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File 148318066882.jpg - (132.81KB , 1280x720 , new years.jpg )
29792 No. 29792 [Edit]
It's almost 2017 guys!!
Got any resolutions for 2017?
What are your thoughts on 2016?
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>> No. 29793 [Edit]
With trump winning among other things I can't think of (my life is really boring huh), 2016 was a ok year so far.

I hope 2017 will be better since he'll actually take office. I get to be done with my education next year and move on with my life, I wanna live alone and independently. I feel that suits me the most and I hope it will.
>> No. 29794 [Edit]
File 148320488527.png - (108.80KB , 510x510 , 1386499531620.png )
It's already 2017 for me. Spent it completely alone; had literally no human contact today.
No resolutions since I'm more a whatever happens, happens guy. Though, my predictions for 2017 is things are going to get hectic globally, a year of actual change (the United Nations has been proven to be completely useless, just as the League of Nations was, which is how WWII got started). I don't expect much change for me personally, unfortunately.
2016 mostly was shit for me. I stopped playing computer games and watching anime even though I still want to.
>> No. 29795 [Edit]
I've been thinking of starting a martial art.
2016 went pretty well, I think. No really outstanding anime, though. I didn't finish most of the projects I started, but that's how it normally goes with me.
>> No. 29796 [Edit]
File 14832097097.jpg - (50.90KB , 848x480 , 1PDszH3.jpg )
Thought 2016 was pretty good. Made it through a decent enough chunk of my entertainment backlog, read quite a few books. It's odd how reading about history and the like gives you some worry about what's coming in the future but at the same time puts you at peace with it.

A good chunk of that can probably be attributed to being outside more often. Moved to the country and started taking walks. Nobody else is around so it doesn't bother me. Urban areas are unsettling, too many people. Even when you go out, there's nothing nice to look at. Just a bunch of concrete and signs. I like to admire the "boring" cornfields and overgrown forest.

Election was good fun. Lots of salt to farm. Was fun producing propaganda as part of the Trump Staffel.

Not really a resolution but I'm hoping to get through a good chunk of my backlog of books.

Big goal in 2017 is to stop being neet and get a place of my own. Partly out of guilt but mainly I think it'd be preferable. Sick of feeling like I have to hide everything "or else" among other issues.
>> No. 29797 [Edit]
It was a hoot. If I made it this far I'll be fine.
>> No. 29798 [Edit]
one of the worst years of my life. it might get worse.

i don't really care anymore lol
>> No. 29800 [Edit]
File 148324388434.jpg - (89.73KB , 800x596 , X8afcrP.jpg )
My only resolution would be to kill myself and finally be free of this wretched prison sentence called life if I actually had the guts to off myself. I'm so tired of it and I spend so much time out of the day thinking about suicide.

2016 was a steaming pile of garbage just like every year but a friend of mine said that it might be the wind-up for 2017. I see no reason why they couldn't be right. I didn't even want live to end of 2016, my internal clock told me my time was up a while ago but here I am. I hope something kills me before the end of 2017, I'm just so tired.

Happy New Year or some shit. At least I have TC to make it a bit more bearable.
>> No. 29801 [Edit]
It was pretty good honestly. I managed to do a lot of the things I wanted to do.
The only New Year's resolutions I have are to do well in school and save some cash. Pretty much business as usual; I think 2017 will be a quiet year.
>> No. 29804 [Edit]
Every year I tell myself I'm going to start waking up earlier. Instead, the opposite happens.

Oh well.
>> No. 29805 [Edit]
this year i resolve to make posts about me and threads about me and to talk about myself on the internet because i know that what people want to see when they come to TC
i will also not watch or discuss ay anime because its not about me, but regardless that i will wear anime fandom on my sleeve like a kewl tat because i want to make sure everyone knows i'm an authentic nerd and genuine oldfag of the internet.
i further resolve to repost and adopt everything popular from jp because i'm creative and unique and too good for 4chan

i promise
>> No. 29806 [Edit]
i actually am creative and unique and too good for 4chan thanks
>> No. 29807 [Edit]
I don't make promises I likely won't be able to keep. I'll just work on what I believe on my own as time goes on and hope for the best while expecting the worst.
>> No. 29845 [Edit]
Why can they not see, they are so focused on self but they can't achieve self awareness.
>> No. 29918 [Edit]
In 2016 I got rid of my sugar/candy ardiction and subsequently lost some 40 kilograms of excess weight.
In 2017 I hope to overcome my imageboard addiction.
>> No. 29919 [Edit]
i'm hoping to make the single greatest post ever posted to an imageboard this year
>> No. 29920 [Edit]
How will we know if it was you?
>> No. 29922 [Edit]
how do you know it hasn't already happened?
>> No. 40152 [Edit]
Status update?
>> No. 40153 [Edit]
File 165904589467.gif - (14.83KB , 275x300 , Slowpoke.gif )
Happy 2017 everyone!!
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