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File 157626160784.jpg - (100.15KB , 850x600 , __original_drawn_by_matataku__sample-1b6a9d6e80b78.jpg )
33825 No. 33825 [Edit]
What would you do if the world got fucked? A calamity which doesn't kill everyone, but severely disrupts the going ons of the world. I'm asking just in general and for a more specific scenario. If the yellow stone super volcano erupts, the entirety of North America would become completely uninhabitable and the released smoke would affect the entire planet in varying degrees of severity.

There would be very little warning, but probably enough to go somewhere if you're lucky. Your two main options would either be South America, where it would be warm but you'd have to deal with many locals and other refugees, or East Asia, where you could manage to stay alive, but it would be extremely cold. Or you could just die.

Post edited on 13th Dec 2019, 10:32am
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>> No. 33826 [Edit]
File 157626386535.jpg - (53.40KB , 600x390 , winter17.jpg )
It would be in my waifu's and my own best interest to survive along, but it depends. It'd preferable to commit suicide and die together peacefully rather than suffering like some sort of shounen mc.
She's generally a more emotional and determined person that I am for sure, but not by that much, and it depends on who's supporting her. In this case we'd both share the same rationale.
Of course, I'm talking about a scenario which would to lead to famine and violence.
>> No. 33827 [Edit]
I would hide into my room and play videogames until everything dies. I don't think I could fight for survival, people who doesn't reproduce don't usually have the impulse to survive at all costs to protect their genes. I always thought that I could kill myself before going homeless and the end of the world would be a lot worse than that.
>> No. 33828 [Edit]
File 15762773694.png - (132.58KB , 184x184 , bored vivian james.png )
>A calamity which doesn't kill everyone
Then what's the fucking point? I'd rather just die than be forced to live in a place that's cold as shit or a place that's hot as shit with insufferable spics. Life is shitty enough as it is.
>> No. 33829 [Edit]
File 157628241418.jpg - (120.62KB , 800x600 , download (3).jpg )
I don't know. Maybe the massive change of pace could give a new lease on life. A fresh start where all the stuff that happened before doesn't really matter anymore and how actually useful a person is determines their worth to others rather than their money or connections. Maybe after things settle down a bit, people will have changed for the better, more nice and shit because that helps survival.probably not though desu What do you think?

Post edited on 13th Dec 2019, 4:15pm
>> No. 33830 [Edit]
>more nice and shit because that helps survival
I would think the opposite. People would become more ruthless, abandoning all morals with the lack of any power structure.
>> No. 33831 [Edit]
I think altruism is built into humans, just to a lesser extent than self-interest. When conditions are right: hardship but not total anarchy, commonalities between people, everyone being educated enough to think in the long term, I think cooperation and altruism takes over. The guy who's good at foraging and hunting and the guy who's good at farming have a better chance if they work together than compete. Sometimes people and animals do things that completely don't benefit them as an individual. Ants do it all time.
>> No. 33832 [Edit]
File 157629282526.jpg - (1.33MB , 2500x1080 , ZZC 1152.jpg )
It would be nice if a volcano would erupt and destroy America. But If I did live in the US and that happened I would instead try to stay in the US and live in the wasteland, that way I could go adventuring and maybe find other survivors to form a band of some sort.
>> No. 33833 [Edit]
>live in the wasteland
Ahh, no. When I said completely uninhabitable, I meant it. It wouldn't be a wasteland, it would be a dead zone. Your best bet if you stayed would be an underground bunker with an air filter and some non-solar generator, and you wouldn't be able to exit for a very long time. No adventuring. A sky that full of smoke does that.
>> No. 33834 [Edit]
If you wear eye protection and some kind of filtration mask you will be fine. Food and water would not be a problem because of how much there is that is already packaged and protected from the elements sitting around in shops. It would be very atmospheric.
>> No. 33835 [Edit]
File 157636895173.jpg - (103.55KB , 960x960 , D-lo9IzXYAA-iPz.jpg )
I live in a rural area with a fruit trees, solar panels and a sturdy bicycle. Hope I can last.
>> No. 33867 [Edit]
I'd live in the dead zone wearing a gas mask and scavenging stores and farms until I died from lung complications.
>> No. 35452 [Edit]
There is no "yellow stone super volcano." It's another fantasy tale which exists solely to sell moronic pop-sci sensationalism to clueless masses who want to stay uneducated but entertained.
>> No. 35490 [Edit]
File 159564694470.jpg - (139.22KB , 781x1200 , 20200719.jpg )
Filter your air
>> No. 35500 [Edit]
I guess the University of Oregon, the U.S. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY and the NATIONAL PARK SERVICE-OUR VOLCANIC PUBLIC LANDS are a bunch of fucking liars.
>> No. 35504 [Edit]
Yes. We tolerate a fuckton of silly research because we've got quota to fill and bombastic sensationalism is good for publicity which helps bring in funding. Come back after you've got a degree in geology and spent some years in the swamp of academia.
>> No. 35505 [Edit]
And you can't show any examples of a geologist dubuking this myth?
>> No. 35506 [Edit]
... You realize yellow stone park wouldn't have geysers if it weren't for the caldera, right? Maybe you don't think it's going to erupt any time soon, but there is absolutely a massive well of magma under the park, which if pressure built up high enough would indeed become a super volcanic eruption. Not likely within the next 10,000 years, but still, possible.
>> No. 35893 [Edit]
File 159990051769.jpg - (11.78KB , 640x343 , 20200913.jpg )
Would never happen. Right?
>> No. 35896 [Edit]
It would literally never happen because it's a bad science fairy tale.
>> No. 35897 [Edit]
Oh fuck off, "skeptic".
>> No. 35898 [Edit]
Go back to I Fucking Love Science, you uneducated gullible shit.
>> No. 35899 [Edit]
If you knew what you were talking about, you would explain yourself instead of dismissing something with "bad science" and "fairy tales". You didn't reply to >>35506 because you don't know what you're talking about. Blind skepticism doesn't make somebody intelligent.
>> No. 36308 [Edit]
File 160248613692.jpg - (101.50KB , 1280x720 , stalkercampfire.jpg )
Makes me feel like STALKER, I like it.
>> No. 36591 [Edit]
File 160472579192.jpg - (145.73KB , 850x1050 , sf4.jpg )
>A calamity which doesn't kill everyone, but severely disrupts the going ons of the world.
2020 in a nutshell.

Got my bicycle, garden, water, solar panel & batteries for this purpose. I will survive!
>> No. 36598 [Edit]
>2020 in a nutshell.
That would be: much ado about nothing, annoying neurotics screeching 24/7.
>> No. 36600 [Edit]
I'm close enough to yellow stone that it going off might kill me or at the very least turn this area into a hellscape.
Because of covid panic buying which I'm not exactly proud of, I've still got months of food and water in an RV, a lot of miscellaneous tools & supplies, along with a good quality AR and crossbow. I've got solar panels and plenty of batteries but haven't wired them into place yet.
>> No. 36612 [Edit]
You know it's not going to happen right?
>> No. 36613 [Edit]
Probably not in our life time, no. I just like to think it's best to be prepaid for whatever might happen.

"It's better to have things you don't need, than to need things you don't have" - Some graboid hunter.
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