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File 150041017639.jpg - (10.07KB , 250x203 , 1422764201649s.jpg )
30324 No. 30324 [Edit]
Have you gone outside lately? Did something terrible happen? Post it here so the rest of us can learn to avoid similar situations or just to remind people not to go out. No photos please.

Yesterday I went out and numerous strangers attempted to make eye contact with me as I walked down the sidewalk. It was awful, I knew that if I acknowledged their existence there was a risk of further interaction, so I deftly avoided it by looking at other things.
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>> No. 30325 [Edit]
I went outside to shop for some soap. I went into the area with soaps, and a bunch of 3DPDs stared at me. I also got a sunburn.
>> No. 30326 [Edit]
I like being outside, but I don't like being out and about. The feeling when you have to walk through a big group of normies makes me want to throw myself into the sun.
>> No. 30327 [Edit]
I walked past a big group of WASP high school girls once and one of them turned to another and whispered "omg that's so cringeworthy". I think they were talking about me.
>> No. 30331 [Edit]
File 150047375262.jpg - (537.90KB , 695x983 , ささめく足もと by jun.jpg )
I go for walks every morning as soon as the sun comes up. Every time someone is walking towards me on the sidewalk I cross over to other side of the street to avoid them. If they're walking in the same direction I'll either let them outpace me or take a detour.
>> No. 30332 [Edit]
Why do people have to do that?
>> No. 30341 [Edit]
I was driving home a few days ago and I noticed a red truck behind me. I thought nothing of it at first, thinking he just lived in my neighborhood, but as soon as I parked he got out of his car and started yelling at me and asking me if I knew how to drive. I guess I accidentally pulled out in front of him something. Not willing to talk, I just took off and hid for a bit until I was sure he was gone. Now I get worried when I see a red truck behind me on the way home.
>> No. 30342 [Edit]
Most likely because they are insecure themselves and are looking to belittle someone else to make themselves feel better, if only for a short period of time.
>> No. 30383 [Edit]
Earlier in the year I had a job as a cashier for all of two weeks. How people end up spending most of their lives doing that sort of thing will forever bewilder me.
>> No. 30384 [Edit]
Small talk is a skill you develop. It kills your soul how many people make the same unfunny jokes over and over again though.
>> No. 30558 [Edit]
I made the horrendous mistake of moving in with my turbo-normal-manhating-cunt-aunt who is trying to force me to be a normalfag, and now I've given my parents "hope" so they won't accept me being a failure ever again. I want to be a NEET again so badly, I hate this woman and I hate this city. I know I'm not expensive to maintain, I eat little and cheaply and my only other expense is water and one laptops worth of electricity. My family spends more on phone bills and clothes than they do on me. Problem is, now that I'm out, I can't go back. And my aunt has made it clear that any attempt to become a NEET again will lead to my being made homeless, where I will inevitably die due to my sickly body and inability to communicate. I fucking hate this so fucking much, I'm tempted to start buying lotto tickets and hoping that I win enough to be a NEET for the next 20-30 years and then kill myself.
>> No. 30559 [Edit]
>Problem is, now that I'm out, I can't go back.
Why not?
>will lead to my being made homeless, where I will inevitably die
You can always become a hero and rid this world of such an ill-intentioned being, if you know what I mean. No offence meant.
>I'm tempted to start buying lotto tickets
Chances of winning are abyssal, you're more likely to die by the air around you transmuting into gold and sealing you in a shiny metal prison.
>> No. 30560 [Edit]
>>Why not?
They just explained why in their post.
>>You can always become a hero and rid this world of such an ill-intentioned being, if you know what I mean. No offence meant.
If you're telling them to commit suicide that sounds very offensive, no ifs, ands, or buts about it.
>> No. 30561 [Edit]
I'm going to make this clear right now, I don't care about the well being of this world. At all. It does not enter into the realm of things whose existence I am invested in. So the likelihood of me killing myself for the good of this world is about the same likelihood that our galaxy is really made of milk. I'm only ill-intentioned from your perspective, from mine, it's the world that's wrong. Any action I take will be in my interest and killing myself to do the world a favor has no benefit for me. I will most likely meet my end at my own hands, but not for yours or anyone elses sake. In fact, if my death has anything to do with my relationship with the world at all, it would most likely involve trying to damage it, and not helping it.

