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File 156013906623.jpg - (1.19MB , 2049x754 , subs.jpg )
32371 No. 32371 [Edit]
I miss the days when fan subs were still a real thing.
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>> No. 32372 [Edit]
They all look awful.
>> No. 32374 [Edit]
There’s still some groups chugging along, although they’re infamously overlocalized, probably to put on a portfolio.

I honestly find that HS cause the least problems while watching and if accuracy is super important to you just take the plunge and learn Japanese.
>> No. 32375 [Edit]
File 156014389291.jpg - (151.25KB , 500x1727 , subs_humor2.jpg )
I wish crunchyroll subs translated the OP/EDs.
>> No. 32376 [Edit]
>[TC Subs]
>Over the teeth, past the gums. Look out stomach, here it comes!
Really, guys?
>> No. 32635 [Edit]
I miss troll subs more. Fansubs were great, but trollsubs had an entire culture to their own that's gone for good now.
>> No. 32638 [Edit]
Isn’t commie still chugging along and upsetting people
>> No. 35376 [Edit]
Is this anime music video?
Looks like the same animation team that did the visuals for Batman Ninja~
>> No. 35377 [Edit]
If you've been watching anime for 10+ years and still don't know enough Japanese to watch it without subtitles, you've been doing something wrong.
>> No. 35384 [Edit]
I can barely speak my only language, english. I'm fucking retard.
>> No. 35385 [Edit]
You mean not bothering to study the language on the side? Because subs tend to be inaccurate and misleading translations more often than not. In some ways they can almost make things harder, as they'll repeatedly translate the same words into the same wrong phrase simply to fit it where no English equivalents may even exist.

Post edited on 27th Jun 2020, 10:34pm
>> No. 35392 [Edit]
I don't see how watching anime can make you learn japanese. I have watched anime for 20 years, studied the language in college, studied the language by myself, tried textbooks, tried anki and similar self-learning methods and I still don't know nothing at all. Maybe smart people can learn a lot from just a little contact with something, for others just an insignificant gain requires an enormous amount of time and effort. I also noticed I'm starting to lose things, my english is getting worse every month, doesn't matter how much I use it, so there's a mental degradation that makes everything even worse.
Most people don't even talk their own language properly (me included, I can't even write it for shit), expecting everyone can learn any language easily just leads to demotivation and frustration.
>> No. 35393 [Edit]
And this was meant for

I'm also noticing I'm struggling to post properly, as you can see.
>> No. 35394 [Edit]
Best way to learn any language is being exposed to it and being forced to use it in real world practical settings. This will brute force your brain to do some rewiring and learn it. Anything else is an uphill battle.
>> No. 35395 [Edit]
The best way is combining exposure with self study.

Post edited on 28th Jun 2020, 8:04pm
>> No. 35396 [Edit]
Unless you go to Japan I don't see how you can accomplish that.
>> No. 35397 [Edit]
The internet is pretty good for it. Lots of places to find Japanese writings and audio.
>> No. 35398 [Edit]
File 159341993863.jpg - (21.52KB , 229x173 , 1483178485034.jpg )
Sure, but that's not exactly "forced to use it in real world practical settings". And then there's the kanji, if you don't grind it you're just going to see walls of text everywhere, exposure or not. I learned english by exposure in all facets of my life including work and I still have an awful level after too many years, I just can't imagine doing the same with japanese considering it's phonetics and writing system.
Maybe she's right after all.
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