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File 154080956847.jpg - (415.71KB , 1250x1280 , 725ad1373f844ccf479b4e01690861b50f606a7f.jpg )
31813 No. 31813 [Edit]
Time for this year's secret santa. Last year was our first and we had four people take part, lets see if we can do better this time around!

As before, sign up at the above linked site if you're interested. make a list of what you want and we'll use the site to randomize who gets who. You've got until December second to sign up, at which point we'll draw the names.
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>> No. 31814 [Edit]
I'd join but I live in Europe and that would make shipping costs very steep.
>> No. 31815 [Edit]
File 154107357114.jpg - (687.18KB , 850x685 , sample_5ed2475af70a5bcd4af053e8604adb3c.jpg )
Same here, I also have to make a list which will take some time because I am lazy.

I do not have experience with this but I feel a month might be too short depending on where you buy it from, it has to get sent to you (depending on the product) and then sent to the other anon while the postal services will get overloaded with holiday presents so it might arrives too late.
>> No. 31816 [Edit]
Another idea was having a second secret santa. One for those living in the Americas and another for those living in and around europe.
>> No. 31818 [Edit]
I don't see why you think it's such a great idea to try and force American style Christianity on us every year. Trying to relive your childhood?
Celebrating White Day would be more appropriate for TC.
>> No. 31819 [Edit]
File 15412694702.jpg - (75.91KB , 424x591 , Yule.jpg )
We're western and there are no girls here.
Christmas does give off a comfy feel, secret Santa is a nice event.

It still retains some aspects of Yule.

>> No. 31831 [Edit]
Do we get to see others list, before the names are drawn, do we have to opt-in in order for it to be visible?
>> No. 31846 [Edit]
File 154227887949.jpg - (130.60KB , 800x535 , omganimemx.jpg )
if it makes you feel any better, it's neither American nor Christian in origin, it's a Germanic custom (it's called Julklapp over here).
>> No. 31856 [Edit]
Back in the old days Tohno-chan was populated exclusively by 2d japanese girls and they were all cute. I don't know when it was that we decided to stop being cute Japanese anime girls and start being ancient northern european pagans instead, I must have missed that thread. Anyway it seems really impressive, very butch and intimidating.

>> No. 31876 [Edit]
File 154316396130.gif - (253.58KB , 540x699 , 1474280054070.gif )
speak for yourself. im still a cute 2d girl typing at my desk right now
>> No. 31882 [Edit]
I think that's supposed to be an option, yeah.
>> No. 31889 [Edit]
Whelp, it's the fifth now and we only got three entries. seems like it's a bit too low to go though with it this year (unless the guys who entered wanna go ahead with it). Oh, regarding that over seas thing, there's always steam/game codes but whatever. There's always next year too.
>> No. 31890 [Edit]
So I was talking to someone today who suggested we should really just stick to online game codes. This would eliminate shipping issues and allow us to push the cut off time till the last minute. Thoughts?

Post edited on 8th Dec 2018, 2:21am
>> No. 31891 [Edit]
I imagine that’s the best course of action you could do at this point.
>> No. 31896 [Edit]
File 154475521066.jpg - (798.19KB , 874x1240 , 1424070.jpg )
Could have had an European secret Santa, but a PO box is just too expensive. I really would have liked to participate.
I am also not fond of the game code idea, might as well buy the game yourself at that point. A physical present is so much more personal and enjoyable.
>> No. 31904 [Edit]
>might as well buy the game yourself at that point.
You know I said almost the exact same thing when the idea was brought up to me. After thinking about it though, it's very possible for people to get you games that you might not have ever thought to get yourself that you might end up really enjoying. For instance, I'm not really into retro style rpg maker games, but someone gave me a copy of oneshot and I thought it was great. So who knows, you might get something nice that you never knew was there.
>> No. 31920 [Edit]
>> No. 31921 [Edit]
Yeah, Merry Christmas everyone.
>> No. 31922 [Edit]
File 154577789245.jpg - (554.10KB , 1920x1080 , 1487083821124.jpg )
Merry Christmas
>> No. 33875 [Edit]
File 157717088664.jpg - (247.18KB , 868x1200 , miso-coconut-ramen-7674.jpg )
Merry Xmas 2019
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