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File 157527040413.jpg - (3.79MB , 5312x2988 , 20190820_154346.jpg )
33740 No. 33740 [Edit]
do you own any pets
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>> No. 33741 [Edit]
Three cats but we will be getting chickens soon as well. I just need to build them a house which I have the supplies for now.
>> No. 33742 [Edit]
I find it too big a responsibility for me to handle.
>> No. 33743 [Edit]
Don't have the time nor dedication to handle another living being. Even digital pets seem too bothersome.
Alas, that's one of the reasons I went for waifuism. Not necessarily that I'm unhappy about it. Really don't care.
>> No. 33744 [Edit]
File 157531677391.jpg - (164.84KB , 850x787 , __moriya_suwako_and_mishaguji_touhou_drawn_by_kaze.jpg )
I have a frog that's completely aquatic. It was advertised as genetically engineered. In actuality its an invasive species from Africa that can live for 20+ years. Very low maintenance. The only thing I've got to do is clean its tank, but since its got a filter, that's just every couple of months. I've even got a machine feeding it. Wouldn't really care if it died to be honest.
>> No. 33745 [Edit]
No, I hate animals.
>> No. 33746 [Edit]
File 157533432642.png - (1.22MB , 992x1403 , HK416_%28Girls_Frontline%29_full_2507616.png )
I want a German Shepherd.
>> No. 33747 [Edit]
>Wouldn't really care if it died to be honest.

That makes me very sad. At least he isn't annoying you or causing you harm like all these damn stray cats out here. Reptiles and amphibians are chill. They take it easy.

Post edited on 2nd Dec 2019, 9:29pm
>> No. 33753 [Edit]
File 15753587756.png - (0.97MB , 1280x824 , fa5103e366d2ce847178f69ad8495f73.png )
I've got fish, also known as a high maintenance home decoration that die if everything isn't perfect.
Most of mine died recently after things were too perfect and they over populated the tank, causing the water to become toxic in spite of my cycling efforts.
>> No. 33755 [Edit]
I miss my dead pets.
>> No. 33785 [Edit]
Nope. Don't you just love landlords?
Anyway, that's a cool chicken. When I was a kid my parents had brown, white and black ones. Pretty sure the black ones were the exact same breed as yours in the picture. They seemed friendlier by nature, they would let you pick them up and stuff.
The brown ones (ISA Browns) were pretty friendly too. The white ones not so much -- I don't know what breed they were, but after some Googling I think Bresse Gauloise most likely. Mean birds for some reason.
>> No. 33793 [Edit]
File 157549994561.jpg - (521.96KB , 2048x1536 , asdf.jpg )
thank you
>> No. 33812 [Edit]
Our rooster spends his days raping his harem.
Living the dream.
>> No. 33837 [Edit]
I prefer this to the french Brest chickens.
>> No. 34074 [Edit]
No, there once was both a dog and 3 chickens who laid eggs, but they got some kind of lice that was transmitted by pigeons who tried to nib on their food, and this lice was really light so it was carried by the wind and entered my mother's bedroom, that was the end of the chickens.
>> No. 34133 [Edit]
File 158211587991.jpg - (4.85MB , 4032x3024 , 20200219_190557.jpg )
chicken being naughty
>> No. 34136 [Edit]
What is it doing?
>> No. 34213 [Edit]
File VID_24180502_033231_840_video_1_1583045353699.mp4 - (3.58MB )

destroying my garden
>> No. 34261 [Edit]
Ha. I don't why, but it's pretty interesting to watch those chickens drink.
>> No. 34264 [Edit]
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