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File 153144862129.png - (3.72KB , 420x420 , comfy.png )
31659 No. 31659 [Edit]
Is it weird to have your laptop like this in bed? Like before you go to sleep or something. Not a great drawing but I'm drunk and not an artist either.
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>> No. 31660 [Edit]
I don't know, but it's lazy
>> No. 31661 [Edit]
It's one the primary ways I use my laptop.
>> No. 31662 [Edit]
While I didn't have a desktop I did this a lot.
>> No. 31666 [Edit]
Before I had a tablet I used to use my laptop in bed before I went to sleep and before I stood up in the morning but I was laying in my belly.
I find it very uncomfortable to lay on the back, my arms get tired or my neck hurts when I use a laptop, a phone or a tablet.
>> No. 31689 [Edit]
This doesn't hurt your neck at all?
>> No. 31725 [Edit]
Keeping your laptop on your bed like that could cause it to over heat due to the air intake on the bottom being blocked.
>> No. 31726 [Edit]
Depends on the laptop. Some actually get air from the back, not the bottom. And some newer low-power laptops, such as Chromebooks, have no fans at all. They use ARM CPUs instead of x86, and even though they're slower, they make much less heat, similar to a phone or tablet.
>> No. 31729 [Edit]
File 153518866113.jpg - (11.29KB , 425x425 , 51qF6Lv8DCL__SX425_.jpg )
I used do do that, but it wasn't comfy, so I got a monitor arm, attached it to my nightstand, and now I can achieve maximum sloth, not even having to turn my head.
>> No. 31741 [Edit]
I tend to put serveral pillows under my head so my neck doesn't hurt. While I prefer lying down with my laptop like that over using my desktop when I'm tired, I tend to not do it a lot because the area where I place the laptop (so either the chest or bladder area) will just end up hurting a lot.
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