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File 148351454794.jpg - (118.48KB , 648x677 , d7f228054b2d44b13265ccf936d9e485.jpg )
29816 No. 29816 [Edit]
How often do you bathe, /ot/? What about shaving? Do you fit into the stereotype that suggests NEETs and hikikomori have poor personal hygiene?
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>> No. 29817 [Edit]
I shower 5-6 times a week but never bathe, and I shave once every 2-3 days as need be. I managed to land myself a decent job and don't want personal hygiene to screw it up, although I already worry about it sometimes. Before I got this job I'd shower around 3-4 times per week, ans shave every 4-5 days.
>> No. 29818 [Edit]
wow she's all glossy & shiny
>> No. 29822 [Edit]
I'm not sure if it's unfortunate or not, but I usually take one once a week. It's not that I don't want to, I mean, I could take one at most times if I feel like it, but I just can't get myself to care enough to take one all of the time. The fact that I do most of nothing kind of helps in me being a bit cleaner a tad bit longer,but I'm sure that that's just an excuse.
>> No. 29824 [Edit]
I shower every day (first thing I do when I get out of bed), but I don't shave my beard for as long as six months or so.
>> No. 29825 [Edit]
I try to shower every day, key word try. Realistically that usually means every few days, unless I've done anything sweaty I won't smell unless I've really gone a while.

I'm a lot better about shaving and brushing my teeth. I get toothaches if I let them go. Shaving I like my shitty beard kept clean. Let it go and it gets in the way when you eat.
>> No. 29830 [Edit]
Every day, sometimes twice in the same day. I put the water as hot as it will go and I scrub and scrub and scrub with my fingernails until I'm hurt and bleeding but no matter how much flesh comes off I'm still in this disgusting filthy body
>> No. 29831 [Edit]
how do i keep my laptop clean?

maybe you hygenically-minded guys can help me with this.
>> No. 29834 [Edit]
Twice a week, if I have to go out. Otherwise, once a week or a copule of weeks.

I don not shave, but trim my beard short.

I guess I'm somewhat of a grunge/hobo type.
>> No. 29835 [Edit]
I found rubbing some after-shave on places that get too dirty, like behind the ears, helps a lot.
Guessing any alcohol will do.
>> No. 29836 [Edit]
I shower every day and feel like filth on the occasions that I fail to.
I never bathe though; sitting in the same water as your anus and the very slime you're trying to get off seems counterintuitive to me.
I try to shave every day but it's easy to forget. I trim down my body hair every couple months.
>> No. 29843 [Edit]
I would like to use this opportunity to express my fascination with OP pic. Gosh that pictures sure is nice, isn't it?
>> No. 30354 [Edit]
File 150127016549.jpg - (18.89KB , 203x183 , Luna's glowing smile.jpg )
twice a day

i sometimes think some normals only bathe once a day and the idea that they do that is disgusting but it explains how they sometimes smell bad

i just hope they do it in the morning instead of at night so i dont have to smeell their putrid existence
>> No. 30360 [Edit]
in the summer i shower everyday. i don't like being sweaty and icky
>> No. 30407 [Edit]
How can you fight in the NEET uprising if you're too busy in the bathroom?
>> No. 30408 [Edit]
I hate feeling dirty, greasy, etc so I shower everyday. I wash my hair every other day, and shave about once or twice a week, as I also dislike the feeling of facial hair.

I think you are supposed to shower or at least have a quick rinse before entering the bath, but it seems no one does this.
>> No. 30409 [Edit]
In Area 11 it's common practice to shower off before entering the bath, and that's why family members will share the same bath water. I've never heard of anyone doing this in America though.
>> No. 30455 [Edit]
her tits are practically falling out of her shirt and she doesn't even notice
>> No. 30456 [Edit]
she does notice, she wants onii-chan to see
>> No. 30457 [Edit]
I'd say that's a good thing.
>> No. 30458 [Edit]
Any girl so innocent and built like that gotta be named Lucille
>> No. 30515 [Edit]
I feel very uncomfortable when I'm dirty. I shower every day, trim facial hair regularly, brush teeth, clean ears, fresh clothes every day all that shit and I still stink. For some reason I can smell my weird fucking genitals all the time. I don't get it.
Haven't slept a long time and for some reason this cracks me up but really it's pretty disgusting and annoying, I don't know what to do anymore.
>> No. 30517 [Edit]
Is it possible you're showering "wrong"? Alternatively, why not go to a doctor about it? You might have a fungal infection, which usually showering doesn't delete.
>> No. 30523 [Edit]
I barely even shower. Maybe once every two weeks at most.
>> No. 32801 [Edit]
File 15643984142.jpg - (178.51KB , 800x1317 , 2018WPi.jpg )
Shower everyday.
>> No. 32939 [Edit]
File 156548347095.jpg - (24.21KB , 540x423 , 20190811.jpg )
Always at night
>> No. 32942 [Edit]
Her hair looks all greasy and messed up, I bet shes disgusting, those panties probably have horrid shit stains on the inside.
>> No. 32946 [Edit]
That's why she needs a loving boyfriend to fix her up.
>> No. 32952 [Edit]
I feel like this should be a feel good manga but it probably isn’t.
>> No. 32970 [Edit]
>How often do you bathe, /ot/?
I am a massive clean freak and take a shower at least once a day, there have been quite a few times where I have taken two showers in one day (taking less time with the second one of course, don't want to dry out my skin). I even wash my hands constantly and almost obsessively, especially when I go out in public and have to touch a lot of items and such. I wash my hands especially hard after touching door knobs, which I try not to do, but sometimes I can't help it, or I just do it on instinct.
>What about shaving?
That's a different story. I've gone without shaving for an entire month. The only problem is, my facial hair grows fast, and I end up with a pretty thick beard if I go even a week without shaving. So I have to shave quite literally every day, and that is why I don't like to do it because it gets to be a pain in the ass. But I also hate to have facial hair because it is insanely itchy. Ugh, what a chore.
That might be the reason OP picked it.
>> No. 32979 [Edit]
I shower every second day and shave every morning.
>> No. 33037 [Edit]
File 156620786478.jpg - (32.72KB , 445x350 , ly.jpg )
Showering in winter is too cold..
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