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File 150356852525.png - (11.81KB , 350x300 , 5a99bd89bc00022940954e903eb15d6121b8718e.png )
30438 No. 30438 [Edit]
What relaxing things do you like to do, Anon?
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>> No. 30443 [Edit]
>> No. 30444 [Edit]
my favorite also
death would be perfect if you could wake up then quickly and happily go back to being dead once in a while.
>> No. 30448 [Edit]
your what??
>> No. 30449 [Edit]
How is that different to sleep?
>> No. 30451 [Edit]
File 150370545271.gif - (727.40KB , 500x500 , H6kGvCh.gif )

Post edited on 25th Aug 2017, 5:06pm
>> No. 30452 [Edit]
Drive recklessly at night, and watch slice of life/cute girls doing cute things types of anime.
>> No. 30610 [Edit]
I read a lot
while reading i engulf myself completely with comfyness and good feelings
Its the thing i enjoy the most
>> No. 30612 [Edit]
anime watching and discussion
>> No. 30617 [Edit]
I sometimes watch asmr, that's relaxing.
>> No. 33273 [Edit]
File 156904254730.jpg - (411.88KB , 1920x3048 , 20190915.jpg )
Listen to classical music
>> No. 33278 [Edit]
File 156913500756.jpg - (6.82MB , 4787x3267 , pic.jpg )
It's quite disheartening how the original intent of ASMR has been usurped by western 3D female "asmr artists" into yet another popularity contest. Essentially all of their content is bland and terrible, meanwhile Japanese groups (Momori code et al.) run circles around their western counterparts by actually focusing on relaxing sounds and coming up with creative, novel techniques.
>> No. 33281 [Edit]
Every week I just search youtube for "asmr ear cleaning" and the likes and always manage to find a steady stream of good content. Even the "erotic" people sometimes make good content.
But yea, lots of Japanese and Korean people.
>> No. 33286 [Edit]
I follow a lot of Japanese channels and also have bought hundreds of works on DLsite.

My favorites on youtube are these "3D ASMR" videos that somehow make use of Custom Order Maid 3D2:
>> No. 33287 [Edit]
I recently rediscovered how much I like to build scale models of german and japanese ships from WW2. I completely forgot how fun it is to glue and paint all these tiny little parts together to form the resemblance of a majestic thing. This was a hobby I did back in my early teens but as the small toy store in my city closed, where I could get new models and paints, that came to an end. A lot of good things ended then and a lot of bad things took on momentum then, so that through chance this hobby came back to me recently feels, in sentimental moments, almost like a gentle wave of fate that maybe I will soon be able to do better at the more important things too, that I have not been doing very well so far at mostly for emotional reasons.
>> No. 33289 [Edit]
File 156920335851.jpg - (81.80KB , 1500x1000 , las-MAQUETAS-TAMIYA-5.jpg )
That's nice. Good luck with everything anon.

I also liked building stuff back when I was in primary school, and stopped later when everything went to shit. I mostly had little planes though, and I didn't know how to paint. Most of them I left them unpainted, my attempts only made everything look worse.
I don't think I'll be able to build models again but I still like to look at pics sometimes.

When it comes to ships this is the most interesting model I've ever seen, Tamiya 1/350 Tone/Chikuma.
Business up front, party in the back.
>> No. 33290 [Edit]
Really that's a busy model and the weathering even looks appropriate for such a large construct also. But before that it looks like a pleasure to build. The submarine I am currently building is to the same 1:350 scale and it feels kind of flimsy in my hands so kudos to whoever designed, assembled and built this model. It looks really nice. The last commercial one I built was a super tiny 1:1200 one of Musashi and it only had a simplified version of the two plausible catapult-launched single-wing aichi e13a in the rear. I'm thinking of starting to do something like tiny carpentry inbetween commercial models though.
>> No. 33291 [Edit]
I have some tank models and a plane model I want to assemble but it's just leaving winter here so it's too cold to do it, I will soon though.
>> No. 33532 [Edit]
File 157189793516.jpg - (282.33KB , 996x1637 , listening to asmr.jpg )
For me, it's that I find a lot of lewd asmr when I turn to youtube. When I want to listen to asmr, it's to help me sleep, not fap.
The English asmr is serious cringe but easy to avoid.
>> No. 33533 [Edit]
I always wanted to try model building, but I suck at small scale handwork; I used to make papercraft but I always got kind of disappointed at my results. Do you anons have any tip for a complete beginner?
>> No. 33534 [Edit]
File 157194197929.jpg - (65.58KB , 720x960 , 1532104489397.jpg )
You mean plastic model kits?
I had the same worries, but they disappeared when I made my first kit. I can't build the most basic Ikea shit, I can't even do the most simple informatic stuff like changing a hard drive, but model kits aren't a problem. You just need some patience, they are made to be extremely easy to build (there's complicated models, but the average HG/MG is almost always easy). If you need any help about how to start just ask.
>> No. 33598 [Edit]
Have a comfy radio or streaming station in the background
>> No. 33643 [Edit]
File 157325120644.jpg - (47.37KB , 558x393 , eyy.jpg )
Go for a walk...
>> No. 33644 [Edit]
Distracting myself with nostalgia.
>> No. 33957 [Edit]
File 157786202373.jpg - (23.37KB , 474x474 , 20191222.jpg )
I do tai chi
>> No. 33964 [Edit]
Listen to music and read science fiction.
>> No. 33966 [Edit]
Second going for a walk. Something about leisurely walking around without an aim while everyone else in the world is hurrying to do truly meaningless shit is cleansing and relaxing. It's not good if you live in crime or snow though.

