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File 152281865173.jpg - (87.64KB , 615x431 , harimanada.jpg )
31486 No. 31486 [Edit]
Weeaboo thread for people who like Jap stuff outside of 2nd media.
Here is my testimony: About a year ago I rewatched Aah harimanada. I don't rematch much but a few special favorites and this one I hadn't seen in a decade so it was kinda still fresh the 2nd time around. Anyway I marathoner the fuck out of it because it was that good and I then segway'd into watching 3D IRL sumo and getting way into the sport. Now I'm an obsessed sumo fan and can't wait for the next basho and wonder if Hakuho is going to be back and if he'll be healthy enough to take back Y1E from Kakuryu and how long its going to be before Abi starts winning tournaments, etc.
Its something to pass the time anyway.
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