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File 152411553271.jpg - (280.44KB , 1080x1920 , azumanga_daioh_kasuga_ayumu_takino_tomo_kagura_gir.jpg )
31502 No. 31502 [Edit] is down
but it still replies to pings
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>> No. 31503 [Edit]
Works fine for me.
>> No. 31504 [Edit]
File 152413292994.jpg - (101.40KB , 1280x800 , Ayumu_%22Osaka%22_Kasuga_full_881123.jpg )
yeah false alarm
but it really was down for a little bit, even the TT links to hosted torrents were down, it was briefly frightening.
>> No. 31505 [Edit]
File 152415106234.png - (1.71MB , 1013x670 , DTTz-AfU8AAT9ff.png )
I've heard it frequently gets some small downtimes, maybe you should donate so that they might afford better server.
>> No. 31506 [Edit]
It was a cloudflare problem in this case.
>> No. 31508 [Edit]
There's always that mirrors
>> No. 31512 [Edit]
>>31508 has almost nothing. Looks like the cartel won.
>> No. 31513 [Edit]
maybe they should pay OP for the free publicity first
>> No. 31514 [Edit]
Sad but true. I was rooting for them since they're run by honestly decent people, but that's just how these things go.
>> No. 31515 [Edit]
I preferred it because it has the better dark theme.
>> No. 31518 [Edit]
I thought that they scrape .si regularly so they have the same content?
>> No. 31520 [Edit]
Looks like nobody took up the mantle. I have no idea if the missing fansubbed content is due to that, or intentionally left out. For anyone interested, go ask them in chat. They've got an API you can use.
>> No. 31526 [Edit]
From what I've read it seems that pantsu used to do that until .si blocked them because drama. I don't think they've been scrapping .si in the last few months.
>> No. 31590 [Edit]
Fuck nyaa si they need to get taken down! all the way!!
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