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File 151476172351.jpg - (149.87KB , 1920x1080 , thumb-1920-230412.jpg )
31220 No. 31220 [Edit]
It's new years TC!
How are you spending it? Got any plans or special traditions you like to partake in?
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>> No. 31221 [Edit]
>> No. 31222 [Edit]
i didnt do anything
>> No. 31223 [Edit]
Maybe sleep, or do nothing, or both!
>> No. 31224 [Edit]
File 151476898661.gif - (0.99MB , 500x500 , kd1McAn.gif )
At work, getting home just before midnight. Gonna game in my room alone like every other night.
>> No. 31225 [Edit]
File 15147716367.png - (203.10KB , 500x313 , the familiar scene.png )
I'll probably spend it thinking of ways to find my purpose in life and ultimately be able to life independently. Which translates to playing shitty video games, jacking off and then falling asleep without accomplishing anything of value.
>> No. 31226 [Edit]
It hasn't happened yet, but I'm spending it horribly in some shitty third world country doing jack shit but with a more restricted internet connection.

I'd like to sit alone in front of my computer and blast weeb songs through my headphones until fall asleep, but that convenience is too good for my worthless existence.

Doing this for "family" isn't even the slightest bit rewarding. It also doesn't help that I can't do much about to distract myself from the usual feelings of self loathing worthlessness that I've earned through this worthless life.

I wish I was never born
>> No. 31227 [Edit]
i remember watching the millennium turn over on the clock of my windows 98 machine. it was genuinely exciting. then i went back to playing warbirds on the freehost server.
>> No. 31228 [Edit]
That sounds very much how I've spent my new years for the last four years or so.
>> No. 31229 [Edit]
going to stop being a fat fuck tomorrow. going out to trader joe's and getting healthy hippie food. i got a steamer for christmas so i can cook healthy stuff with no effort now.
i dont really care about new years resolution. just seems like a good opportunity to mark a date down and say "this is the arbitrary day i'll stop being a shitty person. and i'll do whatever the fuck i want till that date comes."
you know? here's hoping it goes well. had my last beer tonight. i used to be an alcoholic, went sober a while ago. figured i could have one tonight.
>> No. 31235 [Edit]
Ever since I was a kid I've had this tradition of beating a game on new year's night. First time I can remember doing it was with Spyro 2 on the ps1. Completed the game just after midnight (or maybe it was just before, who knows). It was a nice memory gaming there on the big fat living room ctr while my mom and friends were celebrating in another room. Now I try to time/arrange games to end on new years, or speed through a short game if I have to. Feels like a nice way to end a year and start another.
>> No. 31241 [Edit]
luckily it's not too cold outside at the moment, so I got back on track with my training on new year's eve, after I've been slacking off since october. Went outside and did my usual routine of pull-ups, dips, lunges and leg raises.
>> No. 31250 [Edit]
I do that but with film, much easier to finish on demand.
>> No. 31251 [Edit]
I beat MGS3 with no enemy alerts one new year's eve. it's a fairly short game though.
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