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File 151416502777.png - (948.84KB , 1040x800 , ea3ae1104fe0bf0341f8697a77e182675d045bb4.png )
31113 No. 31113 [Edit]
You are on death row and you get one last meal. What will it be?
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>> No. 31114 [Edit]
A tasty burger.
>> No. 31116 [Edit]
A bible. I will eat a fucking bible.
>> No. 31117 [Edit]
Ortolan, of course.
>> No. 31136 [Edit]
My grandmother's rice and chicken.
A comfy meal before dying would be nice.
>> No. 31138 [Edit]
im addicted to food, i like all of it. i wouldnt really care what it is, everything is delicious. i just ate shitty old chicken wings from the walmart deli i was too lazy to even microwave them, cold from the fridge. best meal i ever had. every meal i have is the best meal.
oh god i want to die, im fucking disgusting.
>> No. 31217 [Edit]
Potion of immortality.
>> No. 31218 [Edit]
sweet 2d loli pussy
>> No. 31269 [Edit]
Mountain Dew and a bowl of corn chips
>> No. 31273 [Edit]
If I had to eat that I'd be grateful someone was about to kill me.
>> No. 31277 [Edit]
You don't like corn chips?
>> No. 31301 [Edit]
surprise me
>> No. 31320 [Edit]
File 151580684263.jpg - (34.67KB , 450x450 , 93a0ff4a-7299-4826-b8af-c1500399b623_1_8a612f02ec4.jpg )
>> No. 31321 [Edit]
At first, from the thumbnail, I thought this was one of those small ice cream cups. You got me.
>> No. 31367 [Edit]
youre going to vomit all over the electric chair!
>> No. 33510 [Edit]
Steak, medium rare with mushroom sauce.
>> No. 33512 [Edit]
As much TNT as I can eat.
>> No. 33515 [Edit]
The executioner
haha gottem
>> No. 33523 [Edit]
You eat the lethal injection. Haha.
>> No. 35426 [Edit]
File 15944301573.jpg - (72.30KB , 500x335 , 20200404.jpg )
Flakey pastry fresh out of the oven croissant. Ho ho.
>> No. 35427 [Edit]
File 159450231976.jpg - (514.97KB , 1154x768 , 1041.jpg )
I usually only eat one meal per day and I can eat huge amounts of food that usually baffle any onlookers (because I'm not even fat), so they'd have to give me a lot of food if the goal is to leave me satisfied. What I'd like to see on the table:

A big bowl of Chili con carne, with sliced baguette for dipping.
Three steaks: one lamb, one beef, and Kasseler-style pork.
A slice or two of pizza with tuna and red onions.
A lahmacun filled with salad, tsatsiki and gyros.
Roasted pineapple.
Chinese pork dumplings and a few sauces that go well with them.
For dessert, my favorite three flavors of ice cream: pistachio, liquorice and matcha.
For drinks, I'd like coconut water, regular water, liquorice tea, and a small strawberry milkshake.
>> No. 35997 [Edit]
File 160086256321.jpg - (203.01KB , 1392x1600 , zm.jpg )
Rice & Eggs forever.
>> No. 36003 [Edit]
>> No. 36025 [Edit]
Indonesian nasi
>> No. 36075 [Edit]
File 160120129920.jpg - (61.77KB , 1389x610 , 20200927.jpg )
Soft fluffy jiggly cheesecake
>> No. 36185 [Edit]
File 160168662737.jpg - (211.80KB , 1580x951 , 20201018.jpg )
Seafood paella
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