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File 151755527668.png - (542.77KB , 688x480 , anime scrrencap2015-03-18-02h47m02s140.png )
31372 No. 31372 [Edit]
lets say /tc/ had some sort of battle royale where everyone here fought each other to the death in an argument over anime.
who do you think would win? i know i would kill at least few motherfuckers if it came to that, but then once it was safe and i was in the clear i'd lay down, play dead & wait to finish off the last guy standing once he thought he'd won and let his guard down.
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>> No. 31373 [Edit]
Because the idea of playing dead isn't that far fetched and I'm paranoid, I'd double check bodies I run across.
>> No. 31374 [Edit]
got a shotgun with 4+1. it's 20 gauge and i haven't practiced much so not every shot is a guaranteed kill. i'd say i'd get maybe three pieces of shit.
which is basically the whole userbase, am i right?
>> No. 31375 [Edit]
well i wouldn't let anyone get close enough that i'd have to fight at a disadvantage and if i'd had enough time to lay low i might even be ready to wield dismembered body parts as weapons by then. i might go with a two handed leg weapon or try to use some miyamoto musashi tech with the arm-leg combo.
>> No. 31376 [Edit]
you could use one of your gored obese otaku thighs to absorb most of the force of one of my shotgun slugs
>> No. 31377 [Edit]
Can I just watch and record the event? I like being the beholder. Plus the winner needs someone to declare them out loud for all the corpses to hear.
>> No. 31386 [Edit]
if you're just gonna stand there and not even put up a fight then i would knock you out and use your limbs for weapons, thanks for making it easy for me.

Post edited on 3rd Feb 2018, 6:01pm
>> No. 31393 [Edit]
Careful. Just because I'm volunteering to register the event doesn't mean I can't teleport behind everyone's back and nothingpersonel'd them all at the same time. You're on my list now. I'm still a magnanimous champion so I will execute you swiftly and painlessly.
>> No. 31394 [Edit]
What a convenient way to die. Come at me fellas!
>> No. 31401 [Edit]
I'd simply bring my katana to the battle royale. Glorious Nippon steel folded over 1000 times.
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