs

And most importantly:

7.Become more productive.

We can do it you guys! がんばって~
>> No. 33943 [Edit]
I sort of understand how he feels. If you constantly watch the same generic seasonal crap that comes out, you'll get that feeling. What he needs to do is create a backlog of anime from the past that looks interesting. The only fun thing about being a seasonalfag is watching the anime with others and commentating as the episodes progress.
>> No. 33945 [Edit]
>planning on reading through the whole entire Bible
I tried this recently. I only got as far as Numbers. It really does get boring as fuck. Large chunks of it are basically just lists of names you wont be able to remember.
>> No. 33947 [Edit]
I'm going to try college again, so my resolution is to at least pass with a C. Getting a part-time job is a bonus.

>7.Become more productive.
This is possibly the most ambitious goal in your list.
>> No. 33949 [Edit]
File 157785473056.jpg - (320.48KB , 850x980 , __original_drawn_by_morikura_en__sample-d3865d43d4.jpg )
Happy New Year!
>> No. 33950 [Edit]
First 2020 post. Sorry, I had to do it.
>> No. 33951 [Edit]
File 157785587661.jpg - (1.01MB , 1536x2048 , 27c342240f6aa2d5d52c4b98566fd8b52f533a1a.jpg )
Happy New Year!

May 2020 bring cool robots. I'll try and help.
>> No. 33952 [Edit]
Negatory. But regardless, happy New Year's, you guys!
>> No. 33953 [Edit]
Happy New Year, everyone!
>> No. 33954 [Edit]
File 157785896575.jpg - (403.23KB , 1920x1080 , 3.jpg )
happy new years tohno chan. I hope things improve for all of us
>> No. 33955 [Edit]
Happy New Year's!

>I hope things improve for all of us
They won't!
>> No. 33958 [Edit]
File 157786298735.png - (0.98MB , 806x1000 , __original_drawn_by_kuga_tsukasa__48810ecdabe8072d.png )
Happy new year, t-c.
>> No. 33959 [Edit]
File 157786571059.jpg - (131.46KB , 1280x720 , hearts.jpg )
Happy New Year for those on the West coast! Hopefully one day we can find contentment.
>> No. 33960 [Edit]
Happy new year!!!!
>> No. 33961 [Edit]
2019 sucked, I'm sure things will look better in 2020
>> No. 33963 [Edit]
A tradition me and my family have is to not eat food which has legs on new years' day. Doing so would mean you would be walking backwards instead of embracing the new year. Kind of silly, but I always honor it. Other than that, I plan on beating more games than I had last year.
>> No. 33965 [Edit]
Happy New Year
>> No. 33967 [Edit]
Happy new year. Not so much a resolution, but this year I will be much more autonomous.
>> No. 33968 [Edit]
happy new year
>> No. 33976 [Edit]
That's quite ambitious. It takes a lot of time and effort everyday to thoroughly learn topics (ballpark estimate: ~1 hr/day average for 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6 each), but you have a good (and very achievable) list of goals.
I have made a very similar list for myself, and I have so far found it helpful to have an itemized list of goals to meet. That is, it may be easier to break your big goals down into reasonable, achievable specific aims that you can try to achieve one after the other.
In any case, I hope you're successful.
>> No. 34035 [Edit]
File 157933650272.jpg - (825.03KB , 1105x1500 , blade.jpg )
I collect 2020 anime-themed calendars to use as computer wallpaper.
>> No. 34037 [Edit]
cmon now anon
share them
>> No. 34038 [Edit]
File 157946273794.jpg - (273.38KB , 1080x2160 , Screenshot_20200119_201130_com_fatsecret_android.jpg )
after having lost 48kg of excess weight, I kinda fell off the wagon and regained some 15kg last year, so my resolutions all have to do with that:
1. Start exercising every day again.
2. Return to a clean diet (after stuffing myself with candy and take-out food for months, especially during Christmas season)
3. Get rid of my diet soda addiction.
4. Fast every sunday of the week (i.e. eat nothing from saturday evening until right before my shift starts on monday) until I reach my goal weight.

