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No. 33577 [Edit]
Do you have any favorite character voices?
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>> No. 33578 [Edit]
I like Yuukos voice in Machizoku Mazouku.
>> No. 33579 [Edit]
File 157231503982.jpg - (127.59KB , 660x1000 , Yuzuhara_Konomi_full_51196.jpg )
I really like Yuzuhara Konomi's voice. Her seiyuu didn't really do a lot of other roles, which makes me sad. The only other notable ones were the original Yukiho Hagiwara and Thursday from Disgaea.
>> No. 33581 [Edit]
Ditto: the tiny sound effects and nuances for both Shamiko and Gosenzo are absolutely lovely.

I think in addition to solid character dynamics what can make or break a SoL is the voice acting. Going from a 4-koma/manga to an anime, there's lots of opportunities to express the range of emotions via voice, and pairing this with a good OST makes the adaption come alive.
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