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File 151520432343.jpg - (77.16KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Yuru Camp - 01 [720p]_mkv_snapshot_.jpg )
31267 No. 31267 [Edit]
Why did Kotatsu never take off outside of Japan?
>> No. 31270 [Edit]
My guess is it's because we're used to sitting at desks and tables using chairs, whereas in Japan people don't mind sitting on the floor. So a traditional kotatsu would be unappealing to most westerners because you can't use a chair. You could raise them up to make room for chairs, but then you'd need to have a bigger blanket, which would make it more expensive to produce and reduce its adoption. Plus, when you're sitting at it, you'd raise the blanket up, making a big opening between the floor and your seat that lets all the heat out.
>> No. 31271 [Edit]
- Lack of central heating.
- No insulation in traditional buildings.
- Single-pane windows outside of the north.
- Difference in room layout and room connections.
>> No. 31272 [Edit]
So in other words, they're only as good as the house is bad? People in the west still buy space heaters though.

That's a good point. People here would think you're retarded if they walked in on you sitting on the floor.
>> No. 31274 [Edit]
Usually you'd pack away the other table and then bring out the kotatsu.
In the West tables weren't designed to be packed away.
>> No. 31279 [Edit]
>they're only as good as the house is bad?
Sorry, I worded my post badly. I meant that it's a cultural thing more than an architectural one. The things I listed is why kotatsu are popular in Japan, which comes down to lack of other forms of either heating or keeping the house insulated.
>> No. 31281 [Edit]
Maybe its not too late for the kotatsu to catch hold in the west, but I doubt it. Imagine some big western slob steps in dogshit on the way home and walks into his house without taking his shoes off then sits at kotatsu.
>> No. 31622 [Edit]
buildings in the north are properly insulated or have a fireplace
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