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File 157025283483.jpg - (122.26KB , 800x800 , arai-san broke the computer.jpg )
33363 No. 33363 [Edit]
Other than the folder dedicated to your waifu, what folder has the most pictures on your computer?
Mine is my Kemono Friends folder with 2,323 pictures.
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>> No. 33364 [Edit]
File 157025383348.jpg - (241.15KB , 800x600 , 984ef7b776e56f46209daaa8582f5c782471a897.jpg )
My main folder, but actually, amazingly enough, not my biggest one (aside from unspecific ones like the main bishoujo folder), is my Hestia folder with 979 files, although a tiny few are duplicates (I feel as if I simply do not have enough of her... I should try to locate many more). Actually the biggest folder is my folder for Tomoko Kuroki, and the reason is because she almost became my waifu before Hestia. But I ended up with Hestia by accident, after I accidentally bought the light novel, thinking it was a manga. It turned out that I liked it far more than the manga, however, which I feel is uninspired (although I only read the first two volumes of the manga). The anime is really good, however...

Regardless, Tomoko is still very important to me and I'm very glad that I've collected so many images of her.
>> No. 33365 [Edit]
File 157025402339.jpg - (232.36KB , 1398x1956 , maxresdefault.jpg )
Since the Hestia folder actually is my second biggest one, I feel I need to post an image of her, also.
>> No. 33366 [Edit]
File 15702543641.gif - (2.10MB , 480x270 , watamote-6-omake-4.gif )
I forgot to state that the Tomoko folder has 1259 files. By the way, this .gif is what caused me to feel I absolutely had to watch the WataMote anime.
>> No. 33368 [Edit]
Porn, 121244 files.
>> No. 33369 [Edit]
I've still got like 3,000 Saber photos, with the fate folder having "12,130 Files" so there's that I guess.
>> No. 33370 [Edit]
File 157026913082.jpg - (1.17MB , 1155x1126 , Toho Patchouli 099.jpg )
My wallpaper folder has 12,000 but I guess that is cheating so next would be Touhou with 3766, Kemono friends only has 566. I don't have a Waifu anyway, I detest the concept.
>> No. 33372 [Edit]
File 157028284923.jpg - (515.65KB , 880x900 , 1568067921623.jpg )
My waifu folder doesn't even have 500 pics, the biggest folder I have is Girls und Panzer with 3720 pics, and it's also the one that keeps growing faster. I tried to order it by schools and by characters but at this point it's an absolute mess and I never find the pic I want.
>> No. 33378 [Edit]
I don't organize my pictures folder. It's just a big mess sorted by date saved.
>> No. 33382 [Edit]
File 15702953993.png - (344.83KB , 620x640 , 1482808330039.png )
How can yu even live like that?
>> No. 33384 [Edit]
Well, my solution to this mess was to start using Hydrus to get around the need to have folders. I still don't have the motivation to go back and clean up that old pictures folder, though.
>> No. 33389 [Edit]
File 157031835492.jpg - (220.26KB , 850x1333 , 20191006.jpg )
I has lot of yuri pics.
>> No. 33397 [Edit]
I had always wondered why it was called yuri on ice when the genre tag was yaoi and if anything "yuri" in Japanese was a feminine name. It wasn't until I read the wikipedia summary that I realized it was probably Russian in origin.
>> No. 33398 [Edit]
I wish it was spelled differently.
>> No. 33401 [Edit]
File 157035861530.png - (1.13MB , 1536x1240 , files.png )
Loli and buttocks folder.
Also my LL songs and CD scans.
>> No. 33411 [Edit]
First human in space is YURI GAGARIN from USSR.
>> No. 33920 [Edit]
File 157757882582.jpg - (20.23KB , 480x640 , top.jpg )
Folder with images of food
>> No. 34188 [Edit]
I confess I don't have neat folders, I have a secret folder I use with the copies of the files I don't want people to see in case it ever happens that someone needs to use my computer. It's naturally the biggest.
>> No. 34189 [Edit]
File 158302944538.png - (19.36KB , 350x156 , Screenshot at 2020-02-29 21-21-30.png )
It's frustrating sometimes to find things I know are there but don't know when I saved but fun because I can look through other pictures trying to find things.
>> No. 34190 [Edit]
please, for the sake of your well being, set up a localbooru use tags. it has made finding things so much easier..
>> No. 34194 [Edit]
Ah, I known that feeling quite well. There are some images I could have forgot if not for the constant searching for that other picture.
>> No. 34199 [Edit]
I just maintain folders categorized by anime -> character. Then file names are just various tags separated by underscores. This works well since I can then use standard unix utils to find the image I'm looking for, since I usually at least remember what character or tag I assigned. Crucially it preserves access to the structure from other file browsers, so I can still easily choose one to attach in an imageboard.
>> No. 34203 [Edit]
My images folder is absolute chaos, I'll get to organizing it more someday but I still need to finish fixing up the music folder which is almost finished. The reason mine is, is because I save so much there for so many reasons and my short term memory is about as useful as a goldfish.
>> No. 34315 [Edit]
Touhou, 20.000, handpicked.
>> No. 34615 [Edit]
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