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File 14821454159.jpg - (92.03KB , 1280x720 , Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume - 11 [720p]_mkv_snaps.jpg )
29756 No. 29756 [Edit]
I don't get it guys. Shouldn't it be a well established fact by now that a large portion of anime fans love DFC? So why is everyone always putting down characters with flat chest in anime, manga, and games? Sure cow tits might be considered ideal in the real world, but when has that ever stopped anime from pandering to what it's fans want, not what's realistic?
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>> No. 29757 [Edit]
>Shouldn't it be a well established fact by now that a large portion of anime fans love DFC?
Actually, it's a large portion of people. I apologize beforehand for dwelling into 3DPD: If you gave men (and gay women) the option to choose between their female partner an glorious ass, angelic pair of breasts or the most beautiful face possible, 10 out of 10 times they would choose the latter.

The only reason big breasts are the default is because it sells more, in the sense that it's the "ideal" people aspire for, similar to how (impossible-high) musculature standards are default for men, despite it could easily take 6-10 hours a day of exercise to achieve such body (whereas big breasts are either genetic or fake).

My opinion will sound contradictory, but my point is that people will say "I love big breasts" but when given the choice, they'll gladly sacrifice it for a prettier face. Same goes for women, no fugloid will think "I would never exchange my 34Gs for a prettier face".
>> No. 29759 [Edit]
File 148215803731.png - (909.95KB , 600x849 , __fubuki_one_punch_man_drawn_by_murata_yuusuke__3a.png )
The "cup size preference" in anime has very little to do with actually preferring some cup sizes over others. It's about more common aesthetic preferences, like submissive vs assertive. Titty monsters are universally tall and have thick thighs, big butts, and imposing hairstyles. Flat girls are short and have a small and round butt (if there're any secondary sexual characteristics).

This generates the titty dynamic. It has only one rule and it states that the flatter mass will yield. In Euphonium the club leader let's the largest pair be the de facto leader, and both of the exceptionally talented girls are also exceptionally "talented". Satsuki is the bully and Ryuko is her target (and Ragyo is the mastermind). Mami is a respectable senpai, but Kyoko is just a nuisance. Nico failed both her original club and her claim to authority while Nozomi is the secret mastermind behind ยต's.

Everything contradictory to this rule is a trick act that operates on the fact that things are not as they are presupposed to be. When a flat magical girl beats some buxom invader it shows that besides the raw power and capacity one has, there's an element of justice to fighting and winning (much like how in Saint Seiya Shiryu beats Deathmask by simply being more just). The same goes for overpowered lolis like Nue, Tatsumaki, and Flandre - they defy common sense and physical limitations, which is a great device to underline how ridiculously powerful they are. In Madoka Magica surprises and "deconstruction" are central, so the power levels rise from largest to smallest.

Bottom line / tl;dr: Anime should respect its own conventions, just like every other medium.
>> No. 29760 [Edit]
That's a great point of view; I never saw it like that. Thanks.
>> No. 29761 [Edit]
File 148219803215.png - (915.76KB , 1366x768 , keade2.png )
I got no problem with women who have cow tits being present in anime, variety is a good thing after all. I just wish flat chested girls weren't always being made fun of, or made to feel insecure and inferior to those other women. They almost always treat it like a problem that needs to be fixed, often by chugging lots of milk. It's rare to see anyone just point out in an anime that lots of guys actually prefer DFC.
>> No. 29763 [Edit]
I agree with >>29760, that was pretty dang insightful. Never would have imagined there was a deeper meaning behind bust size in anime.
>> No. 29764 [Edit]
Thank you. These comments made my day.
>> No. 30007 [Edit]
Just watched Queens Blade, and I noticed the exact same dynamic with Aldra

As a loli, she is an army-crushing, nation-uniting badass, but when she returns to her normal physical age, she becomes more reserved and less ambitious
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