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File 151219358166.jpg - (331.40KB , 868x1000 , 63888a6c2a096029683cdd9e60d362197b6e70d1.jpg )
30980 No. 30980 [Edit]
Are we having one this holiday? It's not too late, is it? I have stuff I'm more than willing to send as gifts.
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>> No. 30981 [Edit]
I've tried setting one up every year for the past four or five years. Each time I did we'd get one or two people at best willing to take part while a handful would complain about not having money. Everyone else would ignore the thread. Wouldn't even do any good to insist that home made or digital items would be fine for those not well off. Songs, drawings, etc.
>> No. 30982 [Edit]
File 151219867547.png - (528.98KB , 800x640 , 6b4a4728bf8aae31743c35d0e29057f19e11724e.png )
That is a shame, I would have loved to participate and give some stuff away. Even if it was just me I have some things I would like to send.
>> No. 30983 [Edit]
Well if you think it's worth a shot we could try it again I suppose. Might not have much time to get things sorted out though.
>> No. 30984 [Edit]
File 151220377177.png - (385.07KB , 680x800 , deb4f24eebda75fe8343f0e0456b4c9c7d6caf86.png )
I know it probably won't go well but I'll just need instructions on what to do. This is my first ever secret santa.
>> No. 30985 [Edit]
Whelp, here's the secret Santa site I've tried using in the past for this. It lets people make accounts, set wish lists, and when the time comes it pairs people off.
>> No. 30987 [Edit]
File 151220962921.png - (321.21KB , 700x800 , 22dab76b542a1d47f1c4923d9c84096edc138225.png )
Thank you. I joined under the name, Minty.
>> No. 30988 [Edit]
I registered. I don't know what to put on the wishlist for now so I'll fill that later.
>> No. 30989 [Edit]
It was recommended we maybe consider sticking with steam games. This would be because international shipping costs can be a bitch, people might not want to share addresses, and they tend to have large sales on games around xmas anyway. But I guess that's up to the giver. Still, a cap of $20 might be good to keep people from feeling guilty about not being able to afford nicer things, or would that be too low?
>> No. 30990 [Edit]
>It was recommended we maybe consider sticking with steam games.
>Still, a cap of $20 might be good
Both sounds good, specially because you don't even need to share your steam account nor its wishlist. Just paste the store links in your wishlist and someone can get you a key.
>> No. 30991 [Edit]
File 151227590479.jpg - (389.40KB , 600x871 , 8571ebaad13abd82356f63347fb4b22149fbacdb.jpg )
I sent you a message on regarding sending of physical gifts but I don't know if you check your messages often. By the way, do we have a deadline for this?
>> No. 30995 [Edit]
Hows the 15th for a deadline?
>> No. 30998 [Edit]
File 151245313837.png - (691.91KB , 744x1050 , 1fd0381d3047f0cc2500c75686a3310ddfa840d6.png )
That works for me, thank you for your response.
>> No. 31035 [Edit]
File 151295938725.jpg - (1.40MB , 1280x1024 , 1512954178914.jpg )
To the person without a wishlist:
I want to remind you that the deadline is getting closer and nobody knows what to get for you yet. I do not want to disclose a name for the sake of privacy.
>> No. 31036 [Edit]
I don't think we should bother if only 3 people are involved.
>> No. 31037 [Edit]
File 151296393379.jpg - (473.47KB , 707x1000 , eea521bf0c6db5d377305e545b5ca41733a1e801.jpg )
The last time I checked there were four.
>> No. 31042 [Edit]
Still too few to make a draw, and only 2 of the 4 have a tangible wishlist.

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