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File 151044638263.jpg - (366.05KB , 841x1117 , 96c0a9ca9bfebef11ff5c8e13b3b7fdea1c5b6e7.jpg )
30843 No. 30843 [Edit]
Be honest, how do you feel about traps?
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>> No. 30844 [Edit]
If you like them, you're a faggot and a degenerate. Period.

Also, they have no place in anime and their existence as anything but a gag should be thoroughly boycotted. Also you should feel bad for making this thread and lower the already almost-beyond-redemption quality of this board. I will summon a meteorite to fall through your window / wall and destroy your computer. Pray I fail.
>> No. 30845 [Edit]
I used to find them disgusting and hated them when I was younger. Now I just find them gross and annoying.
>> No. 30847 [Edit]
They're nice.
I used to fap to them but not so much anymore since I can only fap to them if they really look like females and most now tend to have more man-ish features.
>> No. 30849 [Edit]
File 151046117344.jpg - (99.67KB , 728x1175 , 054.jpg )
they are cute.

>> No. 30853 [Edit]
You sound pretty angry. Please calm down and take it easy to improve the already almost-beyond-redemption quality of this board

>If you like them, you're a faggot and a degenerate. Period.
Still not sure what to think about that since it'd mean everyone liking lolis is a pedo and I disagree.
>> No. 30856 [Edit]
Not on my fetish priority list but it's awwwwright.
Admit it OP you asked this just to trigger the local little crusader.
>> No. 30857 [Edit]
Whatever floats your boat. They don't float mine though. I am in the 'traps are gay' camp though if that's what you mean. Again though, if that gets your rocks off, fine. None of my business anyway.
>> No. 30859 [Edit]
>it'd mean everyone liking lolis is a pedo
Well... I certainly think there is a disposition there. Or better put, being a pedo and liking lolis share more behaviours or "reasons" than at least the latter would like to admit.
>to improve
I think if we had a confirmed summoning of a meteorite the quality of this site would improve. Probably even get some sponsors like AmiAmi.

Previous joke aside, what bothered me is the obvious bait-like and shitpost-like way the question was phrased as, very reminiscing of low quality boards: a single line starting with "Be honest", with no further question nor analysis regarding this seldom-used character stereotype. This makes it seem obvious to me that the OP has or had zero intention to actually dwell on the topic and was just looking to be entertained by others. If I'm correct, then having someone start threads like these is an actual detriment, because there is no leading example of where the discussion should head to, very likely because the OP didn't actually care. You may argue that I'm speculating and assuming too much, but hell, I'd bet a ban that the OP didn't even bother to reply to his own question on a further post.
>> No. 30860 [Edit]
Fair enough.
>> No. 30862 [Edit]
File 151050073311.png - (94.02KB , 409x301 , M1.png )
You talking about me?

'WHEREFORE thou art inexcusable, O man, whosoever thou art that judgest. For wherein thou judgest another, thou condemnest thyself. For thou dost the same things which thou judgest.'
>> No. 30872 [Edit]
I'm not a huge fan of traps but on certain occasions it can be kinda hot, I guess the taboo of it being pretty gay adds to it. I don't think I'm gay but I don't really care either way
>> No. 30873 [Edit]
I remember when the "it's a trap" admiral ackbar meme was still popular on 4chads and the whole thing was just a big joke. The autistic children who showed up later on take it all extremely seriously of course. And now they've followed us to TC, thats just swell
>> No. 30876 [Edit]
Trap's meme history sounds exactly like that of waifus.
>> No. 30883 [Edit]
File 151092934156.jpg - (158.03KB , 755x1012 , 71i8n34VtzL.jpg )
Exactly the same cause they're full of shit, spun by fragile minds to protect their ego from the fact that other people have have functioning minds of their own, that cannot be fathomed by said weak-minded.
>> No. 30896 [Edit]
I was referring to how idiots like to say 'it was just a joke, you weren't supposed to take it seriously' about everything they don't like.
Presenting the 'fact' that is was just a joke makes their Ego able to defend itself from hurt that they cannot fathom something so everybody who likes it is wrong, not them, because they can't be wrong.
>> No. 30929 [Edit]
I can handle a little androgyny in my anime. It's typically not too big of an issue and is usually presented as a gag to begin with.

It's not as if every anime is becoming Houro Musuko, and it will be a long time before we reach that point, if we ever do.

Novelty is a huge part of pornography and why we consume it, I think the presence of the "otokonoko" trope in h-doujins offers a type of novelty. It's as simple as that.

Are traps gay? Yes but do not worry my friend, sexuality is a bit more fluid than you may think, as time has demonstrated to us; Even the mighty warriors known as "samurai" had sexual relations with each other.
>> No. 31000 [Edit]
Traps are so last year, anon, we've moved into better things like ss.
Many trap hmanga still line my exhentai favourites but they're never clicked anymore.
>> No. 31017 [Edit]
I don't particularly like them. I'm of the opinion that women should be feminine and men should be masculine, not some abomination in-between the two. So I probably have more respect for full-blown hard gays than trapfags. Also trap ERPers have really gotten out of hand the past couple years. Now everyone wants to be a trap. It's pretty disgusting.
>> No. 31018 [Edit]
I agree, too bad 70% of the modern world doesn't.
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