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File 153144862129.png - (3.72KB , 420x420 , comfy.png )
31659 No. 31659 [Edit]
Is it weird to have your laptop like this in bed? Like before you go to sleep or something. Not a great drawing but I'm drunk and not an artist either.
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>> No. 31660 [Edit]
I don't know, but it's lazy
>> No. 31661 [Edit]
It's one the primary ways I use my laptop.
>> No. 31662 [Edit]
While I didn't have a desktop I did this a lot.
>> No. 31666 [Edit]
Before I had a tablet I used to use my laptop in bed before I went to sleep and before I stood up in the morning but I was laying in my belly.
I find it very uncomfortable to lay on the back, my arms get tired or my neck hurts when I use a laptop, a phone or a tablet.
>> No. 31689 [Edit]
This doesn't hurt your neck at all?
>> No. 31725 [Edit]
Keeping your laptop on your bed like that could cause it to over heat due to the air intake on the bottom being blocked.
>> No. 31726 [Edit]
Depends on the laptop. Some actually get air from the back, not the bottom. And some newer low-power laptops, such as Chromebooks, have no fans at all. They use ARM CPUs instead of x86, and even though they're slower, they make much less heat, similar to a phone or tablet.
>> No. 31729 [Edit]
File 153518866113.jpg - (11.29KB , 425x425 , 51qF6Lv8DCL__SX425_.jpg )
I used do do that, but it wasn't comfy, so I got a monitor arm, attached it to my nightstand, and now I can achieve maximum sloth, not even having to turn my head.
>> No. 31741 [Edit]
I tend to put serveral pillows under my head so my neck doesn't hurt. While I prefer lying down with my laptop like that over using my desktop when I'm tired, I tend to not do it a lot because the area where I place the laptop (so either the chest or bladder area) will just end up hurting a lot.
>> No. 33998 [Edit]
Use a tablet
>> No. 33999 [Edit]
I used to, but I go out of my way now to seperate my sleeping area from my entertainment area. They're still in the same room, but the little bit of seperation helps me maintain my sleep routine.
Tablet keyboards are hell.
>> No. 34019 [Edit]
File 157882954519.jpg - (18.33KB , 690x690 , 16980865039409m.jpg )
I own a few pillows like the one in this picture. In my opinion, using my laptop in bed with one of these pillows is significantly more comfortable than sitting at a cramped desk. I keep an extra monitor by my bedside in case I want to view anything in higher quality or use an extra screen. Very comfy.
>> No. 35771 [Edit]
Don’t be lazy
>> No. 35772 [Edit]
"Datte hontou wa crazy"?

I always use my laptop in bed (don't have space for a proper table/chair, and using it in bed is more comfortable anyhow) but I do it by propping a pillow against the side of the bed and the wall to support my back, so I'm still upright. The thing to be most careful of is to avoid blocking the fan vents, since I nearly had a laptop die from that once.
>> No. 35773 [Edit]
>using it in bed is more comfortable
Not if you're writing something or need access to physical books. What kind of hole are you living in where you don't have room for a desk?
>> No. 35774 [Edit]
I do occasionally, always get out of bed and sit at a desktop when RSI inevitably becomes noticeable.
>> No. 35792 [Edit]
Oh, Kay On.
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