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File 15705078766.jpg - (219.26KB , 2480x2400 , counting wooloo.jpg )
33435 No. 33435 [Edit]
Post progress you've made, tutorials you've found, helpful images you have, advice, anything related to lucid dreaming.
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>> No. 33436 [Edit]
Have I posted about the nicotine patch and melatonin thing before? You get these really wild vivid dreams if you have a patch on and take a bunch of melatonin, and they're way easier to go lucid in.
Normally I check if I'm dreaming by pinching my nose and trying to breathe. In a dream you find you can still breathe. Of course these checks are best when you do them habitually in real life too, and my one looks a bit weird when you do it in public.
>> No. 33441 [Edit]
I tried just counting your fingers and it worked for some short time, but you need to be a NEET to focus in those kind of things.
>> No. 33484 [Edit]
File 157129911081.jpg - (108.79KB , 850x676 , 22.jpg )
Why would you want to lucidly dream?
>> No. 33485 [Edit]
Because you get to do whatever you like in a dream if you become lucid.
>> No. 33486 [Edit]
The few times I happened to realize I'm not awake I was stuck in shitty random places, I could barely even move and then I'd wake up after what feels like 5 minutes of pointless slow motion struggle trying (and failing) to make anything happen.
It sucks as much as real life.
>> No. 33487 [Edit]
Just because you're bad at it doesn't mean it's going to be bad for everyone else. Practice more.
>> No. 33582 [Edit]
File 157244370898.jpg - (84.03KB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou - 06 [1080p.jpg )
How much sleep do the folk here get a night? I sleep 9 and a half hours but I think that may be too much and I still get tired.
>> No. 33583 [Edit]
File 15724510833.jpg - (3.93MB , 4084x3267 , 1511334228607.jpg )
Usually 7-8 hours but I suspect is a lot less since I wake up often at night and most of the time in bed I'm in a feverish nightmarish state you can't really call resting.
>> No. 33590 [Edit]
File 157265126213.png - (753.34KB , 928x522 , zafkiel.png )
7:20-7:40. Usually 10:15-10:30pm to 5:35-5:55am. My internal clock tends to be quite precise. I am genuinely proud of that.

Between 1-2pm I start feeling considerably less productive.

Maybe you're oversleeping? Perhaps waking up from a deep sleep stage?
>> No. 33597 [Edit]
How did you get your internal clock so precise?
>> No. 33603 [Edit]
File 157279104186.jpg - (62.78KB , 600x424 , earlybrew.jpg )
Just stick to the same (sleep) routine for your whole life. I urge to the importance of keeping meal times consistent too, since when and how much you feel hungry is also linked to the circadian rhythm.
Though you must account for, and accept seasonal changes too.
Back in Sapporo, my biological cycle fluctuates a fair bit, wherein during summer months I wake up at around 5-5:15am when the sun's already up and migratory birds sing. Also go to bed a bit later, closer to 10:30pm. I effectively sleep a bit less, feel much more active and eat more.

It's all a matter of habit really. Back in the day my parents had to clock in at work at 6am, so I would wake up at around 5:50 to go to the computer and play vidiya or watch anime... or prepare the presentation that was due that day... I also bloody hate being thrown off my usual schedule, and get angry when unexpected events come up, almost to an autistic level.

Such organization allows one to go a bit off schedule the occasional day when traveling or something, without wreaking much havoc; insomnia and whatnot...
>> No. 34641 [Edit]
File 158742327158.jpg - (1.33MB , 3840x2160 , vu6ynM.jpg )
In an attempt to lucid dream, since yesterday I've been chanting "AAAAAAA" mentally, all day long regardless of what I'm doing. My theory is, if I exercise my will during the day, I might manage it in sleep.
At first my throat hurt because even when just thinking my throat moves a little bit, then I figured to raise the mental voice's pitch until it wasn't my voice any longer, and instead of me going "AAAAA" it's like I'm remembering some anime girl going "AAAAA".This solved the throat issue.
Doing this somehow left me physically tired so I feel like I completely blacked out when I went to sleep.
So not exactly useful for the usual concept of lucid dreaming for now, but it's having a sort of meditative effect and actual life actually feels somewhat dream like, and my basic action of willing a sound into perception feels like home and reality. Every little issue during my day melts away against the anchor that is my will creating a voice.
I don't care if it sounds like I'm losing my mind, I see promise in this.
>> No. 34642 [Edit]
>but it's having a sort of meditative effect
The syllable "om" is often chanted in buddhism/hinduism, presumably to focus the mind and spirit. Independent of whether or not you ascribe any particular auspicious meaning to that particular syllable, I wouldn't be surprised if your mental chanting had similar effects.
>> No. 34643 [Edit]
I did try searching for "om" after I had the idea, but found none attempting it all throughout the day. All I found was people setting aside time to do it for a bit, which in comparison I don't think has much of an effect.
Also the "mmm" is easier to keep going but I prefer "AAAA" since it requires more concentration.
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