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File 152318155786.png - (839.56KB , 1280x738 , anime screencap2018-04-08-02h56m28s471.png )
31487 No. 31487 [Edit]
how do i get a really cute 2d pretending-to-be-a-boy-and-not-pulling-it-off tuxedo gf in irl?
>> No. 31488 [Edit]
2d in real life? what?
>> No. 31489 [Edit]
>how do i get a really cute
Money, and lots of it.

Run her over with a steam roller I guess?
Alternatively, get a cardboard cut out?

Isn't this pretty much all women these days?

Buy one and ask her to wear it. Most 3DPD will be willing to accommodate whatever you're into to a degree and that wouldn't be too weird.

>gf in irl?
Drop all standards and 'maybe' you can get one.
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