So far I've been doing pretty well following all four.
For caffeine, I mainly rely on green tea now instead of coke zero/pepsi max. Much cheaper, too.
I also just ordered an exercise bike so I can hopefully burn some calories while playing vidya and reading manga on fasting days. First time I'll be doing any cardio as part of my routine, beyond taking 1-hour walks that is.
>> No. 34039 [Edit]
Eat nothing but oat meal for breakfast and wait until 1:30 or 2:00 pm to eat lunch. Eat a small supper at 8:00 pm. I don't think fasting for 24 hours every week is a good idea.
>> No. 34041 [Edit]
You can skip breakfast entirely, and eat lunch at 12:30 or so. I don't think there's anything particularly unhealthy about 24 hour fasting but I'm not sure how the effects of that compare to just reducing caloric intake over the course of the entire week.
>> No. 34042 [Edit]
I appreciate your concern, but please do keep in mind that you're talking to someone who went from being morbidly obese to normal weight with visible abs, and from being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes to having perfectly healthy blood sugar levels without need for any medication. I just needed to get my lifestyle back in order after my new job messed up my carefully crafted schedules and eating habits, is all.

And there's really no reason to freak out about the fasting thing. You can last for over a year without food if you're fat enough and supplement some micronutrients:
>> No. 34043 [Edit]
>I'm not sure how the effects of that compare to just reducing caloric intake
it helps keep your base metabolic rate high and improves insulin sensitivity.
>> No. 34044 [Edit]
How did you deal with loose skin?
>> No. 34045 [Edit]
File 157947124831.png - (529.54KB , 882x404 , Spoiler Picture.png )
I didn't have very much of it, only some on the lower part of my belly, kind of like the "after" on picrelated. The weight I gained back during my relapse already fills it out completely again. At any rate much less than most people I've seen who went through comparable weight loss transformations.
Might have been the fish oil I supplemented, or the diet high in fats and in vitamin a, c and e, or just genetics. Or maybe it was the intermittent fasting (I typically eat 1 or 2 meals a day, and did a handful of longer fasts lasting between 1 and 3 days), given that fasting stimulates autophagy:
>> No. 34046 [Edit]
Interesting. Good luck.
>> No. 34047 [Edit]
It has also been shown to reduce resting energy expenditure and many of the effects it does have seem to be temporary or taken out of context(such as the increase in growth hormone which doesn't actually build muscle). These things seem to balance themself out over the long term, there haven't been that many studies in humans but they often tend to show that when two groups are given the same caloric intake their weight doesn't change whether one group is fasting or not.

But it will still reduce caloric intake so I think fasting or skipping breakfast can be useful but only on a personal level if you yourself feel you can get away with it.
>> No. 34049 [Edit]
File 157956067012.jpg - (34.70KB , 667x436 , Zaunder1.jpg )
Pretty weird study design. What they had their participants do during the IF portion has little to do with what I'm doing.
>> No. 34050 [Edit]
File 157964937954.jpg - (2.39MB , 4160x3120 , IMG_20200121_210921.jpg )
thank you

>I also just ordered an exercise bike
It arrived today. I just spent 90 minutes pedaling with my pulse between 90 and 110 while playing Koi-Koi with my Japanese Steam friend, so it works as intended so far. The seat does get uncomfortable after about an hour, but luckily the desk can be adjusted for use as a standing desk when my butt needs a break.
>> No. 34192 [Edit]
Those results are not really that impressive, you are physically not consuming anything so yes, you will lose weight over that period and your body will have to metabolise what it has to maintain itself so your metabolism will rise.

However. What matters is the long term impact this will have. And that is what studies like the above show. Sure the fasting is different but many of the principles are the same, the body will metabolise itself during fasting but once it starts eating again the metabolism drops(to be expected, it has to balance itself out). The weight at the end of it all is similar to not fasting at all. Only longer fasts can have other problems, your body has to consume more muscle than it would through weight loss of other methods and has less protein to maintain the muscle it has during a fast(the body doesn't really store Protein), this all means that the body will have less muscle and therefore a slower metabolism in the end, hence you will have a much higher chance of regressing and putting the wight back on.
>> No. 34293 [Edit]
File 158416964116.jpg - (164.14KB , 931x1568 , 20200313.jpg )
Choose SMART goals.
Just do it!
>> No. 34398 [Edit]
File 158512181615.jpg - (114.99KB , 850x472 , Ravenacolor.jpg )
Year 2020 is a bad year.. could we re-do it?
>> No. 34400 [Edit]
What? So far it's been fantastic.
>> No. 34401 [Edit]
I agree. Finally something interesting happens and it's the asocial's dream come true – you're no longer expected to interact with people, you're not merely allowed to but mandated to WFH, etc.
>> No. 35622 [Edit]
8/8 progress report. All is fine.
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