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File 155548120337.jpg - (67.26KB , 1920x1080 , 1396241748486.jpg )
32242 No. 32242 [Edit]
Do you feel an uncanny level of connection with your computer?

I upgraded recently and it's actually made me kind of sad. I had my previous computer for nearly a decade. It feels kind of like I've abandoned a great friend. I don't feel as comfortable with this new computer and that emotion seems to go beyond just the annoyance of setting up software and copying settings over. When my tracking number said my memory would get here the next day I actually had somehing of a mental breakdown and cried. Throughout so much of my life it's been there right next to me, the one object I'm sure to use every day. The new PC is nice but I don't feel this close to it. Kind of like I'm leaving an old friend to rot in an alleyway when they did nothing wrong. I know I'll get over it, I had much the same reaction when I upgraded from my original pc. But it's been weeks now and every time I pass by the utility room it's sitting in there and I feel kind of bad about it...

Does anyone have similar experiences? People like us really live our lives on these machines. Is it really so strange to be this attached?
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>> No. 32243 [Edit]
I wasn't as connected to the laptop I used before, but the PC I'm on is the first one I assembled myself, and I feel connected to it as a result. I don't know how I'd feel about leaving it.
>> No. 32245 [Edit]
File 155566008833.gif - (428.87KB , 320x240 , __sakaki_azumanga_daiou__62eae9e076aee49bcd6bb6a58.gif )
I think more so than the physical parts that make up the computer I have have a more emotional attachment to the OS installed. I installed this one back in late 2014, and at the end of 2016 accidentally wiped my whole drive. Along with losing my files I equally didn't like the idea of losing that exact OS, that's the most anxious I've been with anything like this. I had a backup from mid 2015 so I could keep using it from then, and still do. I hope I never have to reinstall.
>> No. 32246 [Edit]
that gif is excellent
>> No. 32288 [Edit]
Yes and no, I bought a prebuilt about a decade ago I wrecked and now I used a refurbished office PC I have upgraded quite a bit. It’s weird.
>> No. 32350 [Edit]
Sort of. I have upgraded almost a decade old computer to be fine, although I struggle with the choice of OS.
>> No. 32388 [Edit]
i do too actually. I feel this deep, spiritual connection every time I physically touch my laptop in anyway.
>> No. 32958 [Edit]
I feel weirdly emotional about throwing out my office chair that I have sat at for over 5 years.
>> No. 33314 [Edit]
Computer is my data connector.
>> No. 33409 [Edit]
Computer is my friend.......
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