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File 152460861224.png - (752.01KB , 1573x1126 , 1384928492744.png )
31533 No. 31533 [Edit]
I HATE it when I have the misfortune of talking to someone cancerous online, especially when it's someone who obsessively hates on anime for no reason. I try to just ignore it and walk away, but the thought just stays on the back of my mind. I can't watch anime or play video games because my brain keeps telling me to go back and fight! And then, I waste several hours of my life on some stupid internet fight instead of doing something I'd actually enjoy. How do you guys deal with this?
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>> No. 31534 [Edit]
>How do you guys deal with this?
By unironically getting over yourself and/or realizing other people might be likely to lash out in an effort to get attention and the only way of correcting that behaviour is by ignoring them.
>> No. 31535 [Edit]
>How do you guys deal with this?
I don't normally hang out in places where people don't already like anime to a degree. Although I do see people spout ignorant bullshit about anime from time to time in some places. They're usually close minded people who wont listen to anything anyone says. Like the other anon said they're often times just bored and looking for a fight. I just ignore them. There's a lot of them out there and you wont change their minds easily. Best not to bother.
>> No. 31536 [Edit]
There are only two reasons to express a hatred of anime:

1: Because you are a self-hating weeaboo who loves the shit but is in denial. Notice how many people who "hate anime" talk about current shows by name and can name characters and plot lines? They love the stuff, but are too afraid to stray from "the norm" to admit it.

2: Because you want attention. Start a fight with one of the most passionate subcultures on the planet, and gain from it a temporary adrenaline rush.

Outside of those two, and maybe a really small third (fascistic anti-Japanese sentiment or culture warriors who think it's all pedophilia), literally nobody cares about anime, positive or negative.

Basically just don't interact, that's the solution. You don't want them muddying the waters anyway.
>> No. 31537 [Edit]
Don't bother going to whatever place that may be, there's no point in arguing over something so trivial.
>> No. 31539 [Edit]
To add to this, you have to learn to accept that other people will not like things that you like, and really there is nothing wrong with that. Not everyone likes the same things of course. If these people can't take the fact that there are people who exist that like things that they don't, that's their problem, not yours.
>> No. 31542 [Edit]
Yeah pretty much this. I also tend to just ignore them and move on. It just simply doesn't bother me. I generally tend to hate what most people like myself so I guess the feeling is mutual.
>> No. 31580 [Edit]
I've had two anime centric hangouts get invaded by people who loathe anime but still insist on sticking around to talk about shit like fast food, work and dating, all while shitting on the original members for being "pedophiles" and denying the place ever used to be different. It's hard to ignore when you keep getting run out of your own home
>> No. 31582 [Edit]
Why not kick them out?
>> No. 31584 [Edit]
Because people are terrified of being pegged with "clique mentality" and the one time someone actually got banned it raised an insane shitstorm that never died down
>> No. 31585 [Edit]
>Because people are terrified of being pegged with "clique mentality"
Well, then the real issue is that these hangouts are filled with cowards. If you can't reliably put your (collective) foot down and kick the hijackers and pretenders, than it's on you as a whole. The aforementioned will go wherever they can to get the attention they crave, so it's your duty to kick them out and preserve the integrity of what you have, otherwise you lose your right to complain.
>> No. 31601 [Edit]
File 152696522793.jpg - (120.68KB , 640x418 , blogger-image--1107164028.jpg )
no earnest group of posters no matter how large will ever be able to withstand the assault of a single determined and skilled griefer.
sure grieferism is no longer fashionable or "cool" in the modern era, but their long lost skills and way of life has yet to be reckoned with in any sort of effective manner. sometimes old religions just fade away
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