I find it tiring that people continue to propose such a ridiculous idea as killing myself for that which I have no love for.
>> No. 30562 [Edit]
Consciousness is nature's nightmare.
>> No. 30564 [Edit]
>They just explained why in their post.
But they didn't, they just said they couldn't go back.
Since both you and the poster above you got the impression I encouraged suicide, what I meant is that you should kill your aunt for potentially leading you to become homeless and siince you yourself described her as a " turbo-normal-manhating-cunt-aunt". In retrospective, I guess "a hero" could have been assumed as a typo of "an hero", but even then (imho) why would I call you an ill-intentioned being for "being made homeless, where I will inevitably die". Feel free to explain, because I don't really get it.
>> No. 30565 [Edit]
Sorry for the misunderstanding. I've become so used to people telling me to kill myself to make the world a better place, that I assumed by "ill-intentioned", you meant I was a detriment to society with my anti-social behavior and thus would serve it better dead. I would very much like to kill my aunt, I won;t go into too much detail but she makes every moment of my existence that she can unpleasant. Imagine waking up in the morning knowing that you were immediately going to be criticized for your way of starting the day and that the rest of the day would be spent being nit-picked for absolutely every possible thing you could be. She's been remarried and divorced 3 times, that alone should tell you much of what you need to know about her.
>> No. 30566 [Edit]
On the bright side a shit job followed by moving out is a step up from living with a bitch like that.
>> No. 30567 [Edit]
As if, I got fired from my single informal job after 4 days because I was too weak and too forgetful to do the work. Every job is an impossible job when you're weak and retarded.
>> No. 30569 [Edit]
Stop that. Don't be a kin-slayer. It won't make anything any better for you. If you want to degen the rest of your life away doing nothing, whatever, that's one thing, but kin-slaying is infinitely, objectively worse than any amount of any other degeneracy imaginable.
Get some fresh air, drink some tea, and stop giving the edgy voices in your subconscious so much control over you.
>> No. 30570 [Edit]
File 150674084633.jpg - (569.70KB , 763x1089 , d6ed8a6d71e230caa2b78fea3bc29bde2fa42c34.jpg )
>And my aunt has made it clear that any attempt to become a NEET again will lead to my being made homeless, where I will inevitably die due to my sickly body and inability to communicate.
That doesn't sound to you like a good reason explaining why they can't go back? Anon will be kicked out if they go back, they explained it.
>> No. 30571 [Edit]
I am the edgy voices in my subconscious and I don't really care if I'm degenerate. Why the fuck do you think I care about morality or whatever? I'm genuinely confused. I only make my decisions based on whether I like the outcomes or not. I'll kill someone I hate, no problem. My morality is self-centric, and revolves around what I do and do not like, not what someone else of a higher power does or does not like.
>> No. 30572 [Edit]
'And if thou shalt say in thy heart: Why are these things come upon me? For the greatness of thy iniquity, thy nakedness is discovered, the soles of thy feet are defiled.'
>> No. 30573 [Edit]
I know I'm a shitty person and get shitty rewards for it. Don't hate the player, hate the game I was given no choice but to play.
>> No. 30581 [Edit]
So my Aunt prides herself for being a supposedly cheap eater. Over these 3 months, I have built up a dynamic with her of joking about my bad food expenditures. Not that I agreed with her, but merely allowed her to continue saying these things. Recently I acquired a debit card and a couple hundred dollars from work I was fired from shortly after beginning, so she decides it's time for oh so expensive me to buy my own food and see the REAL cost. We go to the store, buy food carefully checking caloric and nutritional content per dollar. At the register, we ring up both our orders as she smiles smugly, assured that hers is less. Then came the good part. She spent 59 dollars, on a days worth of car snacks. My food was 54 dollars for one month. The entire way back, she ranted and stuttered about how I must have bought the wrong kinds of food and how I must have made a mistake. Felt pretty good.

I'm probably going to put the rest of my money into a body pillow, I've been meaning to get one.
>> No. 30583 [Edit]
Well, if you buy 10 snacks or so and they're each around 6-7 dollars, it adds up. She eats healthy vegan organic hippie snacks, so that's how.
>> No. 30584 [Edit]
It was a tongue-in-cheek remark, obviously it would be dumb to kill the person you live with since you'd get caught immediately and then thrown to rot in jail, which is beyond boring, and then he'd have nowhere to go when released.
>kin-slaying is infinitely, objectively worse than any amount of any other degeneracy imaginable
Objectively based on what? How would murdering an evil aunt be even remotely "infinitely" worse than things like sexually abusing a child?
Just because you're inferring something doesn't mean that it was written. Anon did not specify in any way why he can't go back to his home. So no, they -didn't- explain it.
What cover (for the pillow) are you planning to get?
>> No. 30589 [Edit]
Asuka. I really, really didn't like her on the first viewing of NGE, but when watching EoE I realized that I empathized with her a lot. I guess I developed a feeling of connection to her that I felt with no other character, not even Shinji.
>> No. 30592 [Edit]
It is said that people you hate generally have traits that you yourself have and subconsciously dislike/deny, thereby hating them is a defence-mechanism to protect your ego.
>> No. 30593 [Edit]
As I was walking down the street, I passed a group of people, one of whom asked me if I "smoke weed fam". Being talked to by a stranger is bad enough already! I said "n-no thanks" and continued on. This is sadly quite a common occurrence where I live. I hope this post isn't against the rules, sorry if it is.
>> No. 30594 [Edit]
"It's your own fault", favorite of Ford Motor Company chauffeurs throughout millennia. As bullshit today as it was 2.5k years ago but you can't go wrong with that classic.
That is often said. By idiots who like to think that even those who hate them are secretly on their side.
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