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File 155885019834.jpg - (129.66KB , 883x904 , bb26809dd7081c3a5bd02df0c8eea36bf4e8e603_jpeg.jpg )
32340 No. 32340 [Edit]
Seems you can buy bully insurance in Japan in the event your kids get bullied in school.
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>> No. 32341 [Edit]
File 155885935353.gif - (224.72KB , 269x360 , kana.gif )
what do you do when you secretly hire the local bancho to bully your kid so you can split the insurance payouts with him, but then he turns the tables on you and teams up with the kid to get the whole insurance check plus sweet revenge for the kid
>> No. 32342 [Edit]
That was the first thing that I thought about upon reading this, but it seems they only help with legal fees so you'll probably need to prove you're hiring a lawyer.
>> No. 32343 [Edit]
Perhaps it’s a preventative measure.
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