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File 156013906623.jpg - (1.19MB , 2049x754 , subs.jpg )
32371 No. 32371 [Edit]
I miss the days when fan subs were still a real thing.
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>> No. 32372 [Edit]
They all look awful.
>> No. 32374 [Edit]
There’s still some groups chugging along, although they’re infamously overlocalized, probably to put on a portfolio.

I honestly find that HS cause the least problems while watching and if accuracy is super important to you just take the plunge and learn Japanese.
>> No. 32375 [Edit]
File 156014389291.jpg - (151.25KB , 500x1727 , subs_humor2.jpg )
I wish crunchyroll subs translated the OP/EDs.
>> No. 32376 [Edit]
>[TC Subs]
>Over the teeth, past the gums. Look out stomach, here it comes!
Really, guys?
>> No. 32635 [Edit]
I miss troll subs more. Fansubs were great, but trollsubs had an entire culture to their own that's gone for good now.
>> No. 32638 [Edit]
Isn’t commie still chugging along and upsetting people
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