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File 151833087351.png - (225.19KB , 2400x2400 , feelsbadman.png )
31405 No. 31405 [Edit]
Is there anyone here left from the start? I remember when Tohno created this imageboard, birthed from the irc. To remember those days, the responsibility of the present, and ambiguity of the future fills me with sorrow.
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>> No. 31406 [Edit]
Fuck off tokiko, that's not the origin of this site.
>> No. 31407 [Edit]
Don't be a faggot. This site was born from the /waifu/ channel on Rizon. I hoped some people might remember
>> No. 31408 [Edit]
The site was made before the channel. Fuck off tokiko
>> No. 31409 [Edit]
I'm pretty sure it wasn't. I remember very clearly Tohno announcing its creation, and seeking mods. And I'm not tokiko
>> No. 31410 [Edit]
Site existed for weeks before the irc channel. It was unoccupied until heavy spam on 4chan caused waifufags to retreat to both that irc channel and this site. Soon after people moved from /waifu/ to #tohno-chan on irc. And sure you're not, Tokiko.
>> No. 31411 [Edit]
You realize it's impossible to not put people on edge when you post meme images like that right?
>> No. 31412 [Edit]
On all levels except physical, I am sadfrog.jpg

But in all seriousness, I apologize if I had put anyone on edge. I haven't posted here in several years, and I meant only to dwell in the past for a moment. I don't know or remember a tokiko. I wish the best to you all in any case
>> No. 31413 [Edit]
If you really aren't him, then I'm sorry for accusing you (he's a troll who refuses to leave) and I'm sorry your return was met with hostility. If you are him, fuck off.
>> No. 31414 [Edit]
Jesus you guys need to relax.
>> No. 31415 [Edit]
I was one of the mods here around the time I mentioned. I had just been reminiscing about times on the internet that had passed. Sometimes this site seems like a time capsule, with its threads from years ago. It's like a remnant of what the internet was before
>> No. 31417 [Edit]
I think we all miss how things used to be. Now imageboards are practically dead and everyone who once called them home moved on with their lives. It's sad.
>> No. 31418 [Edit]
Not here from the start, but I came in around the end of the ib4f days, so pretty early I guess. I feel similar but it's more that I miss the internet before smartphones fucked it up.

I think that's part of it, but I've been noticing things like Skype and Discord groups are what's really emptied out both the chans and traditional forums. IRC has the same effect, but IRC is just intimidating enough to not empty places outright. Skype made it easier and Discord made it as simple as posting a fucking link... More and more conversation is filtering into discords with traditional sites just serving as a gateway.

On one hand, I like discord, it's a nice program. But I don't really care for the format of large group chats it promotes. And it just leaves places like this deserted and helps drive the normification of the internet.
>> No. 31419 [Edit]
>leaves places like this deserted

tc is as fast paced, popular and and dynamic as it ever has been. i mean just look at this shitty frogposter's attention whore thread. its not even a day old and already has a bunch of replies from other people who also feel that its important that they tell everyone how long they've been using this website.
>> No. 31420 [Edit]
Those programs really are a lot less stress and intimidating than image boards. I suspect the reason more people don't like posting here is because it means putting their post in the spotlight. On irc if you say something dumb it'll be gone fairly quickly anyway so it doesn't much matter. Here your post will linger on the front page for days, maybe weeks. Even after it's been bumped off it might stick around for years. That's a lot of pressure for the kinds of people this site attracts.
>> No. 31421 [Edit]
That's what kakusu is for.
>> No. 31422 [Edit]
Stilts is that you?
>> No. 31423 [Edit]
I'm not Stilts. But it makes me smile to see the name mentioned
>> No. 31424 [Edit]
>> No. 31425 [Edit]
File 151842152946.gif - (320.40KB , 500x357 , lain.gif )
>> No. 31426 [Edit]
You're not living in the woods again are you?
>> No. 31439 [Edit]
Since mid 2016, other than work, most of my free time has been taken up with watching Youtube, and visiting family about once a month. All the sites and communities I've come to love and enjoy over the last few years since late 2014 will always hold a special place in my heart. Never forgotten, never will.
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