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File 151400313180.png - (964.88KB , 1280x1001 , c9a9b26b07ef5c66a2f6922cec3da4190284ead8.png )
31090 No. 31090 [Edit]
I found a $100 bill on the ground today and I don't know what I should buy with it. If it helps I have no interests because everything sucks and 2D are just as slutty as 3D, nobody agrees because nobody looks past the surface.and if your disagree you're wrong and you can take it to /tat/ instead.
What should I do with these $100?

Post edited on 22nd Dec 2017, 8:28pm
>> No. 31091 [Edit]
Save that money, there's no reason to spend it just because you have it. That piece of advice can be carried over to money earned from working as well. People are too okay with spending money, this bothers me. Why give away your small fortune when that's all you've got? Shouldn't it be put to the best use it can? Just because something may be unexpected or extra doesn't mean it should be thrown away and not treated the same as the rest. Take the people that blow their tax returns the second they get it as an example. On a site like this, where many of us I assume to be not so well off or living off our parents, why not save that money?

Post edited on 22nd Dec 2017, 9:30pm
>> No. 31093 [Edit]
>everything sucks and 2D are just as slutty as 3D
If you think that way, then your only logical choice is to give that money to me. I'll invest it properly.
>> No. 31094 [Edit]
>logical choice
explain yourself
>> No. 31096 [Edit]
Retarded: Piss away the money on dumb crap you'll never see again, such as food, beverages, disposable materials. You get very brief enjoyment that is over before you know it, leaving you with nothing.

Stupid: Spend the money on tangible goods that loose value over time, such as clothing or electronics. You get something fun to play with or show off for a short time.

Average: Save the money for the future. You get nothing but loose nothing (aside from decreased value due to inflation).

Smart: Put the money to work. Buy something you can resell for more money or that you know will rise in value.

Brilliant: Ignore all that and buy something you've always wanted but could never justify buying and just treat yourself. You don't have long on this planet, and money is only as good as what it can buy. Monopoly money all goes back into the box when the game is over anyway, so don't hold back while playing.
>> No. 31097 [Edit]
Turn it in to the police, of course.
>> No. 31100 [Edit]
>2D are just as slutty as 3D
Them's fightin words!
>> No. 31101 [Edit]
Wow, free pizza for the precinct.

Literally the stupidest thing you can do with loose money without any sort of identifying container or specific denominations is turn it in to the police/ guest services/ security, because nobody can return claimed money since any old idiot can say "uhhhhh I lost money"

If it isn't in a wallet, money clip, or envelope, just pocket it, whoever you turn it into will just use it to buy food or some shit anyway.
>> No. 31102 [Edit]
I'm guessing that anon must have been joking since it's exactly like you said and this should be common sense.
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