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File 149128350479.jpg - (17.25KB , 200x238 , 72906a90afb300176779e2bc4604c220_jpeg.jpg )
30052 No. 30052 [Edit]
How do you do it?
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>> No. 30053 [Edit]
Do something else and forget about the other thing.
>> No. 30054 [Edit]
File 149129058911.png - (1.18MB , 1447x2046 , 1395646762821.png )
just (don't) do it
>> No. 30055 [Edit]
Realize you don't enjoy it anymore.
>> No. 30056 [Edit]
Usually by becoming upset with it for some reason, realize I've been wasting far too much of my life on it, and then quitting cold turkey.
>> No. 30057 [Edit]
Easy, I've either lost interest, am losing interest, or had no interest to begin with, then I just drift away like I do with most things.
>> No. 30059 [Edit]
If you mean pic related, sell your account if you're unable to delete it. Easiest way to quit freemium (i.e. usually garbage) games is to annihilate your perceived progress so you will stop feeling you owe to yourself to keep going.
>> No. 30060 [Edit]
find something better
>> No. 30086 [Edit]
This. Fill the void with something that's not destructive.
>> No. 30108 [Edit]
Could you have picked a crappier image? Great fucking job buddy.
>> No. 30109 [Edit]
Maybe they're a mobile user? No need to be rude.
>> No. 30112 [Edit]
To be fair, it is a very shitty image.
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