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File 149631282252.jpg - (20.68KB , 313x475 , On_Parole_(novel).jpg )
30192 No. 30192 [Edit]
At the risk of sounding really immature and ignorant,
how good of an option is prison as an alternative to employment and responsibilities or homelessness?

I've been tossing this idea around in my head since I was very, very young. I always wondered why the homeless would not prefer the free medicine, food, clothing, shelter, bathing, in-house libraries, cable television, and socialization with like-minded degenerates (maybe not applicable for us) guaranteed by every jail or prison in the world.

Why not us NEETs? Everyone here is always worrying for their futures, and the unsustainable and fragile status of NEEThood. Have you considered prison when our time runs out as I have?

I worry about the blacks of course, but it doesn't seem difficult at all to get put into solitary confinement. Some are put into solitary merely for affiliation with certain groups--you could just claim to be a white nationalist during your screening, and your spot in solitary is reserved for you instantly. Or you could just spit on a guard and get taken there by force... I simply see absolutely no cons (no pun intended) to prison living, so long as you stick to solitary confinement. Every bad thing I hear about the place has to do with the other inmates exclusively.

Just seems to me like a very advanced version of welfare/disability.

Your thoughts?

Picture related, a very good book about how the prison life can be preferable to the outside world, though it goes without saying that Japanese prison is vastly different (and superior) to Western prisons.

Post edited on 1st Jun 2017, 3:38am
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>> No. 30193 [Edit]
best of luck in prison
>> No. 30194 [Edit]
File 149631627577.jpg - (14.69KB , 200x280 , Medusa.jpg )
>prison as an alternative to employment and responsibilities or homelessness?
Terrible. I tell you this as an ex-hikikomori, ex-NEET, and ex-hobo. The thought has cross my mind a lot of times though, specially nowadays where I need to work to survive.
>I always wondered why the homeless would not prefer the free medicine, food, etc.
Freedom and choice. Prison is boring as well.
>Why not us NEETs?
Normals can be NEETs too, just a different kind. And some do indeed end up going to jail for X or Y reason that is ultimately linked to preserving their lifestyle.
>Have you considered prison when our time runs out as I have?
Yes, but commiting a crime harsh enough to warrant at least 2 or more years of prison time didn't seem worth it. Plus, I can't live without internet. So far I prefer having to work as long as I can have my distractions and unilimited tapping into my interests.
>it doesn't seem difficult at all to get put into solitary confinement.
I think media might have given you the wrong impression of how it works. The only way to guarantee you have a change to get into solitary is for you to jump onto a random convict on day 1 and bite their face off. At that point, woudn't you be going to jail to come out a much worse version of yourself?
>absolutely no cons (no pun intended) to prison living, so long as you stick to solitary confinement.
Make a list of all the things you think you could live without for a year, that you can't get in the prison nearest to you... then stop having them, all media venues included. If you can make it for a month or two, you might have a chance.
>Just seems to me like a very advanced version of welfare/disability.
I think it comes at a steep price... but it boils down to wether or not you care for the things that you can't have in prison.
>> No. 30195 [Edit]
nothing written in stone yet
>> No. 30196 [Edit]
Prisons in Norway and Sweden could be an alternative (they even get to play videogames in Swedish prisons), although nowadays, there's mostly Arabs, negroes and muslims in the Swedish prisons, and they aren't exactly fun to be around, usually, so maybe Norwegian prisons could be good... not sure how the Finnish and Danish prisons are, but Danish ones probably are harsher. In Finnish prisons, there probably at least mostly are Finns, as they hate immigration in Finland (although the disgusting EU is trying to force Finland to bring in "refugees," now), so Finnish prisons could perhaps be an option, but I can't say for certain.

