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No. 31671 [Edit]
do you still watch anime?
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>> No. 31672 [Edit]
Still? Been watching it for years and don't see myself stopping. Still plenty of stuff I have in queue to watch.
>> No. 31673 [Edit]
Yup, but I do find myself struggling to keep up with currently airing stuff more and more each season. At the time of posting this I still haven't started a single anime from the current season and while I did get in 3ep today I'm still very behind on most of the shows I have picked up.
>> No. 31674 [Edit]
File 153171914030.png - (1.68MB , 702x526 , [Judgment] Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou - 22 [401D3EED].png )
I can't imagine stopping, there's so many series I want to see. The amount I watch varies because of other hobbies, but I do really love it.
>> No. 31678 [Edit]
I still watch anime, but much less than when I first got into it. I still love anime, but I'm not reliant on it for happiness anymore. Now, it's just a thing I like. Also, I mainly watch slice of life now, and it's hard for me to digest more than a couple episodes of SoL at a time despite liking it a lot.
>> No. 32521 [Edit]
I will watch an older series when the feeling strikes me these days but not as much as I used to. I mostly just read manga from the huge amount of it I have saved, I don't know if I'm just getting older or depressed or something, but airing anime isn't the same and rarely appeals to me anymore.

That being said, I'm not an exclusive mangaonly, I feel like people into anime related stuff that do not watch anime for whatever reasons are like the vegans of it. They will tell you without being asked, especially people who exclusively read LN.
>> No. 32522 [Edit]
>> No. 32523 [Edit]
no, i don't have time for it anymore, i'm too busy complaining about normalfags and their sex having ways to take a break for anime.
>> No. 32530 [Edit]
No, I am too lazy and inattentive to watch anime. I just watch trasy youtube videos and occasionally read a light manga. Sure I can still watch anime, but even for a 12 episodes anime I often can't find the motivation to finish it and going back to it after a while really take out much of the enjoyment. There are a few seasonal anime now that I picked up and enjoyed but dropped at episodes 8-10 after losing interest. Being inattentive while watching anime also seems not right, not to mention rewinding when I missed a scene or dialogue.
>> No. 32674 [Edit]
I had to take a break for a while because of burn out, but recently I have taken up the hobby of trying to find the most obscure anime possible and watching that. It kind of gives you a thrill or a rush like you have found uncharted territory. I hope one day to find an anime that is not available for torrent and is only available for dvd/vhs.
So to answer your question: yes. And I am having a blast!
>> No. 32689 [Edit]
Not much anymore, almost no new shows appeal to me, and I've already watched pretty much everything that does. It might be that I'm just jaded, but I get the feeling that show quality has declined this decade as more animation studios focus on only making adaptations of successful stuff or formulaic originals that will surely be commercially successful. I can't recall of the last time I saw an original anime with a really creative/crazy premise outside of shorts and artistic projects.
>> No. 32690 [Edit]
If you can speak Japanese and have access to other catalogs that aren’t typically used you might uncover lost media and not even know it. I presume a lot of unknown stuff is from the 2000s/90s? Try to find stuff that isn’t on AB if you have an account for that.
>> No. 32696 [Edit]
It's weird for me, I find myself only rewatching old anime nowadays. I don't know if it's just nostalgia for better times, or I just don't care for modern anime culture.
>> No. 32698 [Edit]
>I presume a lot of unknown stuff is from the 2000s/90s
Most of it yes. I have found one from I believe 2017 but it was a moe/cgdct anime so it was expected not to be that popular. There was also one from 2013-2014ish I found but a few ironic weebs found it shortly after me and it's now a "meme".
But yes, most of it is from 90's/2000's, and that is always my best bet when looking for obscure series.
>> No. 32699 [Edit]
Out of curiosity, what were those two series (the CGDCT from 2017 and the one from 2013)?
>> No. 32720 [Edit]
The one from 2017 is Anne-Happy, and is about a few unlucky girls that go to a school together and get into all sorts of trouble along the way (still one of my favorite moe series of all time).
The one from 2014 is Gochūmon wa Usagi Desu ka, and I'm sure that one needs no introduction considering that I have seen posts of it a few times on this very site.
>> No. 32729 [Edit]
File 15640247185.png - (223.67KB , 399x485 , onimageboard.png )
Gochiusa's definitely become a staple of CGDCT and Anne Happy was about as popular as any other moe seasonal.

I was actually really curious to see which post-2000 shows are indeed "obscure" by some metric (perhaps relative to their genre since SoL as a whole is going to be less popular), excluding ONAs/shorts. Luckily someone scraped the MAL database (search "MyAnimelist Anime Dataset as 2019/02/04" on Kaggle, it's only 5MB) so I could do some fun queries.

Here are some interesting things that you might or might not care about (I'm only focusing on SoL shows because that is what I watch):
* There are only 335 SoL shows from 2001 onwards filtering out kids shows and shorts (defined as shows less than 20 minutes)
* The most popular SoL shows are Toradora, Clannad, and AnoHana (this is using MAL's metric of popularity which is the number of people who have it in their list)
* The least popular show is "Wala! Pyeon-uijeom The Animation" which aired in 2010
* The least popular CGDCT show is "The Marshmallow Times"
* Highest ranked shows are sangatsu no lion 2nd season, clannad after story, and mushishi
* Lowerst ranked shows are Glasslip, Battery, and Gunparade Orchestra

But what would be really nice is to find "hidden gems," shows that are not popular compared to their rating. I'm not sure what's the best way to do this, but here's one quick metric I used:

For each show, compute the ratio of it's position sorted by rating to its position sorted by popularity. A show that is rated highly but has a low popularity will get a high ratio, whereas a show with a low rating but a high popularity gets a low ratio.

Based on that metric, the most "overwatched" shows are Glasslip, Battery, 3DPD (Kari), and Green Green. The most "underwatched" shows are "Mainichi Kaasan" and "Shin Atashin'chi."

Here's the cleaned csv if you want to play around further. I've added the column "adjustedPop" which is the metric above.

And here's a trimmed, formatted table that can be viewed directly for those who don't want to load up a csv:
>> No. 32734 [Edit]
Very interesting but a bit flawed in that it is based on MAL so therefore on western tastes.
>> No. 33508 [Edit]
File 157164480662.jpg - (303.10KB , 1200x750 , 1BBC.jpg )
Yes. But I seem to have less time these days, so I'm more picky...
>> No. 35969 [Edit]
File 160058655299.jpg - (13.36KB , 341x226 , 20200913.jpg )
>> No. 35974 [Edit]
>> No. 35990 [Edit]
Very rarely, I mostly just read completed manga these days.
>> No. 35991 [Edit]
What do you read?
>> No. 35999 [Edit]
I enjoy older romance stuff a lot, or even just SoL, the typical otaku fare. It makes me feel good. I will branch out and read a lot of stuff though, like even stuff I wouldn't typically read like tragedy or sports, even if it's not that great because of the fact that lot of SoL isn't fully translated unfortunately. Not to mention that a lot of romance manga have taken the western comic/battle shonen route of never having an ending planned to drag it out.

Regardless, I probably should post on /ma/ more.
>> No. 36002 [Edit]
I don't really enjoy romance but with regards to SoL, have you read Chotto Ippai and Maid-san wa Taberu Dake?
>> No. 36006 [Edit]
I've read a bit of the former. It's cute.
I just enjoy romance because I unashamedly self-insert and it makes me feel less alone.
>> No. 36039 [Edit]
It's quite surprising that there isn't an anime adaptation of it yet, considering it's been around for quite a while and doing fairly well in Japan. Not to mention it's published in Manga Time Kirara.
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