Aside from that, hot tub or massages help temporarily, drinking hot tea, ASMR or sleep hypnosis. And this sounds counter-intuitive, but if I exercise it takes tension and stress out of my body, which in turn helps my ability to relax later.
>> No. 34029 [Edit]

I shoot
>> No. 35515 [Edit]
File 15957427428.jpg - (282.79KB , 1920x917 , 20200802.jpg )
I play pointless video games
>> No. 35609 [Edit]
Watch MAD videos
>> No. 35647 [Edit]
Cooking for fun, not necessarily to eat.
>> No. 35659 [Edit]
Walk a lot
>> No. 35663 [Edit]
File 159746942662.gif - (169.09KB , 400x400 , boom.gif )
Tend pot-plants
>> No. 35696 [Edit]
File 159782811613.gif - (164.92KB , 200x176 , aboom.gif )
Like PokeMon.
>> No. 35699 [Edit]
Listen to the radio
>> No. 35993 [Edit]
File 16007965483.jpg - (213.59KB , 1000x718 , kissetan-1[1].jpg )
This is just about the only youtube channel I follow regularly.
>> No. 36055 [Edit]
File 160103034126.gif - (490.86KB , 500x377 , 20200920.gif )
I read.... a lot.
>> No. 36114 [Edit]
File 160138043436.jpg - (267.18KB , 1080x1186 , 20200927.jpg )
Grow veg
>> No. 36115 [Edit]
I've seen people farm shit here in the city. Is that even safe? Ground is full of trash and sewage and the air is dirty.
>> No. 36124 [Edit]
Aside from air quality, most people grow crap in their own soil I think
>> No. 36144 [Edit]
I thought about it before and checked. They don't.
>> No. 36359 [Edit]
File 160299973388.jpg - (83.60KB , 1080x625 , 0fa4e010ba3ecd6c92e4124c5acfad2a.jpg )
I like driving while listening to usually relaxing music. It's kind of nice to go to random places and just see whatever there is to see. Even if it's not that interesting and it's just neighborhoods, it's nice to explore and see anything that may be new to me, however mundane or exciting it may be. It's most relaxing at night but places aren't usually open by then so that's kind of annoying.
>> No. 36447 [Edit]
File 160368233646.jpg - (113.66KB , 1920x1080 , 20201018.jpg )
I'm envious. Driving to random places? I can't do that, mainly because I'm too focused on the other traffic on the road especially bikes & pedestrians.
I actually failed my driving test the first few times because I was TOO cautious.
Despite that, I'm saving up for a Scion/86GT. Haha.
>> No. 36448 [Edit]
Sounds like you need to get out cities for a bit. They can be very stressful to drive in. You could also try late night hours when traffic is light. I have very fond memories of driving home from work at 4am doing 120+ while blasting touhou mixes without a care in the world.
>> No. 36452 [Edit]
Spending time in silence in remote areas is quite relaxing. There is a beach near me that isn't too popular because it's a fairly rocky beach and that part of the cost is quite hilly. Even though there are properties right on the coast with views to the ocean, there are still places where if I had an accident that left me immobile e.g. falling and breaking both legs then nobody would find me for days. Those are really nice spots to be in.
>> No. 36453 [Edit]
>I actually failed my driving test the first few times because I was TOO cautious.
I failed the driving test 4 times. I managed to mess up at every part possible.
My problem that prevents me from comfy driving is first that my parents will not let me go anywhere with their car, unless they are inside, and second that driving at night has the problem of contrast, although the night offers respite from cares in the form of darkness, the lights flaring out of the other cars passing in the opposite directions really annoy me. If there were less cars I'd do it. But driving in the morning seems cool as well.
>> No. 36454 [Edit]
I failed driving exams multiple times and am too ashamed to try again because I'm so old.
>> No. 36486 [Edit]
File 160399891847.jpg - (58.83KB , 500x576 , 362f41310849329c874828bf4cbc610f.jpg )
>> No. 36487 [Edit]
That's only going to make the problem worse as time goes on.
>> No. 36792 [Edit]
File 160636565066.jpg - (121.58KB , 1302x933 , akan2.jpg )
You could be on to something; drive at night to late-night diners could be worth the effort.
>> No. 36795 [Edit]
You could always move to a small city where people bike/walk instead.
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