American prisons definitely wouldn't be very pleasant, though... aren't prisoners in the U.S. put on neuroleptics (anti-psychotics), also? Not a very fun drug to be forced to take, as taking them for not even a very long time will give permanent brain damage (truly frightful drugs, these). Many other countries probably also force neuroleptics onto prisoners. I'd think that generally, it's a really bad idea to try to get into prison as a means of not needing to work... also, usually, aren't you forced to work in prison? You'd be surprised how many products sold in stores are made by prisoners. Imprisonment is a very lucrative business, in many countries, including the U.S. where private prison companies are doing very well by receiving prisoners who often are innocent people made into modern slaves. Furthermore, in most countries, rape is very common in prisons - especially if you aren't a tough guy. A former hikikomori, for example, probably would be seen as easy pray. I'd definitely recommend against trying to be put in prison, most of the time, unless your only goal is just to survive.
>> No. 30200 [Edit]
Not gonna lie the thought's crossed my mind. And if I was tougher I may have acted on it during some of my really bad periods.

Just seems hard to make absolutely sure you're thrown into solitary and actually stay there. Because they might say "Oh, he's improved, let's put him in with the others again, for a test". And yeah, after that happens once or twice you wouldn't be lasting. Or rather they might put you in solitary for your own safety. Then again solitary isn't all that safe due to guards tripping on their own power.

I do like it as a sort of romantic idea though. A few years back I read an article about a guy who got stuck in solitary, converted to Buddhism and spent all his time meditating. Kind of hard to explain the appeal unless you're into it.

Don't do it though, it can go wrong far too easily and fucks any chance of better circumstances once you're back on the outside.
>> No. 30201 [Edit]
You definitely don't want to go to prison. The worst kind of people are there, and they WILL take advantage of you in whatever way they can. They will make it difficult for you to feel at peace there, especially if you're not strong. In a place like that, you will need to not only prove your strength but be able to use it efficiently to show your worth, while knowing who to not touch, who to avoid, and any remaining limits that are in place by the cellmates because there will be few, if any, people that you can truly call for assistance in such a place.

Sure, you can think of a hikki as a prisoner in their own room, but that's the thing. The hikki is alone in THEIR room with few to none to bother them, unlike a prison where it's a cage with all kinds of animals roaming around for prey and whatever else they can get their hands on.

Oh, and as for the solitary confinement thing. Thinking that you'll always get your way is idiocy. Disrespecting a guard can make them want to "accidentally" take you to the wrong cell or area with the most dangerous people there, and they'll obviously keep their backs turned while you get fucked by all kinds of people both sexually and whatever many ways there are for it to possibly be conceived by human thought. There's also a chance that an inmate with some power just happens to take a glance of you and decide that he likes what he sees. There's nothing stopping the guard from taking a bribe and letting that inmate into the solitary confinement cell and letting them rape the shit out of you, or if you wronged the inmate, kill you.

This is stupid, delusional, and full of nonsensical hopefulness that you'll somehow get your way in the hands of people that could not give a shit about you but also put you in harms way or harm you directly if they felt like it and get away with it. People already care little for the cries of help from normal people, and they'll care even less for those of a criminal.

The only thing I can possibly see occurring from this would be finally getting the guts to commit suicide from trying to escape such a place with those people.
>> No. 30206 [Edit]
If you were brave enough to commit a crime worthy of going to prison, you wouldn't be a hikineet in the first place.
>> No. 30231 [Edit]
Because solitary confinement would basically be like torture.
>> No. 30232 [Edit]
>> No. 30249 [Edit]
I saw this video once where a guy went in for stealing something and he had to eat his own fingers. He ate two and a half but that wasn't enough so he was burned alive. That was in south america though but makes me think prison is not a good place
>> No. 30250 [Edit]
Getting thrown in to prison is my greatest fear, no lie, if I ever know they are coming for me beforehand, I would just kill myself, for real, no questions, I would NOT want to be alive in prison for a single day.
>> No. 30251 [Edit]
I completely agree. I'd rather be homeless and living on the streets than that.
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