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File 150984532656.jpg - (154.31KB , 640x480 , WeThdzS.jpg )
30762 No. 30762 [Edit]
a couple days ago i was watching on of those crunkyroll/horidsubs anime where they don't sub the op or ed
and i had only seen two other eps of this show, but i realized that i understood every word in the song regardless. i never studied japanese at all, but i think that after watching many years of subbed anime, i'm now japanese
or at least i speak the language fluently
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>> No. 30765 [Edit]
Congrats on finally being "REAL" Japanese. That is the dream we all hope to achieve. w
>> No. 30800 [Edit]
File 151012128090.jpg - (79.94KB , 800x450 , cdc.jpg )
You've just taken a really long walk around the competency cliff. You don't know Japanese. You've just rote memorized anime slag.

This is a good time to start if you are interested in learning the language.
>> No. 30801 [Edit]
Have you become Kawaii?
>> No. 30802 [Edit]
That's nothing. Come back when you're a true master of Nihongo and know Japanese better than the Japanese (which also includes knowing old and new chink since you have to know about the origin of the kanji and difference to modern chinese). When you're able to translate the originals of the 古事記 and the 日本書紀 into modern Japanese during your sleep while pointing out the errors those other translators made whose grasp of the language is not even close to yours. When you know all dialects including the dead ones and speak them fluently. When the sounds of you staring, eating, sleeping, fapping and butt wiping happens to sound exactly like the onomatopoeia.
Until then, my true-grorious-nipponjin-brother-to-be.
>> No. 30803 [Edit]
I don't think you need to know Simplified Chinese to understand Kanji.
Like, 'people's republic' is Japanese invented Kanji which the CPC had to ashamedly use.
>> No. 30824 [Edit]
Why don't those fucktards sub OPs anyway?
>> No. 30855 [Edit]
File 151048179333.jpg - (1.17MB , 1412x3244 , 02.jpg )
You can't be absolutely certain what the lyrics are unless you have literal written lyrics to translate from (even then the words might not mean what they literally say).
Since they're a business, they can't do guess-work at the lyrics, and I guess they can't be bothered sourcing the lyrics for every OP and ED for every show they do, so they just don't altogether.

Fan-subbers can afford to be wrong. Now, if you actually paid attention to OP/ED subs, you should have noticed that about half-way through a show (episodes wise) the lyrics change, this is because the OP/ED is released on CD and come with lyrics.
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