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File 157085703751.png - (1.07MB , 1280x1660 , yeti.png )
33467 No. 33467 [Edit]
Does tohno-chan like monster girls?
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>> No. 33468 [Edit]
File 157089569133.jpg - (139.76KB , 850x638 , __drawn_by_nametakenoko__sample-56fd0fb6fee68cf143.jpg )
They're not my main thing, but I like 'em.
>> No. 33469 [Edit]
do females have any inherently desirable characteristics other than visible indicators of reproductive potential?
>> No. 33470 [Edit]
In monstergirls cases, exoticism and cool designs if done right.
>> No. 33471 [Edit]
File 157105791457.jpg - (389.51KB , 735x1000 , Slime_Carrier.jpg )
Near human types are my favorite. They feel more plausible.
>> No. 33472 [Edit]
I don't mind them, I've never really got into it though, if it was a game I might but isn't it some kind of role-play thing?
>> No. 33481 [Edit]
Pokémon Girls please.
>> No. 33504 [Edit]
Here you go:
>> No. 33505 [Edit]
File 157149299228.jpg - (537.93KB , 850x1045 , sample_ca4556b7abc3ae5421c1527068c9196b.jpg )
That guy's an anti-monster girl, furry faggot. Don't conflate monster girls with furshit.
>> No. 37804 [Edit]
File 161437617560.jpg - (180.39KB , 470x470 , 『ミルクいかがですかー?』 by ナウã.jpg )
I really only like a few species. Holstaurs, Yetis, and Krakens are my favorites. Bunyips are cute too. The rest I don't know about and/or don't care for. Unfortunately despite the intensity of the monster girl craze it didn't leave behind too much art of the species I do happen to like. Maybe I need to check some other sites like deviantart but I never liked the idea of doing that. Thinking about the lack of images makes me wonder if most of the art made is lewds and I'm missing out on it by not looking for those.
>> No. 37833 [Edit]
They can be nice but I find that they tend to gravitate towards two extremes - either they are too human like or they go in the complete opposite direction. I used to like Niku Drill's stuffs. Thinking about it I probably like Yokai more and wish they were as/more popular.
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