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File 149101230539.jpg - (138.85KB , 675x1200 , sidstory.jpg )
30038 No. 30038 [Edit]
The mobile game Sid Story is a card collecting game with anime style versions of historical characters. Today they updated it to display more historically accurate images of the characters.

What other April 1st gags have you come across this year?
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>> No. 30039 [Edit]
File 149101409667.png - (958.72KB , 512x725 , Michelangelo_F1.png )
For reference, this is what that particular card looked like before today.
>> No. 30041 [Edit]
The thumbnail and title led everyone to believe it was news on the upcoming game, Sonic Forces.

It was instead a very poorly sung version of "My Destiny" from the infamous game that people have been going on about for ten years now Sonic '06.
>> No. 30042 [Edit]
File 149101454034.jpg - (194.91KB , 700x467 , 014.jpg )

Apparently Good Smile Co. dropped figures and is now going to charge stupidly high prices and juice your wallet for cat stuff now.
>> No. 30043 [Edit]
Introducing Google Gnome
>> No. 30044 [Edit]
File 149109007013.png - (2.11MB , 1920x1080 , tmp_2371-Screenshot_2017-03-31-21-31-30-665512141.png )
For today, this thing sometimes shows up in the Love Live! game, and for the first song that I played, every perfect note was rewarded with a girl shouting "REEEEEEE" while greats were "Eh"'s. I forgot the other sound effects for the worse hit SFX.
>> No. 30045 [Edit]
Collect your rewards already.
>> No. 30051 [Edit]
I can't because most of those rewards are feed material to level up my kawaii idols. I'm far, far too lazy to feed all 99+ to my favorite girls. I'm hoping that I'll get a UR Nozomi and be able to max level her if I ever happen to get one with a score boosting skill to use as a proper lead, instead of a Rare one.

It's not easy.
>> No. 30058 [Edit]
You can feed twelve in a single practice, meaning it should take less than nine practices.
>> No. 30087 [Edit]
>>30051 What >>30058 said. It should only take a few minutes. Their recent updates even made it so there's an icon on the normal(feed) cards that show if they've been idolized or not. You can also filter it to show only the feed characters.
>> No. 30088 [Edit]
I wish they would make the girls in sid story look more like the people they're based on. Like at least the clothes and hair color.
>> No. 30090 [Edit]
I'd like to see less fujoshi bait characters, and maybe more consistency with some of the lower level card designs. They range from deformed chibi girls to weird eeg creatures. If nothing else I'd be happy if they just removed those disgusting looking bear cards. Those things are just so... like really what in the fuck are those things and what are they doing there?
>> No. 30092 [Edit]
Although it could be useful for my supports, even more than I think, I want to use them to max out my future SR/UR Nozomi if/when I get her.

Also, I play the game as casually as possible, so that doesn't really matter for the moment, even if my skills are awful at the moment because of my lack of playing the game more than once a day to get the single gem.
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