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File 155983258548.jpg - (71.30KB , 640x925 , 1559138556589.jpg )
32362 No. 32362 [Edit]
Do you go out of your way to buy physical media these days? I recently purchased a PlayStation 2 to play games off of the HDD port and realized that it can also play DVDs. Both DVDs and older (but not retro) video games sell for literally pennies but hardly anyone bothers. Does piracy make physical media irrelevant? I would start collecting but my fear of disk rot destroying my collection years down the line is stopping me, which I suppose is another argument in favor of digital media.

What do you think?
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>> No. 32363 [Edit]
Manga I do because I prefer reading physical copies and I want to encourage the market. If I am getting a game that I want on Console then I will try to get a physical copy of that too.
>> No. 32365 [Edit]
File 155993954989.jpg - (90.97KB , 1024x768 , 147517231880.jpg )
I still collect some physical media but it's much more about having it there to be admired rather than actually bothering to use it. A lot of games from my childhood are simply unusable now and I don't have the slightest clue as to why since so far as I can tell they were stored in nearly ideal conditions. Not in the sun, not with 2+ discs per case, not blazing hot or cold...

Plus there's just the question of size. A single book or DVD doesn't take up much space but when you have hundreds of them it really starts adding up. Every PS2 game ever made takes up a lot of shelf space, on a hard drive though? It's only 2tb. With the price of storage right now that's not bad at all. Hard drives aren't without their faults (the possibility of something wiping them, ransomware, bitrot, failure) but almost all of those problems can be checked for or avoided altogether. And all of that juicy, juicy content in such a compact form. Hell, you've probably already got a computer with excess bays, you won't even notice the extra object in your home.

All that considered there really isn't a point anymore outside of stuff you really like, want to support, or things that hold sentimental value. But for that you don't even need to buy the actual show, you could buy something arguably more useful like a fig. Outside of books and a few games from my childhood I'm at the point where I literally can't see any point in it.
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