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File 150224329993.png - (109.45KB , 335x402 , AmiiboRosalina.png )
30392 No. 30392 [Edit]
Do you ever feel strange things from inanimate objects?

I don't like to look at my Rosalina amiibos or have them next to my computer much because I can actually feel hatred coming from them.
>> No. 30393 [Edit]
This thread is about dildos, isn't it?
>> No. 30394 [Edit]
I used to feel an immense sense of dread coming from my kitchen. Not anymore though.

There are also some trees...
>> No. 30410 [Edit]

What about the trees?
>> No. 30411 [Edit]
Everything has some type of soul in some form or another.
>> No. 30630 [Edit]
Always have the feeling that when I'm looking at someone's eyes in a photograph, they can see me looking at them. They can look at me in their thoughts like I look at them on the photograph or something.
I know it actually doesn't work like that but I can't shake that feeling off.

Also try to act as good as possible (not talking to myself, being carefully hygienic etc) when in front of either an 2D image, figure or doll. So pretty much all the time when I'm in my room (not bathroom/kitchen). Unfortunately not more than that. I would probably get more out of it, if I treated them like real persons (talking to them/feeling close to them) instead of this half-assed way.
>> No. 30652 [Edit]
>They can look at me in their thoughts like I look at them on the photograph or something.
Religious ikons that are in all my relatives house and in every classroom when I was in primary school have always made me uneasy. It didn't help that we were always told they were watching us.
>> No. 30656 [Edit]
Hatred, dread, being watched sounds like schizo.
Acting in specific ways to keep your stuff happy sounds like OCD.
At least it's similar to what I heard from other crazies at psych ward.
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