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File 156853049185.jpg - (381.73KB , 850x1300 , fuko.jpg )
33244 No. 33244 [Edit]
I tried to create this thread in /fb/, but that board got locked again so I'm putting it here instead.
This thread has been created for the express purpose of making outrageously offensive, greedy or even technologically impossible demands on the TC staff.
My own opinion on this issue is that /mai/ should smell like strawberries and I feel like whomever is responsible for failing to carry this out should compensate me financially for the service level deficiency.
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>> No. 33246 [Edit]
/mai/ should be deleted.
>> No. 33247 [Edit]
I think /lol/ might be a better place for this type of thread
>> No. 33250 [Edit]
Why is it locked again? This is not the kind of thread to post there but it should be kept open. It doesn't matter it's inactive right now, it might be needed one day.
>> No. 33252 [Edit]
Because messaging tohno_ on IRC is faster and less painless, generally:
>> No. 33254 [Edit]
Without the rest of users getting to read what's being discussed and with no chance to chime in.
This is an imageboard. Issues relevant to our interest should be discussed here, not somewhere outside.
>> No. 33255 [Edit]
/fb/ is not locked, it's just an unlisted board. You can still post feedback there.
>> No. 33258 [Edit]
File 15685978127.png - (234.29KB , 1920x1079 , Screenshot_20190915_183219.png )
Why don't we just add it to this blank space here?
>> No. 33259 [Edit]
>Why is it locked again?
endusers were unreasonably demanding
>> No. 33261 [Edit]

I couldn't do much but did what I could, and not many were content with that. I was too much of a people pleaser, a doormat, someone who wanted to make everyone happy at my own expense. Problem with that is, aside from how easily manipulated such people are, more often than not doing what one person wants will conflict with what another person wants. Add onto that most requests as I eventually realized were coming from a very vocal and toxic minority.
Most topics were met with bickering and fighting that wouldn't end until each side got too tired of responding. In the end I've found it a lot better and easier to just leave well enough alone.
>> No. 33263 [Edit]
I took a look at /fb/ and there's nothing clearly unreasonable or toxic. The most frequently repeating threads seem to be the ones thanking you. Seems like you're just unhappy with us, too bad.
>> No. 33264 [Edit]
He probably deleted the bad stuff. Being a doormat is your own fault. Being able to differentiate between reasonable and unreasonable requests and deleting threads that are just flamewars is basic.
>> No. 33265 [Edit]
You know, the main reason why we've struggled to hold onto mods over the years is because they have to see a lot of the garbage normal users don't. They clean up all the cp, guro, spam, fighting, and general shitposts so everyone else doesn't have to deal with it. If they're doing their job well, you'd never know any of that stuff ever gets posted here.

Speaking of mods and unreasonable demands. Not that long before /fb/ was tucked away, we had a wave of cp spam hit this and other imageboards. Needless to say I needed all the help I could get as it was hard to keep up with. That help came in the form of just two mods who did their best to help keep that stuff off the site. It was during this time an anon decided to demand that I fire these mods on the basses that he assumed they were female. This without even having proof I might add. Naturally I refused and explained why I needed the help, even offering them a mod position (I really couldn't be picky all things considered). He took my refusal to mean I was fucking the mods, and proceeded to spam the site with libel and images of naked cgi bodybuilder, this after explaining how good of a user he was and how harmful females would be for the site. I believe his insane rants and spam on top of spam managed to drive away a decent chunk of the userbase. Naturally all his posts were deleted, including the initial thread on /fb/.
>> No. 33266 [Edit]
>demand that I fire these mods on the basses that he assumed they were female. This without even having proof I might add

I find it reassuring that I can read between the lines there and discover that it seems that evidence of being female is still a legitimate reason to get rid of someone. Accusing someone without evidence is just slander though, but its nice to see that time and attempted slanderous abuses of the rules haven't eroded TC's strict standards.
>> No. 33297 [Edit]
/ot/ should be accompanied by a 24/7 radio audio stream that it just two people reading out all the 'tangents' on the board.
>> No. 33298 [Edit]
You could do it with TTS, but there isn't enough post traffic to keep it as a continuous stream unless you loop them.
>> No. 33308 [Edit]
The stream could primarily play music but have breaks where the posts are read aloud.
>> No. 38618 [Edit]
File 162877832059.png - (66.51KB , 452x102 , banner kagami kuro.png )
Everytime the Kagami Kuro banner appears, she comes out of the screen screaming "DOOOOOUTEEEEEEEEI" and kicks anon right in the balls.
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